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My Armies will spill humanity's blood...Across the stars.

Nemeroth is a Chaos Terminator Sorcerer Lord of the Chaos Warband known as the Chosen of Nemeroth. He is one of two main villains in Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine.


Spoiler.gifThis article contains spoilers! You have been warned.

When Inquisitor Drogan started experimenting on Warp-based weaponry ( apparently not knowing the Empyric Engineers already have this to be fair, Vortex weapons just rip a hole open that goes into the warp, whereas this is a spark of the warp shoved into a canister), Nemeroth took a great interest in his work. For Drogan's experiments would have helped in further combating the Imperium and his ambition into ascending into daemonhood. Nemeroth's plan was to send a daemon to possess Drogan, and then use the mysterious power source that he had to power Drogan's weapon known as the "Psychic Scourge" (which would allow the creation of a Warp gate that could allow Nemeroth's Chaos fleet to enter real space). All went just as planned when Captain Titus unknowingly helped the daemon-possessed Drogan in enacting his plan.

As Nemeroth entered real space, he pinned Titus to the ground with mageeekha and sent loose half-a-dozen bloodletters on Warboss Grimskull. Pwning them as shit, Grimskull charged the chaos lord, and Brawl Ensued, leading to Nemeroth soundly defeating and pushing the greenskin off the balcony, but the Ork pulled Nemeroth down with him as he fell. After Grimskull got his face blown up by the sheer manliness of Titus's one-liner, the Imperial forces focused on the Chaos forces. Nemeroth, wanting the power source, sent his minions to seize it from Titus, whilst he waited in the Orbital Spire (which the Warp gate opened and was starting to enlarge). Titus, however, used the power source to boost the Warlord Titan Invictus to destroy the Orbital Spire, closing the gate. However, Nemeroth was still determined, and so killed Sidonus, who had the power source, and took said power source back with him to the ruined spire.

Nemeroth again faced Titus on top of the spire. Nemeroth tried to lure Titus to the side of Chaos with promises of untold power and with the Ultramarines dominating the galaxy, with Titus as their head. Titus, being too genre savvy, flatly refused Nemeroth's unconvincing offer. Whilst Titus killed off Nemeroth's minions, Nemeroth was already ascending to daemonhood. However, Titus plunged the partially daemonized Nemeroth and himself off the spire and commenced in an epic battle a quick time event taking place during free fall, where Titus crushed Nemeroth's head. MOTHERFUCKING. AWESOME ANTICLIMAX. Also goes to show the importance of helmets, if Nemeroth had been wearing a proper terminator helmet, Titus likely would have been fucked.

It could also be argued that Nemeroth had planned this as well and used the experience to corrupt captain Titus, as during the entire game he seems hell-bent on bringing Titus over to the glorious cause of chaos, and is also heard laughing evilly after losing. If that's so, he probably made up that part on the spot after meeting up with the guy, as he admits that Ultrafags weren't in the original details.


  • He is the first Chaos Sorcerer in a Relic game to make use of Terminator Armor.
  • Additionally, he is also the only Daemon Prince to be seen wearing Terminator Armour in all of 40k. With the possible exception of Perturabo.
  • He is certainly not the first Chaos Sorcerer in a Relic game to make use of something related to Khorne, in his case, Bloodletters. Despite the fact that Khorne hates Sorcerers.
  • He has likely taken Eliphas' fad of calling Space Marines "brothers", as Nemeroth refers to Titus as "brother".
  • His name, when taking out the 'me', reads as Neroth (Sorcerer of the Black Legion and Eliphas' nagging wife). This shows Relic's endless creativity in making names. Granted, Games Workshop is also guilty of this, having saddled a daemon and a Primarch with names playing on the word "anger", having reused the word "Armageddon" for both a class of Battlecruiser and a planet (Although in the fluff the class of Battlecruiser is named after the planet) and having both Skulltaker and the daemon bound in Archaon's sword have absurdly similar names.
  • His statements of Titus "resisting his touch" make him sound like a molester. A guy who molests 8-foot tall, superhuman killing machines... with power claws...actually, that's pretty hot. BURN IN HOLY FIRE HERETIC
  • His Power Claws with integrated plasma guns may have been inspired by Huron Blackheart's Flamer-integrated Power Claw.
  • He pronounces 'evolution' like 'evil-lution'. This is almost certainly intentional. Or a very common English pronunciation, take your pick.
  • Unlike most CSM made by Relic, he doesn't worship Khorne, or any of the Dark Gods individually, and he has Bloodletters, Blight Drones, and Tzeentch Psykers in his warband. (presumably the forces of Slaanesh were left out so as to avoid an adults only rating in America).
  • He's not a very physically inclined fighter, unlike Eliphas or Araghast, both of whom can slaughter terminators by themselves. Nemeroth can't even take out a Space Marine Captain in Artificer armor as a partially transformed Daemon Prince said captain solo'd a warboss and retinue, killed 1000 plus orks with his hands on the way up, 1 vs 6's bloodletters and chaos space marines along with their traitor guardsmen. Plus, he easily bitchslaped a fucking Ork Warboss. Barehanded. And, additionally, pretty much everyone is weirded out by that Captain's Warp immunity.
  • He uses powerful sorcery to pin his foes in place by holding up his hand.
  • Unless the camera is positioned in the front or right side of his face, its quite hard to see if he's smiling, considering the entirety of his left cheek is completely missing for some reason (possible mutation?).
  • Unlike the previous Chaos Lords in Relic's games, Nemeroth doesn't appear to aligned with any of the major legions, instead commanding his own warband, "The Chosen Of Nemeroth," with its own invasion fleet.
  • Nemeroth is one of the ugliest Chaos Space Marines ever for a non-Nurgle worshiper, which is saying something.
  • Even for a Space Marine, Nemeroth is fucking huge, being around Grimskull's height. This could be attributed to his Terminator Armor.
  • Has small penis megalomania.
  • He has a lazy eye, the worst mutation possible.



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