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Nemesis Chapter
Nemesis SP.jpg
Founding Second Founding
Successors of Ultramarines
Chapter Master Unknown
Homeworld Lex Talonis (fleet-based)
Strength Unknown
Specialty Exterminatus actions.
Allegiance Imperium of Man
Colours Dark Green with Red-Orange Accents.

The Nemesis Chapter. Now that's a kickass name. Cool factor turned up to 11. Probably the only chapter with a name cooler than the mother fuckin' ass blasting Destroyers.

Anyways. What happens when you take a company of Destroyer Marines during the Great Crusade from a generic Legion and have them work with the Night Lords? You get the Nemesis Chapter. These guys have the potential to be awesome, if it weren't for the spot-light being cast on others at any given moment.

Anyways, the Nemesis Chapter was originally the 22nd chapter of the Ultramarine Legion. During the Great Crusade, this chapter was mainly composed of Terran-born Destroyers, marines whose main weaponry was considered "too cruel" to use on other humans even by the low standards of 40k. This meant that these guys used the most destructive weaponry that the Imperium could pull out at the time, with shit like rad missiles (if they didn't blow you up on the spot, you'd still die of space cancer) and phosphex grenades being the norm for them. Since such work wasn't used all the time, they were relegated to sitting back and waiting till their commanders said "Fuck it, nuke everything." Oddly, these guys wound up working with the VIIIth Legion during this time and became quite good at blowing up planets. Eventually, the 22nd started to dress up like the Night Lords until Roboute Guilliman put a stop to that. The chapter didn't quite like that, and especially after Emps made big blue burn up Lorgar's faith project, they had concerns that they would be next since because of the chapter's less-than-palatable existence and the fact that they didn't uphold the standards of their Ultramar-born brothers. However, once the Heresy broke out, the 22nd stayed true to their roots and remained loyalists. After the Heresy, they were made into their own Chapter as a part of the Second Founding. As a reward, they were given a fucking Gloriana Class Battleship as their flag vessel. And not just any Gloriana Battleship, no. This was the Chronicle of Ashes, that was captured from the fucking Word Bearers. At least it was captured early on in M31, otherwise the amount of Chaos taint would've made it unsalvageable, and certainly a risk to the sanity of any loyal chapter. To this day, they still retain their dark history with a skull as their insignia.

Their last known engagement in the 41st millenium is the Orphean War, where they joined Battlegroup Salvation in the later stages of the conflict alongside the Red Seraphs and Executioners. They have been tasked with establishing a cordon to prevent the Necron Maynarkh Dynasty to spread into the neighboring Euridyce sector.

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