Nephrekh Dynasty

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Nephrekh Dynasty
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Official Languages

Necron Lexicon


Middle Power


Ultramar Sized

Head of State

Phaeron Sylphek

Head of Government

Phaeron Sylphek, various Overlords

Governmental Structure

Totalitarian Absolute Monarchy

State Religion/Ideology

Sylphek Personality Cult,
Obsession with Gold and Light



Military Force

Necron Forces


The Nephrekh Dynasty also known as the Blingrekh Dynasty, the Goldrekh Dynasty, Golden Necrons, Blingcrons, Pimpcrons, etc is a Dynasty known for three things. The first is that they are an entire Dynasty covered in gold, the second is that these motherfuckers are as wealthy as a corrupt Saudi prince and the third is that they have a completely off-his-rocker Phaeron that is both ridiculously awesome and ridiculously dumb.

As the Nephrekh dynasty is an extremely wealthy one, its worlds are rich in the precious metals used to construct its legions. The location of the dynasty's territory close to the galactic core in Ultima Segmentum also grants it access to rich energy reserves, enhancing the strength of its armies.


Map of the Nephrekh Dynasty.

The Dynasty itself is located in a trinary star system which in itself, is located in a cluster of stars that gave the planets so much of that precious moolah. Heck, these guys are so knee deep in sun juice that their translocation beams can literally lead their armies from one system to another at the speed of light. Of course we can't continue talking about these guys without mentioning their partially insane Phaeron. Their leader is called Phaeron Sylphek, who like so many others, emerged from his long hyperstasis within his crownworld with his personality degraded to Kim Jong Un levels of funny/ludicrous. For one thing, he has become so consumed by an obsession with the stars themselves that he announced to his bemused court that he wished to drape himself in their molten glory. Which makes him the first Necron to be a Sun Bro! In order to stay on their leader's good side, the Crypteks made a skin of living metagold that can turn to pure light through advanced hyperalchemical processes so that the Phaeron can praise the sun whilst his minions can also praise the sun! Phaeron Sylphek has now come to the point where he basically for all intents and purposes, deified himself as a living god.

Still, those smarmy looks aren't for show. The dynasty’s high-ranking Overlords can be temporarily transformed into living light, while even the lowliest Nephrekh warriors can activate traces of metagold within their metal bodies in order to shift and stutter across open ground at unusual speed. You know? Gotta go fast and all? The secret to making this process permanent yet eludes the Nephrekh, but they have bent their formidable resources towards solving the conundrum.

The dynastic symbol of Nephrekh consists of three overlapping circles, reflecting the three stars orbited by Aryand, its crownworld. However according to other sources Aryand is now under the control of the Altymhor Dynasty, who enslaved the Imperial settlers who had occupied it in the years of the Great Sleep.

Since the Great Rift's creation, the Nephrekh Dynasty has become involved in an on-going war with several invading Thousand Sons Warbands, from the Cult of Time. These Sons of Magnus hope to uncover the methods the Necron used to turn the C'tan into slaves.

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