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A daemonette of Slaanesh for those of us that get rock hard over librarian types.

... those of YOU. I meant you. Getting erections over filthy daemons is heresy. Filthy dirty daemons, wearing glasses, even if they are smart, and shy, and just want someone to listen to them and see the woman inside so they can bloom like...

No! HERESY! DAEMON SCUM! It's just a trick! Under that bookworm exterior is a sex-vixen just waiting to be unleashed! This is a bad thing how? *sob* ...fapfapfapfa....EXTRA HERESY!*BLAM*, Oh my Emperor! Why'd you shoot me in the di..!*BLAM*

Elsewhere, the Deceiver floats silently, watching the spectacle and cackles JUST AS PLANNED.

Surprisingly enough, she also can be found frequenting card shops, and is often observed playing, of all things, Magic: The Gathering. Despite being Slaaneshi in origin, she plays Azorius1 Control, rather than any sort of Rakdos2 deck.

See Also: Reasonable Daemonette, who looks the same but tempts people by seeming temperate and moderate; appeals to your "rational" nature by seducing you with the lesser of two heresies rather than any glasses fetish or yandere3 behaviour or looking moe4.



  1. The terminology for a Blue/White deck in M:tG; typically focused on shutting down your opponent. Alignment is Lawful Good or Lawful Stupid, depending on the source.
  2. The closest approximation to Slaaneshi 'values', refers to a Red/Black deck.
  3. It's a weeaboo term for someone who starts out shy and cute but then gets psycho on your ass (or other people's ass). Think Alison Hannigan in "American Pie."
  4. Another weeaboo term, this time for "looks so cute and childlike and innocent you just want to take care of her," although it also feeds fanboy's pedo tendencies... yay Slaanesh.