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A pyromaniac idjit in his natural habitat.

A Black Legion Sorcerer who first appears in Retribution, accompanying (more like acting as the newly reborn (again) Eliphas as an emissary from a certain armless fellow.

Might have Khornate tendencies, seeing his inclination to kill shit over plotting.

His quote at Chapter Keep Selenon, "Look at them! So weak! So vexed!" is the ultimate response when you have successfully trolled someone.

He is not to be confused with Nemeroth.


Neroth starts off very fragile, but able to hit pretty well with a stream of doombolts. Given five points in offense to double the power of his spells and the Artifact of Ahriman he shits free doombolts everywhere and becomes half way useful the best horde-breaker after the Leman Russ Executioner. He can also be given a force sword, but given his fragility melee really isn't the right place for him.

Of course, you'll probably have Eliphas at level 10 and fully Khornate by the time you unlock Neroth's potential, so he'll be one-shotting entire armies with Sweeping Doom long before then. This still means that chaos makes infantry blobs like Orks and guard melt away like butter under a melta gun.

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