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Nessek's symbol.jpg
Alignment True Neutral
Divine Rank Intermediate Goddess
Pantheon Manifest
Portfolio Fire, magic, sorcerers
Domains Destruction, Fire, Magic
Home Plane Unknown
Worshippers Sorcerers, smiths, ogres, orcs, hobgoblins, bugbears
Favoured Weapon Dagger

Nessek, the Bright Flame, is the Ghostwalk goddess of fire and magic, and is the patron of sorcerers.


Nessek is an old goddess, who changes her name and form every few hundred years. She once was called Golzan, and depicted as a dwarf with a burning beard, and at another point Herukal, and depicted as a crone wearing fire-scorched robes.


Nessek's church is mainly centered in Bazareene and Xaphan, with token following in other nations. Sorcerers and people who work with fire are often her followers, with ogres, orcs and goblinoids usually worshipping her destructive aspect. The temples are independant of each other, and are built of rock, preferrably volcanic rock, and all have a fire that is to be kept burning permanently. Clerics of Nessek help others in teaching them how to build bigger and safer pyres and in building firebreaks around high-risk areas. It also isn't unusual to see them serving as magical firepower in armies. The summer solstice, called the High Burning, is the one holy day, where the clergy build fires and sacrifice animals and large chunks of ice to the flames. When clerics reach sixth level, they undergo a ritual branding, where the symbol of Nessek is branded to either their forehead, chest, or hand.


Nessek is currently depicted as a beautiful woman, with long, dark hair, and crown of flames on her head.


Fire is the energy of life. Before the people of the world tamed beasts and built cities, they loved fire for its warmth and feared it for its biteā€”and that love and fear endures to this day. Fire is a tool, above laws and moral concerns; it is the actions of the user that determine the good or evil of it. Seek to understand fire and emulate its neutrality. Know when fire should be used to comfort and heal, and understand when it must be used as a brand against your enemies. Magic, like fire, is a fundamental force not subject to moral classification.

The deities of Ghostwalk
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