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A Neurothope as built from the Zoanthrope kit. Not shown: All the sentient beings it is torturing to death with its MIND.
Raised on a steady diet of psykers, nerds and brain stimulants.

The Neurothrope is a Zoanthrope upgrade that came to White Dwarf in November 2014. It's the Doom of Malan'tai reborn! They even say as much in his White Dwarf snippet, the Doom's "uncountable progeny", as if to imply the Doom wasn't already filling every 5th ed Tyranid list you ever came across. Rather than just a single Zoanthrope, it's a Zoanthrope character, taken as your typical "sergeant upgrade".

Let's get the bad out of the way first. The signature "fuck you" bubble has been nerfed: instead of free damage on everything in range, it's now a psychic power that only hits one unit, and it's Witchfire so you have to roll to hit (at least they're BS4) (not any more thanks to new FAQs). The Neurothrope also no longer get wounds back from killing things, and only starts with 2 wounds. On the plus side, the range is now 18 inches, it's only Warp Charge 1, ignores cover, and most importantly any wounds sustained turn into free Warp Charges that the rest of the brood can use on Warp Blasts. It's also pretty cheap, compared to Doom, at 75 points (50 for the Zoanthrope, 25 for the upgrade).

They also don't suck as warlords, either, as they have multiple wounds, a respectable invul, and a bodyguard with the same. Just don't expect them to kill much in melee.

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