New Kingdom

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New Kingdom
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Mordian, Sortiarius & Prospero

Official Languages

Low Gothic, High Gothic


Middle Power


7 Systems, 26 Known Planets

Head of State

Primarch Magnus the Red (Great Crusade)
Daemon Primarch Magnus the Red (Current Era)

Head of Government

Primarch Magnus the Red (Great Crusade)
Daemon Primarch Magnus the Red (Current Era)

Governmental Structure

Authoritarian Technocratic Magocratic Union

State Religion/Ideology

Imperial Truth, Prosperine Philosophies (Great Crusade)
Tzeentch Worship, Corrupted Prosperine Philosophies (Current Era)


Prosperine Humans and Psykers (Great Crusade)
Officially None (Horus Heresy)
Few Human Settlers, Looters & Archaeologists (41st Millennium)
Migrated Sortiarians and persecuted Psyker refugees/kidnapees (42nd Millennium)

Military Force

Thousand Sons, Prospero Spireguard

Location of the New Kingdom.

New Kingdom is the personal pet project of Magnymagick and is what the domain of the new Prospero/Sortiarius System is called. Together with the Stygius Occupation acting as an exclave of New Kingdom, the Thousand Sons are preparing to reap the rewards of a sudden explosion of Psykers in the Imperium.


Stygius Sector, the New Kingdom exclave.

New Kingdom is perhaps, the most ambitious project for Magnus the Red and by extension, the Thousand Sons. With the Great Rift, came a great surge in psyker awakenings and the fracturing of the Imperium. Since the areas around Prospero haven't had any Black Ships to pick up these accumulating psykers, the population began resorting to good old witch hunts. Magnus saw this and began spreading rumours of a sanctuary to all these persecuted fledgeling psykers, hiding behind the moniker of the Crimson King. His legion spread out with cults and ferries in order to bring these scared children to a place where they could cultivate their talents and be respected as the next step of human well as have them act as accessories to some very elaborate rituals.

New Kingdom as such, is advertised as a home for these psykers, where they are safe from the Imperium's deadly persecution. In this promised land, a new path for humanity will be forged, free from Imperial dogma, which will allow humanity to flourish in new ways under Magnus' leadership. Sortiarius, the recently transported Planet of Sorcerers, is greatly aiding in creating the New Kingdom, as its mere presence has begun changing the Realspace within the Prospero System. Astral light has begun coalescing around it and Sortiarius now gives off a psychic call, that is drawing in millions of humans who can hear it. So in a sense, Magnus being the sneaky git, is using his own version of the Astronomicon to gain new recruits, turning one of the Imperium's most crucial assets against them. However, seeing as how source-checking in the Imperium has degenerated to the point of having holes big enough to fit a Battleship inside, it wasn't really hard for the Thousand Sons and co to sneak in advertising pamphlets around the Imperium, including even the Regimental Standard. There is nothing more hilarious than imagining a bunch of Thousand Sons handing out Magnus' awesome new deal and somehow evading Imperial authorities.

It is therefore argued, that Magnus is attempting what his father failed to do, which is the slow cultivation of the human race into a psychic race, albeit, with a Tzeentchian flavour to it. This could also mean that Magnus remains the only traitorous Primarch to still remain true to the Emprah's vision, despite the estranged relationship.

Once they arrive, they then try to gain entrance to Tizca, the City of Light, which serves as the capital of the New Kingdom. If they are successful they prove themselves worthy to be at Magnus' side and can use its libraries to master their abilities like Grimdark Hogwarts. The ruins of Prospero also play a significant part in the New Kingdom, as Magnus and the Thousand Sons have begun building upon its surface. Not to return the world to its former glory, lost in the Horus Heresy, but as an anvil, designed to hammer out the tools of war.

As such, in contrast to the Scourge Stars, the New Kingdom is much better run since Magnus doesn't have to contend with the other three Chaos Gods duking out in his own turf. Goes to show how bad Mortarion is in normal governing.

Promotional poster for Magnymagick's New Kingdom. How Big Boy Blue missed THAT one, we have no idea.

Prosperan Rift[edit]

Map of the Prosperan Rift.
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The Prosperan Rift is a group of Imperial Systems that lie in the Ultima Segmentum and are close to the borders of Segmentum Solar. In the wake of the Great Rift's creation, the Rift has become rife with war as the Daemon Primarch Magnus has begun claiming its worlds in order to expand his New Kingdom within Imperial space. The ensuing battles were called the Prosperan Rift Wars.

Known Star Systems[edit]

  • Wahiik System
  • Skassinor System - leads towards the Armageddon System
  • Rhammasys System
  • Aszkano System
  • Upsilon-Kapha System
  • Forzare System
  • Chancyll System
  • Senvorth System
  • Harlecrypt System
  • Vacticinium System - leads towards the Ryza System

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