New Order

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New Order
Battle Cry Order to the Chaos!
Number Unknown
Founding Various
Successors of Black Templars
Successor Chapters None
Chapter Master Taihkromn Ryus
Primarch Rogal Dorn
Homeworld Kattifrakk
Strength 750~
Specialty Siege warfare and Close Combat
Allegiance Imperium
Colours Black, Red right vambrace and grieve, Purple helmet and right shoulder pad, Bronze trimming

The New Order is a Space Marine chapter settled out in the Koronus Expanse. The secretive and quiet chapter is actually comprised of 2 smaller chapters which all held similar views: the Wolves of the Emperor, a bullheaded, aggressive chapter derived from Black Templars who believe the Imperium is not following the Emperor's plan; the Dragonkin, a 22nd Founding chapter with a mutated Belcher's Gland that enables them to breathe fire. These reject chapters use each others abilities to reunite the Imperium under the original intent of the Emperor (in an extremely biased way that causes Rage and Murder amoung the general populace).

Guarded Pasts[edit]

From the dawn of their creation, the New Order has kept their secrets well kept; so well kept, that only member of the Chapter is aware of the location of the vast archives of the Chapter's past. This mantle of responsibility is usually thrust upon the single Chapter Warp-Priest. It is his task to find and guard the secrets of the chapter as well as document ever event of meaningful importance. Currently, the vault which houses the Archive is being searched for by the newly appointed Warp-Priest.

Deadly Mission[edit]

Patriarch (Chapter Master) of the New Order Taihkromn Ryus and his chapter hold a zealous hatred for the forces of Chaos. Upon one humiliating crusade against the dark forces of Chaos, many marines began to question the Patriarch's leadership. Ryus then heard from one of the Inquisitors of the Ordo Hereticus. The inquisitor had come to send the New Order on a Penitent Crusade to root out signs of taint within the chapter and as a reward, he would commition that gene-seed stores would be available to the Patriarch upon return from the Crusades. Ryus reluctantly agreed, though he had no choice, to the demands before him.

A Brother Betrayed[edit]

At the time, the New Order's bulk was made of the Wolves of the Emperor; however, a Dragonkin had risen through the ranks and became the captain of the 1st company. This marine's name was Sylus. He was a valiant soldier without peer and a blademaster that could rival the best Khornate warriors. He soon became a close in the chapter to Ryus and had his utmost respect and trust, though the Captain did not trust the Patriarch. Playing off this mistrust, a Daemon of Tzeench, disguised as the Emperor, told Sylus in the dream that his Patriarch was in a pact with a Chaos God. The zealous 1st Captain lead his company to assassinate the traitorous Ryus. But before they could confront the Patriarch, a warp storm lead the 1st Company's Strike cruiser right into a daemon world of Nurgle. All but the Captain were killed and Sylus was brought to his knees before a Great Unclean One. It was there that he knew there was no Emperor, no Greater being, just the Lords of Chaos. He denouced the Corpse God and embraced Nurgle, having all of his former battle brothers brought back to life for a new purpose: to bring death to the New Order.

Later, Sylus, now Siliac, returned to Kattifrakk and raided the gene-seed vaults, murdering nearly all of the 10th company, and stealing a ton of other wargear in the process while the other companies were away. Upon returning, Patriarch Ryus flew into a fit of rage and followed Siliac's "bread crumb" trail to his lair with a contingent of the First company. Siliac, having picked up a few tricks from his Daemon buddies, summoned legions of Nurgle minions to destroy the Patriarch. Knowing Ryus would dissolve into his fit of rage, Siliac left Ryus to fight off his pawns. Ryus supposedly died on that planet with over half of the First company, until he resurfaced some 200 years later in a cryo chamber aboard the remnants of a First company strike cruiser on the other side of the galaxy.


The New Order, like their patron chapter, are extreme in their methods. Entire planets have been annihilated for even showing the slightest amount of corruption and/or taint. They have battled other Chapters for showing signs of taint. Certain Inquisitors will use this chapter as a lap dog for their dogmatic loyalty and brutal mannerisms. They will stop at nothing to see the Emperor as God of all the Galaxy and Ruler of all races. Any worlds conquered by the New Order will see its peoples enslaved and used as cannon fodder for the righteous crusades against the forces of the Dark Gods.


  • Kattifrakk I-Death World: As cold and unforgiving as the chapter which calls it home. This is the Fortress Monestary of the New Order. The planet's geography is constantly changing due to monumental glaciers that roam its plains. Vast mountain ranges are the only haven against the behemoths of ice. Sudden and deadly blizzards prowl the mountains instead. They are said to be as quick as the most agile eldar and as destructive as a raging Carnifex, being able to reduce adamantium to nothing in less than an hour under the worst circumstances.

The Chapter's resolute fortress lays deep in the belly of the predatory planet, in the vast caverns carved by millenias of erosion. Here is where aspirants train to become full fledge Astartes through rigorous trials that leave many dead and the survivors strong and ruthless. From gladiator pits with local fauna to month's wandering through the extensive tunnel systems that run under the surface, aspirants must learn quick to survive or become many a victim to the planets deadly environment.

  • Kattifrakk II-Shrine World: An extremely stark contrast to the Monastery planet, this arid and dry shrine planet is home to the monuments of past heros of the Chapter as well as the graves of all the fallen warriors of the chapter. The population of the planet lives in general peace with their Adamantium-clad rulers and tithe their firstborn to the Chapter, to serve as new aspirants, auxiliaries or chapter serfs.
  • Kattifrakk III-Dead World: Once a Feral world, this planet was annihilated as a final act of vengeance against the New order by their former Brother-Captain Sylus.
  • Kattifrakk IV-Feudal World: Constant wars plague this world as each of the mighty kings hope to win the favor of the invincible war gods. Each kingdom on the planet provides a band of their finest warriors to fight to the death against each other and the winner is given as a gift to the New Order whom again uses them as aspirants to fuel their seemingly unlimited crusades.


  • "House of Blades", 1st Company, Patriarch's Honour Guard.
  • "Broadsword", 2nd Company, some times known as Brothers of Suicide by the 3rd Company because of their "No guts, no glory" behaviours
  • "Rapier", 3rd Company, known to have the loudest battle cry in the Chapter and known to have the most Dreadnaughts in the Chapter
  • "Dragon's Maw", 4th Company, entirely made of Dragonkin Marines, this chapter employs enough flamers to rival that of the Salamanders.
  • "Trial Survivors", 10th company, rigourous trial quickly and effectively train neophytes into marines in very short time.

Each Company is designed to be able to wage a crusade without requiring back up from from other Companies. Each has 3 Captains and are suited for any encounter. The First and Tenth Company is the only exception to these. The First Company is made of the best blademasters of the chapter, as tradition goes. This chapter is split between each of the other, bar the Tenth, to provide elite HQ Protection and Priority target hunters.

All five companies eschew the use of Librarians because they fear it may lead to taint and corruption on a large scale. Only one Librarian is currently active at a time and only to use his abilities to hunt for the secrets behind his illusive chapter. Almost never is this Librarian used in battle as his mission outweighs his battle for the Emperor unless it is absolutely necessary that he partake in the wars.

Because of the limited amount of marines availible and the extreme lack of gene-seed needed to make more, the New Order has several battalions of auxilleries which may include, Imperial Guard regiments, parts of Adeptus Soriatus convent, Penal legions, etc. These forces are meant to take the brunt of the enemy force so the Marines of the New Order can take out higher value targets instead of dealing with grunts.

Combat Tactics[edit]

Each company revolves around the art of close quarters combat. Each company trains their marines to close any distance with the enemy and fight them with the stocks of their bolters and the edges of their blades. The fourth company employs Tactical squads with Jump Packs, so that they may engage their foe rapidly without sacrificing fire power. Most squads will be backed up by Razorbacks or Vindicators.

The Tactics deployed by the New Order would be considered suicide and wasteful by most other chapters because of the New order's streak of high attrition battles. The New order however, believes that if one planet falls to the taint of Chaos, their mission will have been for nothing and they will have to go back and return that planet to Imperium rule.

The New Order will liberally use orbital bombardment before and during battles they fight without giving a second thought about casualties. They will not; however, bomb targets that will not swing the battle in their favor. Many a captain has died by running into the command ranks of the enmy and bringing the Wrath of the Emperor down on top of himself.

Every so often, a marine may prove himself to be above the rest of his brothers and take up a role as a Hassassin or Hashshishin as it is spoken in the native language of Kattifrakk. Hassassins forgo their power armour for the sleeker scout armour. These warriors master in the art of stealth and timing, waiting in the shadows before striking the killing blow and returning to their dark niche. These Marines are commonly drafted from the first company to become command hunters and long distance scouts, whose job it is lay devious traps for infantry and tank columns as well as strike fear into the hearts of their enemy


  • Patriarch, a term for the Chapter Master exclusively. The current Patriach is Taihkromn Ryus.
  • Judge/High Judge, another name for Chaplains. Each Judge is responsible for determining how much taint an object or person has and taking the proper precautions to remove that taint. The current High judge is Fyragh, a pragmatic, loyal Judge with a low tolerance for cowardice. He utilizes Summary Execution when working with lesser allies. He is Patriarch Ryus' closest advisor and most trusted associate.
  • Warp-Priest/Master Warp-Priest, a term for all Librarians. The current Master Warp Priest is Conrax the Pure, a man of little words and an excellent leader, but ultimately distrought over the betrayal by Sylus. He is currently searching for the Vault of Ishmaeus in the Expanse.
  • Engineer/Engineer Prime, a term used in place of Tech Marine.