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In the real world, "New World" is refered to both Americas and Oceania, as they were named that by Europeans, whose interaction with those content came much later than with so-called "Old World".

In Warhammer Fantasy Battle, termin is used identically, as WFB's "New World" consists mainly of Naggaroth and Lustria.

In a list-like order, here is the Warhammer new world nations:

  • Naggaroth: An incredibly cold and mountainous version of North America, which is mostly populated by Druchii arrogant assholes, who, however, dislike the wastelands they're living in and mostly never leave six main cities. Other races that visit this cruel place are Hung marauders and Greenskins, though they never try to settle here. There is also a small colony of High Elves, but who cares.
  • Lustria: A complete opposite of Naggaroth - a warm and tropical South America expy mostly covered by extremely dangerous rainforest with dinosaurs and even weirder things living there. Main inhabitats are Lizardmen, but continent also has human colonies, Norse warriors, batshit crazy undead pirates under Luthor Harkon, Amazonians, forposts of Skaven Clan Pestilens, and a little Elven colony in the area of Falkland Islands (ironic, huh).

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