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One of the five remaining Conventions of the Technocratic Union in Mage: The Ascension. The NWO wears a lot of hats. The youngest of the modern Conventions, (dating back to only the tail-end of the Victorian Era) the NWO specializes in "soft" sciences like psychology, anthropology, and sociology. They're also the social policy makers, determining the direction in which the Conventions should push civilization. Finally, they run surveillance and coverups, ensuring that Reality Deviants don't manage to infiltrate the Consensus through mass media, academia, or government. Like I said, a lot of hats.

Definitely one of the more divisive Conventions, in and out of universe. On the one hand, they run all the Union's spooky, privacy-invading surveillance ops, have a literal Room 101 to "recondition" captured enemies, and are currently experimenting with putting brainwashed Traditionalist brains inside of killbots. On the flipside, they were actually the chief advocates of dropping the Pogrom, are implied to have actually been behind-the-scenes benefactors of some positive social movements (the Civil Rights Movement wasn't their invention, but they were happy to help it along), work to establish world peace, and are often shown to be the reason that their frenemies in The Syndicate haven't gone full "Most Dangerous Game" plutocratic overlords.

So really, like any organization of their size, it's a mixed bag.

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New World Order
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