Nicassar Dhow

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The tiny little tugboat with guns.

The Dhow are tiny little tugboats used by the psychic pancake bears called the Nicassar.

They possess incredible manoeuvrability and (when upgraded with Tau Weapons) decent firepower. However, they are somewhat slow for Escort-sized ships, and their lack of interstellar drives means that like the Kass'l, they must be towed into battle with Gravitic Hooks.

It is armed with 2 Nicassar Double-Barrel Railgun Battery Weapons.

  • Length: 1.1km

In Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 1 & 2[edit]

The Nicassar Dhow doesn't have much special going for it, being of escort size and all, but it does have a few points to make note of. First off, it does high damage for an escort sized vessel and doesn't cost too much for the benefit. On the downside, especially when compared to Protector fleet ships, is the need to do this damage through broadsides, limiting the single target damage the Nicassar Dhow is capable of.

Outside of its weaponry, one useful factor is the special ability reducing cool-down on command abilities. This allows the Nicassar Dhow to be a more effective scout than other Tau escorts, being able to trigger the Scanner ability more often as a result.

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