Night Goblins

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A horde of Night Goblins.

The Night Goblins are a subspecies of Goblin found in the Warhammer Fantasy universe. Their prime biological distinction from other Goblins is their extreme sensitivity to light and their noticeably smaller and scrawnier bodies; they live only in the deepest caves, and only emerge from them upon the darkest of nights. Their iconic black robes serve to shield as much as their skin as possible from light and to allow them to easily blend-in with the pitch darkness. Their subterranean nature makes them the natural enemies of the other underground races, the Skaven and Dwarfs.

Night Goblin agriculture is primarily based around Squigs and mushrooms. Squigs provide meat and attack animals, while mushrooms are used as both food and psychedelics, be it to provide their shamans with mystical visions or drive their Fanatics into a battle frenzy.

The most famous Night Goblin to ever live is Skarsnik, the warlord of Karak Eight-Peaks.

In Age of Sigmar[edit]

The grotesque face of the Bad Moon.

The Night Goblins in the Mortal Realms have been renamed the Moonclan Grots. The most important distinction between the Night Goblins and the Moonclan is the Moonclan's worship of the Bad Moon. This rogue celestial body is believed to hold Gorkamorka's power, and spreads madness and fungi wherever it goes. The presence of the Bad Moon fills Grots with an energy akin to the Waaagh! known as the Gloomspite (differing in that it is fueled by spite and treachery instead of primal aggression), resulting in them coming out of their underground lairs to overwhelm the surface. Moonclan Grots can't stand outside during the day without their skin burning and their eyes clamping shut in pain, so they wear their heavy robes to hide from the terrible entity they call Glareface Frazzlegit, AKA the Sun. They believe that old Glareface exists to kill and hurt them, opposite their beloved Bad Moon. They work with the rest of the Gloomspite Gitz to bring about the Everdank - the permanent extinguishing of the sun and an eternal Bad Moonlit night. The closest anybody has ever got is Skragrott the Loonking, whose conquest of the land of Adayah in Chamon managed to impress the Bad Moon not into staying, but into spitting out a cloud of debris to blot out the sun and allow him to keep an above-ground empire. Because they so rarely appear aboveground, grots of all sorts are seen as children's fairy tales and drunkard's pink elephants, right up until the Moonclan are pouring into the streets and murdering everyone.

The Moonclan Grots are close allies with the Spiderfang Grots and the Troggoths, forming the alliance known as the Gloomspite Gitz.

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