Night Shroud

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A more polished and upgraded flying croissant.

The Night Shroud Bomber is an up-gunned and upgraded version of the Necron's Doom Scythe fighter, intended to fulfill the role of a heavy bomber. It is equipped with five bombs on its underside, and has a sensor canopy that covers the otherwise exposed pilot. The fuselage has also been extended somewhat, with a spine-like nacelle extending from the rear and new armor plating on the sides that makes this look less like a Cronssant and more like a legitimate fighter.

It is a potent relic of that ancient and apocalyptic conflict that the Night Shroud was originally designed and built to carry: the Death Sphere (Trying too hard to sound Edgy GeeDubs?), a self-enclosed containment vessel carrying an anti-matter warhead capable of wiping from existence anything it encounters.

A Night Shroud is piloted by a Necron Immortal who is hard-wired into his aircraft. In a similar sense to the Tomb Blades. Because of his undying, robotic nature, the pilot is uninhibited by mortal frailties and is able to steer the aircraft at higher speeds and perform more extreme manoeuvres than normal meatbags.


Its Strength 10, AP 1, Large Blast bombs are absolutely devastating to both infantry and armor alike. Oh, and they are Pinning and Blind. Also, this monster is equipped with AV12 all-round, and is fitted with twin-linked Tesla Destructors (like all of the other Necron flyers), so throw one into the fray with some Doom Scythes and watch your opponent Rage. The only downside would be its 220-point cost and the fact that it still will experience Critical Existence Failure when faced with massed AA fire (which come 6th Ed. most armies have).

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