Night Swords

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Night Swords
Battle Cry "For the honoured ones"
Number Non-codex
Founding M32
Successors of Imperial Fists
Successor Chapters Unknown
Primarch Rogal Dorn
Homeworld Lavantia
Strength Unknown, but understrength
Specialty Armoured Assaults
Allegiance Imperium
Colours Pure white

The Night Swords are an Astartes chapter founded in M32 from the Imperial Fists geneseed. They seem to have a Prince of Persia style Zoroastrian theme going on. Descriptions of their homeworld are reminiscent of the 2008 Prince of Persia game, the chapter land raider variant is named Simurgh (a bird from Iranian/Zoroastrian mythology), and finally, one of their members is Isak Siavash (from the legendary Zoroastrian hero of the Shahnameh, Siyavash).

The Night Swords originated in FFG's Deathwatch RPG. They were initially a fictional chapter, serving as FFG's in-house mock 'how-to-create' example of a home-brew following the Space Marine Chapter Creation Tables. The chapter was canonised after someone at Forge World apparently liked it enough to include them in the Imperial Armour series.


The chapter was founded during an Imperial Crusade in M32. Records indicate that the geneseed of the Imperial Fists was used in their creation. In addition to the mutations common to all Imperial Fists successors, the chapter suffers from a unique mutation that make their speech a ghostly whisper.

The chapter's earliest triumphs included victories over Chaos, and it is implied that the chapter was created specifically to battle the Traitor Legions that were beginning to trouble the Imperium once more. They have good relations with the Black Templars. Hmmmmm.


The Chapter is non-codex, and known for their preference for mechanised warfare and lightning quick strikes. Chapter techmarines have an affinity for technology, and are noteworthy for having built a fully-functional Proteus land-raider (the Simurgh Rex) using parts from many different war machines found across battlefields of the Imperium in a state beyond repair.

The Night Swords recruit from their homeworld Lavantia, a desert world in the Segmentum Tempestus that is populated by teeming hive cities. Aspirants from the vicious underhive gangs have to make their way to the chapter fortress-monastery, which is bit of a hell-hole task. The chapter keeps the fortress-monastery far away from the hives in the desert wastes, and only those gangers who manage to survive the long trek through the arid terrain and raging duststorms even get the chance to undergo trials.


The Night Swords chapter cult includes the belief that their fallen heroes reside in the Lavantian deserts as elemental spirits, the 'honoured ones'. Their chaplains make regular pilgrimages into the dune seas, often residing in caves for days and nights until dehydration cause them to undergo visions in which they are said to receive the wisdom of their predecessors.

Well, naturally, the Ecclesiarchy doesn't like it, and on very bad terms with the chapter. However, the Night Swords are bros with the Black Templars , so they can't be totally divergent from the Imperial creed (admittedly, not all Black Templars worship the Emperor). Besides, since Guilliman clearly dislikes the Ecclesiarchy and the Black Templars are insanely devoted to Emperor and Primarch, perhaps the Templars are simply pleased to see a Chapter giving the Ecclesiarchy the finger because it pleases Guilliman.


When the chapter was first mentioned in the Deathwatch RPG, their badge was a single curved sword. However, in the Imperial Armour series the badge is two twinned curved swords.

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