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The Nightwing is the primary Eldar fighter/interceptor. Squadrons of Nightwings are capable of going into combat situations where they are outnumbered by the enemy and Just As Planning their way to air superiority, performing maneuvers which would send lesser craft into an uncontrollable tailspin and achieving speeds which would tear those craft apart.

Nightwings are meant for dogfighting and intercepting enemy aircraft and are used in conjunction with the larger Phoenix. Phoenixes are used to bombard the enemy with an obscene amount of payload while the Nightwings stay close and fend off any enemy aircrafts A favorite tactic of Nightwing pilots is to descend upon an opponent without warning, destroying them, and then using their supernatural speed and agility to shake off any pursuit. It is not uncommon for Imperial Navy Wings operating in airspace contested by Nightwings to suffer losses of 75% in just a few days of combat.


The Nightwing, since it is a dogfighter/interceptor, has weaponry that is geared more towards engaging and destroying enemy aircraft. Twin-linked, long-barreled Shuriken Cannons are mounted in the nose of the craft, along with twin Bright Lances ventrally mounted beneath the fuselage, giving it excellent firepower. The Bright Lances also give the Nightwing respectable anti-tank firepower should the opportunity present itself.

Like the majority of the Eldar military, the Nightwing relies on speed and agility to avoid damage rather than armour. Assisting it in this regard are banks of sophisticated systems which create a Holo-field designed to hide it from the enemy. Not only does this holo-field make it virtually impossible for enemy scanners and other devices to track the craft, it also throws out distorting visual images to confuse enemy pilots.

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