Nihilakh Dynasty

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Nihilakh Dynasty


Official Languages

Necron Lexicon


Regional Power


Expanded to rival Ultramar

Head of State

Phaeron Krispekh

Head of Government

Phaeron Krispekh, various Overlords

Governmental Structure

Totalitarian Absolute Monarchy

State Religion/Ideology

Isolationism (Formerly)
Expansionism (Current Era)



Military Force

Necron Forces

The Nihilakh Dynasty is notable for their ridiculously skubby color scheme of baby blue and gold (Maybe they have a sense of fashion? Or maybe it is just GeeDubs trying to shoehorn the Space Egyptian theme of vibrant colors in a deserty landscape). Despite the absolutely bizarre color palettes, the Nihilakh Dynasty like most Necron Dynasties are dangerously xenophobic.

However, some may say that their isolationism is a step up from your usual "GET OFF MY FUCKING LAWN!" personality from most Necron Dynasties. Their reputation is quite...pronounce. Whilst its isolationism is beneficial to alien races, it also carries a peril. Undepleted from wars of military expansion, the Nihilakh viciously act against any interloper. If attacked, they do not rest until the aggressor has been utterly destroyed.

Of course due to their isolation, very little is known about this peculiar hermit kingdom. In a sense, some may have ended up calling them as WH40k's North Korea due to their isolationism and xenophobia, but there is already another state that basically functions as a North Korea in the form of the Scourge Stars.

Recently however, due to the state of the Galaxy, the Nihilakh Dynasty have ended their policy of isolation and have begun a campaign of expansion from their borders.

The Nihilakh Dynasty itself is based from the Crownworld of Gheden under the command of the Phaeron Krispekh.

Known Worlds[edit]

  • Gheden
  • Cardrim - Taken by the Imperium after the Battle of Cardrim, seems to understandably pissed off the Nihilakh Dynasty.

Known Individuals[edit]

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