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Governor Compintegrator Eminent Yordan Dispectus Rhax, Herald of the Hierarchy
Population 32.383.211 billion
Est. 122 billion+ servitor population
Tithe Aptus Non - II-Prima
Geography Protostar and attendant dust cloud; 4 proto-planets of varying sizes, 1 brown dwarf, 1 promethean lava world, multiple moons and asteroid bodies, all colonized
Military Nilumanen Taghmata, Legio Delendum, House Chronos
Location Segmentum Tempestus
  • Victorum Sector
  • Vajra Marches
    • Obscura System

The oldest forgeworld in the Victorum Sector, Nilumanen carries a shadowed reputation among its fellows. Praised and scorned in equal measure, The Lightless Forge stands alone at the edge of human civilization, independent and aloof. And its magi wouldn't have it any other way.

Nilumanen has long been the subject of intense controversy within the Adeptus Mechanicus. While none can fault its stellar location, being so close to a rich constellation of mining worlds that provide ample supplies of raw material, its Magi have long been suspected of harboring unorthodox and corrupted data-memes. In lesser forges throughout the sector, it is whispered that the ruling Hierarchy of Variances is not merely divergent, but schismatic, perhaps to a heretical degree.

A Brief History[edit]

Nilumanen’s early history is lost to time, disaster, and war. What is known is that Nilumanen was founded in the dark days of the Age of Strife, the sole survivor of an Ark Mechanicus fleet that pursued rumors of a rich and powerful tech-domain established in the southern reaches of the galaxy. What they found was the Falxian Gladocracy, a technocratic human successor state dominated by the most sinister sciences of the Dark Age of Technology. Their fleet scattered, corrupted, or destroyed, the tech-magi of Computatus Victrix fled into the intergalactic dust cloud known as the Cliffs of Roland. There, in the orbit of a violent trinary of protostars and amidst the dust and embers of a solar system being born, they established a hidden refuge.


Layers upon layers separate the floating forges from the true surface of Nilumanen. Held aloft by a complex web of ancient anti-grav systems, these underlevels are the true heart of Nilumanen, where her menials are born, her tech-priests are trained, and her dead are recycled. To those outsiders that have ever penetrated the outermost layer, Nilumanen is named The False Lucius. To all others, it remains The Lightless Forge.


The symbol of Nilumanen is the Inverted Gear, an ancient symbol of sanctuary and learning. Among the tech-magi of Nilumanen, it takes on a second meaning: The Imperium and Mars, yoked to the needs of the forge.