Nine of Spades: 'Earth's Cry' & Three of Diamonds: 'Thunderous Fanfare'

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You know I came to this town to get away, figured a small town in the mountains would give me a little peace. Never had a problem with bandits. Everyone just lived their lives, content with what they had. I don't know what I did but the Lord saw fit to take it away from me.

It was a quiet day as usual when the Gunslinger came to town. Everyone tried to ignore him but power like that has a way of keeping your attention. He sat alone in a corner of the saloon, ignoring everyone in favor of his bottle of whiskey. But just to drive the fact he sought solitude home, he put his iron down on the table. A shotgun bigger than I've ever seen. It was covered in dust and grime. Hardly seemed like he could lift it let alone fired it. But he just hefted off his back one handed and let it fall heavy on the table. Everyone turned to stare while he cleared his throat.

"This here's the 9 of Spades, "The Earth's Cry". A genuine Card. Now if y'all know what they're capable of, I'd oblige ya to keep your eyes to y'all selves."

And so we did. Everyone kept to themselves for the next 2 days. We kept clear of the inn and no one caught his eyes. It was uneasy but it was peaceful.

Until another Card came.

His arrival was almost serene compared to the other Gunslinger. No one would have noticed if it wasn't for the Nine of Spades rising. He said nothing, didn't even look at us. He simply picked up his Gun, loaded it, and stepped outside. His every moment spoke of murder. A few of the more brave ones waited a few seconds before rushing to the windows. I myself would have kept to my seat if it weren't for what happened next. I toppled from my chair like the ground itself was rioting.

I took a look outside and I don't think I've slept a wink since. They stood a few paces away from each other. They didn't say a word, just staring. The first 'Slinger had his shotgun levered over his shoulder. The earth was torn all around his feet. Across from him was another Gunslinger, tall of frame and pale of face. He held a rifle down his side, sparks dancing across the barrel. Before I could make sense of it, he spoke.

"Three of Diamonds, "Thunderous Fanfare" You killed one of my Hand. I'm here to return the favor."

And as he finished he pulled his rifle up to his shoulder, quicker than I could see. The shot was fired with the crack of thunder and the smell of ozone. And just as quick he fired two more shots off into the sky. There was a loud ping and a spark on our water tower. He had ricochet a shot off the tower, attacking from two sides.

Meanwhile the Nine of Spades merely smiled as the shots struck the ground where he had been. He had thrown himself to the side, propelled off a mound that hadn't been there before. His shotgun fired twice with the sound of a rock slide, catching the tall man across his arm.

The Three of Diamonds didn't seem fazed, he just gritted his teeth and fired at a spot far too near the saloon for my liking. It struck the ground right before the Nine landed and what happened next I still can't believe. He merely smiled and brought his hand up to his eyes.

Now this whole fiasco was sometime midday, under a bright blue sky. But I'll be damned if the Nine wasn't damn near turned to dust by a bolt of lightning. The smell of gunpowder and burning flesh. A still Gunslinger covered in blood and dirt. I don't think a soul in that saloon moved a muscle. We just stood there and watched as he walked up to the Nine's charred body.

"That little stunt 'll cost me. But it was worth it. I lost a comrade but I think this might take off the sting."

He pried the Gun from the corpse's smoking fingers. I don't think he even noticed us as he left. He just loaded up his horse and rode off, a dusty wind following in his trail.

But come to think of it, I'd rather not have the attention of a man with two Guns.

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