Nivi Rhombodazzle

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Nivi Rhombodazzle
Nivi Rhombodazzle symbol.jpg
Seven-Pipped Gemstone D6
Aliases The Grey Polychrome
Alignment Neutral
Divine Rank Demigoddess
Pantheon Golarion (Gnome)
Portfolio Gems, Stealth, Gambling, Underdark, Gnomes (Bleachlings, Svirfneblin)
Domains Community, Earth, Luck, Trickery
Subdomains: Caves, Deception, Fate, Thievery
Home Plane Wanders between the Material Plane and the Plane of Earth
Worshippers Svirfneblin, Bleachlings, Gnomes, Adventurers, Gamblers, Risk-Takers, Spelunkers, Rogues
Favoured Weapon Light Hammer
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Nivi Rhombodazzle is the patron Goddess of Svirfneblin and Bleachlings in the world of Golarion... because apparently Paizo were able to lift the Underdark Gnomes from Dungeons & Dragons, but not their patron god, Callarduran Smoothhands. In fairness, Nivi is a very different deity to her counterpart... in no small part because she's the only gnomish deity in all of the Great Beyond.

This deity takes the form of a female svirfneblin with eyes that glimmer like gems. Her sacred animal is the mole and her sacred colors are gray & red. She is an ascended gnome, having originally been a mortal gnome who loved to gamble and play games of chance, but wasn't very good at winning - ultimately, she fled a mob of angry creditors and found her way into the Darklands. Here, she began to succumb to the Bleaching, but managed to fight through it by learning to marvel at the wonders of the subterranean world below, such as the myriad gemstones she could pluck from the lands beneath. In fact, she actually bought her divinity by finding a gem so special that Torag was willing to elevate her into godhood in exchange for it.

Becoming a demigoddess hasn't changed her. She constantly seeks out not only new gemstones, but also high-stakes gambling games to get in on.

Nivi is considered the first of the svirfneblin, and her faith is found almost exclusively amongst them. Bleachlings also respect her; whilst she wasn't the first of their kind, she was the first gnome to find a cure for the Bleaching, and so they honor her as a kindred spirit. Proto-bleachlings also honor Nivi in hopes that she will help them survive the experience and become full-fledged bleachlings. Surface gnomes worship her rarely, and usually tend to be either adventurers (especially rogues) or gamblers.


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