No Girls on the Internet

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The phrase originates from the godawful awesome Interesting Early Days of the Internet, where it was seen as the dominion of basement-dwelling, generally male nerds. Most of these have since migrated to /tg/, so the meme fits perfectly.


Memes, being living breathing documents, are constantly evolving. Consequently, 'No Girls on the Internet' has gone through several different stages during its multidecade evolution.

Dawn of the internet[edit]

This view is a "literal" interpretation and is considered the origin of the meme. Men are generally early adopters of any technology or social structure in modern society. As a result, the early days of the internet contained an extremely small number of women. The phrase was therefore an objective observation of the state of the internet population.


As online games became more popular in the 90s, sociopaths of both sexes, but usually male, figured out a good way to get free shit: pretend to be female (or, in the female case, pretend to be interested in you). Various idiots would give clan status, items, game currency, and other valuables to anything with glorious cleavage in the hope that they would receive female attention. The meme evolved into a phrase to protect guildmates and friends from giving away their hard earned items to random fraudsters or from mistakenly engaging in ERP with other dudes. Most importantly, it was designed to protect lonely friends from ultimate shame when their "internet girlfriends" were inevitably revealed to be some dude with a confused sexuality. This era also gave rise to a related meme/saying of GIRL - (Guy In Real Life).

Tits or GTFO[edit]

As the internet became more mainstream during the early and mid 00s, it was revealed that women DID use the internet. Unsure of whether a self proclaimed female was legitimate or not, people started to demand proof in the form of photos. These women discovered that they could get a lot of attention simply for being female. This phenomenon manifested on 4chan as the boards were spammed with thread after thread of camwhores or trolls looking for attention. The spam began to displace high quality threads much like how carbon-monoxide displaces oxygen. Suffocating oldfags attempted to discourage the attention whore cancer by abrasively demanding that any girls display their tits or GTFO. This attempt backfired to a cartoonish degree as the camwhores complied with the request and thus made the spam threads more popular than ever before.

Final Form[edit]

Newfags began to argue with oldfags over the hostility and abrasiveness towards the camwhores. Soon women began to exploit their cleavage to give their posts and arguments greater weight in the eyes of legions of newfags. As a forum that despises identities, 4chan decided to fight back against the cancer of female shit posters who started every argument with "Im a girl and i think that...."

The result is one of the best posts ever made on 4chan:


With the 2020s rolling in the NGOTI became mostly a dead meme since after 30+ years of the Internet existing everyone grew up and out of the spiel and the newer generations were raised with the Internet and were more adapted to it. Ironically we may be seeing a double subversion since on one side the camwhores have now evolved into the camgirls who outright exploit the fact that they are declared girls and use it to mooch money off of desperate and lonely men, just like many have years before.

In short - There are Still no Girls on the Internet