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Nobilis :
The Game of Sovereign Powers
Nobilis cover.jpg
RPG published by
Guardians of the Order
(Hogshead Publishing originally)
Authors Rebecca Sean Borgstrom

Nobilis is a diceless roleplaying game penned by Rebecca Sean Borgstrom/Jenna Moran that focuses on over-the-top Exalted-level combat and indepth roleplay-heavy social/political maneuvering. When it isn't being self-important and quoting Emily Chen, it places players on the limbs of the world tree Yggdrasil - a tree whose branches hold a near infinite number of worlds and planes.

PCs play as Nobles, creatures infused with god juice called Spiritus Dei. Much like the Greek gods, the enNobled are charged with protecting and promoting the aspect of reality they represent (called their Domain). Players are free to choose whatever Domain they like, and additional Domains can be purchased during character creation or throughout the course of play.

Nobilis has one print supplement and two PDF ones so far, all of which as awesome as the main book.

Be warned that the art (and some of the fluff) in the third edition (Field Guide to the Powers) has a very very bad case of weeaboo.

It is a very weird game.