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Warm and toasty.

Nocturne is the homeworld of the Salamanders Space Marine Chapter.

A Death World, Nocturne is a vast desert littered with dozens (if not hundreds) of active volcanoes. Every fifteen years, Nocturne undergoes the "Time of Trials", where its moon Prometheus begins to pull on the planet gravitationally. This causes the earthquakes and eruptions to go into overdrive, risking the eradication of Nocturne's people. To ensure survival, the people of Nocturne gather in the Sanctuary Cities, seven metropoli where they can ride out the earthquakes and subsequent freeze over that follows. After the coming of the Emperor, he equipped the Sanctuary Cities with technological marvels such as void shields and adamantium reinforcements. This, in turn, instils a healthy respect for life in the people of Nocturne, making the Salamanders the nicest chapter of Space Marines in the Imperium of Man. What makes them even more unusual is that the Salamanders live within the Sanctuary Cities, instead of the fortress-monastery on Prometheus (with the exceptions of the Scouts and Fire Drakes, who do their own thing).


Nocturne has a number of key geographical features that present the population with many hazards, but also the opportunity of wealth and defence against attack. Namely, the main features of Nocturne are:

Mount Deathfire[edit]

An immense mountain chain of Nocturne, the heart of the world and it's lifeblood. As the largest and deadliest volcano, the mountain has a profound sacred significance for both the natives and the Salamander chapter. It's caldera and numerous lava pits and chambers are used in rituals of ascension and passing, as well as being the single biggest threat to the continuation of life on Nocturne. Librarians undergoing the first stage of their training, the 'Totem Path', do so under Mount Deathfire. Beneath its craggy peaks, a vast undercroft of caverns, tunnels and caves exist that date back to before the time of Vulkan. No explorer or scholar of the current era has been able to map the entirety of this subterranean, labyrinthine realm (Though it is rumoured Vulkan may have) and many amongst the Salamanders believe it harbours secrets, including the location of the missing artefacts of the Nine.

Scorian Plane[edit]

One of Nocturne's many deserts, the Scorian Plane is frequented to gather Sauroch, a saurian bull-like creature that is often herded and consumed on Nocturne. It is an expansive ash desert, a breeding ground for the native sauroch and a hunting ground for the more predatory Sa'hrk.

Cindara Plateau[edit]

A spike shaped rock, with an immense flat top, the Cindara Plateau stands tall above the ash of the Pyre Desert, providing observers with an unparalleled view of the surrounding area. Aspirants must climb this volcanic spear of rock in order to earn a place in the Salamander's ranks. Those who do not die in the attempt from the plateau's numerous hazards will be met at it's flat summit by an induction party of Salamanders.

Pyre Desert[edit]

One of the larger ash deserts, the Pyre Desert is the location of the vast Cindara Plateau and, due to its hostile conditions, is also the site of the "Burning Walk," a self-imposed exile undertaken by members of the Chapter who have been incapacitated or find their faith tested. A vast desert region, the Pyre desert is plagued by sand storms, where the sun never truly sets.

Acerbian Sea[edit]

Surprisingly enough, Nocturne has water, unfortunately, it isn't clean. A sulphurous oceanic body, to the north of the Pyre Desert, the Acerbian Sea is frequented by dredgers and hunters of the native gnorl-whale. So immense is this sea that it ranges from highly acidic to almost frozen in the extreme north. Rumours persist that the ocean depths harbour the legendary 'Leviathans', a species of water-borne deep drakes of Nocturnean myth. The location of the Jewel City, Epimethus, the Acerbian Sea is noted for the range of life found in it's depths, particularly the immense, volcanic rock-skinned gnorl-whales.


A region of subterranean caves, Ignea is home to many of Nocturne's tribal inhabitants. This large region of subterranean caves gave rise to an underclass of Nocturneans called 'Igneans', a derogatory term used by some inhabitants of the more esteemed Sanctuary Cities.

Arridian Plain[edit]

The Arridian Plain is a vast hunting ground, prowled by men and beast alike. It is home to Themis, the City of Warrior Kings, where the surrounding land breeds hard men. As an arid, desert region of Themis, the Arridian Plain is a particularly unforgiving landscape preyed upon by some of the deadliest creatures native to Nocturne, including the Leo'nid and the monstrous Scorpiad.

T’harken Delta[edit]

As befits its name, the T'harken Delta is an area of land bordering alongside the eastern Gey'sarr Ocean. It is a region of the Arridian Plain and hunting ground of the Leo'nid. Bordering the Sanctuary Cities Clymene and Skarokk, it is also the confluence of several acid veins and sulphur rivers.

Themian Ash Ridges[edit]

A series of ridges out on the Arridian Plain. A vast plateau of ash and rock formed over one edge of the Arridian Plain, the Themian Ash Ridges overlook Themis. They are also known for the highly poisonous ash-adder that riddles it's many crags and blind sinkholes.

Dragonspire Ridge[edit]

One of Nocturne's many craggy ridges and sub-mountain ranges that web surface of Nocturne, the Dragonspire Ridge is connected to the Serpent's Fang.

Serpent’s Fang[edit]

The Serpent's Fang is a huge chain of predominantly granite mountain peaks that dominate the surrounding deserts. One of the lesser mountain chains, it is famed for the granite forests that dwell in its shadow.

Gey’sarr Ocean[edit]

The vast eastern ocean of Nocturne. Highly volatile, it harbours many black smokers and underground faults that erupt sporadically in spumes of super-heated water and steam from the ocean bed.

This may seem a strange place to live, but the people have been moulded into stronger and more resilient forms. The Time of Trial also brings great rewards. Rich veins of gems and metals are revealed, enough to be mined by the people to pay for livestock and food on the interplanetary market. Tradition is revered strongly of Nocturne, especially the tradition of smithing, as is evident by the presence of numerous 'Great Forges', all across Nocturne.


Nocturne's little bro.

Prometheus is Nocturne's moon and the Fortress-monastery of the Salamanders. The monastery is the only construction built there and is the centre of the Salamanders logistics and administration. Being an over-sized moon, it causes massive stress on Nocturne's tectonic plates, resulting in an event, known as the Time of Trials, which occurs every Nocturne year (15 Terran years). During this time, the tectonic stresses induced by the increased gravitational pull of Prometheus cause the planet's thousands of active volcanoes to erupt and the seas rise up in vast waves.


As the Chapters focal point, Prometheus is also home to the Hall of Relics, a vast area containing a great number of shrines and reliquaries devoted to heroes of the Chapter. Within its walls, shrines can be found to Xavier, the most renowned Chaplain of the Salamanders, T'kell, a legendary Master of the Forge in the days of Vulkan, and Kesare, the great Firedrake Vulkan slew during his trials against the Outlander.

Despite Prometheus being the nominal home of the Chapter, the majority of Salamanders are dispersed across Nocturne's surface, with only the Firedrakes and the Neophytes remaining within Prometheus's walls. However, access for the other Companies to Prometheus is facilitated by numerous teleportation points situated all across Nocturne's surface. The Teleportarium of Prometheus is extensive and, upon ten translation points, each more than capable of supporting a full squad of Firedrakes in Terminator armour, the whole of the 1st Company may be deployed via teleportation.

Prometheus is the site of the Salamanders Fleet and as such, it plays host to a great dock where the chapter's Strike Cruisers and Battle Barges can be restored. Along with the Fleet in general, one of the Chapters greatest relics, the Chalice of Fire, a vast forge-ship of Vulkan's that provides most of the Chapters armament, is moored at Prometheus. Another of Vulkan's Relics, an array of space-bound lasers known as the Eye of Vulkan, orbits Prometheus, protecting it from attack.

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