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Nordland Heraldry.png
Elector Count as of 2520IC Theoderic Gausser
Province capital Salzenmund
Runefang Crow Feeder
Specialties Navy and Fortresses defense
Commerce Wool and timber
Primary military colours Pale and sea blues and yellow

" Living under the threat of Norscans all the time, it does something to the Nordlanders. They're half-Norscan themselves."


" This is the tradition of Nordland... Raid! Settle! Raid! Settle! Raid! Settle! Isn't it f**king beautiful? Due to this beautiful tradition... at least 80% of Nordlanders are Norscans "

– [Old World Geo Graphic]

Not to be confused with the county in Norway, It is the Normandy of the empire. Housing the Imperial Navy, with the hot Viking Blood in veins, they are the empire's great naval power, protecting trade ships and their shores. Nordland is the first line of defense against the Northener's longboat raids.


They were the decedent of the Was Jutones. They did not join initially when Sigmar created his unified empire but was later conquered around 500 years later by Emperor Sigismund II.

Nordland Ancestres has suffered under many conquests, had been vassalized by the Teutogens (ancestors of Middenland), by the empire, and suffer many raids from Norsca, including when they colonized the nation during the Skaven's Great Plague. This is how Nordland gained a heavy mix of Norscan blood and culture.

Cultures and Society[edit]

Nordlanders are like any heretical loyal servant of the God Emperor Sigmar and Ulric. Despite all the rightful accusations of impurity by the Inquisition Witch Hunters, this only gives Nordlanders greater zealotry against the enemies of man to prove their devotion, like any good imperial servants with a spotty history.

From their mixed blood, they had adopted many Norscan customs slightly filtered with imperial decency. Court cases are often handled by duels to spill first blood, runes are placed on old houses for luck, storytelling contests are common, and you will find many longboats on the coast that are not filled with stolen goods and angry barbarians.

Nordlanders speak in honesty and bluntness, with many folk heroes saving the day by blurting out random shit. (Long story short, Nordlanders can't keep a secret).

While the less important inland parts of the province are all forests, their hunters and foresters do get the begrudging respect of the forefront masters that are Hochland and Talabecland. The southern villages also contain the greatest number of Rhya worshiper.


As the overseers of the navy, Nordland is famous for their trained mariners. Thanks to their barbarian heritage, many Nordlander State troops can be brave and rash, charging with zealous rage before the order was given.



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