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Hell froze over

"Nothing burns like the cold."

– Will, A Game of Thrones

"This harsh land breeds the savage. And we revel in it."

Wulfrik the Wanderer

Far to the north of The Empire, lies a cold, savage and brutal land. A land where the ground is permanently frozen and blistering winters ravage the land for 8 months of the year. A land where there are as many monsters as there are men. The lands of Norsca.

Norsca is home of the Warriors of Chaos and honestly, only a land as barren, brutal and bristling with chaotic energies could produce such a group of mad men, as Norsca is probably the most dangerous place to live in the entirety of the Warhammer world, with it's only rivals to the title being Lustria and The Mountains of Mourn. It's a truly shitty place to live, as you'll either be killed by a half naked barbarian, eaten by something with 7 eyes and 4 ass holes, or raped by something that spilled in from the Realm of Chaos. Fun times.

The Norscan Mainland[edit]

Yes, those are Chaos Mammoths.

The mainland of Norsca is mostly tundra where the ground is frozen all year round, with it being impossible for any crops or food to grow in the ground due to the permafrost. Around the tundra are large frozen mountains that make travelling around the place even harder. To top it all off the area is also volcanically active and has a few active volcanos and rivers of lava in some areas, just in case the locals weren't having enough fun with the hostile wildlife, and freezing temperatures. What makes Norsca such a dangerous place is its proximity to the the Chaos gate in the north, as it's only a stones throw from the Chaos Wastes, which mutates the people so they are larger and stronger, the animals so they all eat meat and have lots of teeth and even the land, with mountains eroding in the wind to look like skulls bleeding lava. You know, that metal stuff that Nordic people like.

Since nothing grows in the permafrost the people of Norsca have two options, kill and raid for food or starve, and this has forced the Norscans to develop their favourite pass time. Pillaging and raping. And they're not picky about who they do it to either, other Norscan tribes, Kislev, The Empire. hell they even went to Naggaroth and started causing problems for the Dark Elves at one point, until Malekith had to step in and set up defences just to stop them.

Surrounded by 3 seas, The Sea of Claws, The Chaos sea and The Frozen Sea (yes they are all filled with monsters and Chaos tainted wildlife), Norsca has only one direct piece of land that connects it to the rest of the old world, so if the locals what to go pillaging, they need to build long boats and hope they don't get destroyed by that massive sea serpent with 3 heads Karl saw last week, or go through Kislev and hope a bunch of pissed off Slavs don't run them down on horse back. However raiding is what the Norscans do best (it's kinda all they can do), it also has the added bonus of appeasing their Gods and a lot of Chaos warriors will start out as Norscan raiders who attracted the attention of the gods, so a lot of Norscans use these raids to try and kick start their "careers" as murder vikings.

Norsca was also home to the Norse Dwarfs (not to be confused with the Chaos Dwarfs who live further east), the long lost cousins of the Dwarfs who live in the Worlds Edge Mountains, with their settlements being found in mountains of South East Norsca. After The Great Catastrophe, the Norse Dwarfs found themselves cut off from their cousins further south. This isolation meant the Norse dwarfs developed slightly differently to the other dwarfs and led to them becoming sort of chaos worshipper, with them revering the Chaos Gods but not to the same degree as their Chaos neighbours. When Asavar Kul invaded the south during the Great War against Chaos, the Norse Dwarfs decided to sail south to fight along side the humans and reunite with their Dawi cousins. Unfortunately after this, the Norscans decided they had had enough of these dwarfs living on their land, and attacked the Norse Dwarfs Karaks, eventually wiping them all out, and leaving the Norse Dwarfs extinct.

Troll Country[edit]

Just north of Kislev is the part of Norsca known as Troll Country. As its name suggests it's infested with trolls along with a whole bunch of other angry monsters, including but not limited to Manticores, Chimeras, Dragon Ogres, Skin wolves, Ice wolves, regular wolves, Drakes and Giants. No people live their, as it's just to densely populated with dangerous creatures that no one can settle, and honestly even if you could establish a settlement, you would spend all your time fighting off the local wildlife. The only people that actively go to Troll Country are Chaos champions looking for challenges to fight, and Chaos Lords who lost their flesh eating horse and want to replace it with something more exotic. Like a twin headed manticore that shits napalm. The one thing that could actually be called the ruler of Troll Country would be Throgg, The troll king. A fitting title indeed. Throgg lives in an Icy labyrinth in the northern part of Troll Country where he is surrounded by other trolls and he ponders about creating a world full of monsters.

Actually there is one actual settlement in Troll country. Hellpit, the strong hold of Clan Moulder. Hellpit is...a complete fucking nightmare of a city. Underground and hidden from everyone, the twisted animals of Troll Country make wonderful things for Moulder to experiment on, and the large quantity of Warpstone and Chaotic energies help fuel their twisted imaginations. Honestly, think of the worst experiments you could ever do to an animal. Well the Clan moulder has done that, got bored, and started doing even worse things to people, animals and other Skaven. Things that you can't even begin to imagine. The Dark Elves and their slavers and beastmasters have absolutely nothing on Clan Moulder and what they do in Hellpit.


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