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One of the many factions of elves of Mantica, the Northern Kindred of Elvenholme are one of the three kindred of elves that make up the "regular" elf army list for Kings of War, with the other two being the Sea Kindred and Dragon Kindred. They represent the more majestic, city-dwelling elves of fantasy.


The elves of Mantica are one of the oldest races said to dwell on Mantica, but they are a people in decline. The God War ravaged their lands and people, splitting the race into numerous factions. This was exasperated centuries later with the end of the Winter War when the lands of the Western Kindred, the greatest remaining elf nation, was covered by the raging seas that swelled with Winter's demise. Only the city of Therennia Adar survived, which became the foundation of the Sea Kindred.

The Northern Kindred formed from the elves living in Elvenholme and survivors of the Western Kindred. Their capitol city is Ileuthar and is home of the Mage-Queen. Ostensibly all elves pledge allegiance to her, but in reality none of the kindred beyond the three mentioned can be relied upon to provide assistance in times of need.

Notable Elves of Elvenholme[edit]

Argus Rodinar[edit]

Elemental sorcerer and guardian of the Alter of Elements. Argus is a dedicated servant of the Shining Ones and renowned among the elves of Elvenholme. His very presence is said to inspire the elves to fulfill their duty to Mantica and their fallen gods.

Calisor Fenulian[edit]

The source of all trouble in the world. His quest to woo the human woman Elinathora led to him creating the Fenulian Mirror with the aid of Oskan. This mirror showed Elinathora a bright and happy future married to Calisor, but then a dark decline into madness for her husband after her death. She cast the mirror to ground, shattering the glass and reality along with it. Nothing much has been said yet about what happened to either of them after that.

On the Tabletop[edit]

Tactics can be found here: Kings of War/Tactics/Elves

The standard elf list covers units of the Northern Kindred, Sea Kindred, and Dragon Kindred, since these three groups of elves are in a proper alliance with one another, vice just paying lip service as the other kindred do.