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Things are not always JUST AS PLANNED for Tzeentch. However, because Tzeentch is the grand schemer; a "Not as Planned" could have very well been just as planned for Tzeentch to be not as planned.

"Not as planned" is what you say when things are the exact opposite of being Just As Planned.

The Imperium is a good example of Not as planned from the Emperor's point of view, who originally envisioned a secular empire based on logic and knowledge. See also the Fall of the Eldar.

Expect to say it a lot if you worship Zuvassin (who is the Chaos God of NOT AS PLANNED). Also, expect to say this if your unit is utterly outwitted by tactical geniu- CREEEEEEEEEEEEEEED!!

Examples of not as planned[edit]

  • The outcome of the Great Crusade.
  • The Space Wolves surviving the Burning of Prospero due to Magnus the Red sitting out the fight (Tzeentch somehow didn't plan for that, so it "saved" the Thousand Sons as a reward).
  • The Outcast Dead hints that the Emperor learned something relevant to the duel with Horus that still manages to screw over the Chaos Gods after he is mortally wounded.
  • The Imperium of Man in all its current unwholesome glory!
  • The fall of the Eldar, perfect for lolz.
  • Black Crusades by a certain armless failure… (although canonically they actually were Just As Planned. Well, except maybe that one that tossed Failbaddon right into the middle of a ton of orks, but Abaddabbadoo still got something out of it).
  • Loose C'tan shards (just roaming around the galaxy)
  • Everything the Inquisition does to try and strengthen humanity (it all goes tits up, time after time).
  • Playing Tau against Tyranids in cityfighting scenario.
  • Playing Tyranids against Tau in anything BUT a cityfighting scenario.
  • 7th Edition and all the non-powercreep codices for said edition (that said, the Daemonology powers are a nice addition, although trying to use them as a non-daemon or GO SUCKS BALLS).
  • 7th Edition Eldar nerf. Because making best codex in the game even stronger is a great idea. But hey, you cried about Serpents, and GW toned it down!

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