Novokh Dynasty

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Novokh Dynasty
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Dhol VI

Official Languages

Necron Lexicon


Minor Power


A third the size of Ultramar

Head of State

Overlord Galmakh

Head of Government

Overlord Galmakh and Overlord Crimson King

Governmental Structure

Populist Authoritarian Aristocratic Duumvirate

State Religion/Ideology

Traditional Necron Blood Rituals



Military Force

Necron Forces

"The Novokh Dynasty has been slow to awaken, but with every new and bloody war, its resurgence accelerates. Its warriors are invigorated by the act of bloodshed: for them, the mark of success is a deep and livid red."

– Codex Necrons

Khornate Necrons that loves to RIP AND TEAR. No kidding. The Dynasty has no known Phaeron, so it is usually jousted between two esteemed Necron Overlords. Located in Ultima Segmentum, the Novokh march to war in crimson livery echoing the bloody rituals of their past. For all intents and purposes, they get turned on by being showered in guts and blood. How kinky.


The Novokh Dynasty sandwiched between the Atun and Oruscar Dynasties.

The territory of the Novokh dynasty is found in Ultima Segmentum, and includes the crownworld of Dhol VI and the active Tomb World Draven. The dynastic symbol of the Novokh represents the six wars of conquest which emanated from the dynasty's original core; this is a simple design of the type often seen in aggressive younger dynasties. It is noted by being literally sandwiched by two large Dynasties, the Atun and Oruscar respectively. The Novokh Dynasty is currently fighting against numerous Ork hordes.

In terms of their modus operandi, a Novokh phalanx will initially go to the front line with a slow and plodding gait like all Necrons usually do. However, when the close-range killing begins, it harnesses the flickering memories of the ancient sex parties blood rituals it once performed. As the gore of the foe splashes across their carapaces and skull-like masks, they seem to come more and more alive until they are fighting with unnatural vigor and determination, greatly reminiscent of the Flayed Ones except with a semblance of order and less chewing.

The Novokh Dynasty has found a rising star in the form of Overlord Galmakh, the Moon Killer. Galmakh gained considerable fame before the Great Sleep with his obvious tactic of destroying moons, thereby disrupting the gravity of worlds that defied him. At the heart of Galmakh’s armies is an unusual C'tan Shard simply named the Crimson God. The C’tan Shard was enslaved by the Novokh Dynasty millennia ago during the War in Heaven. The shard is commanded at all times by the redoubtable Overlord known as the Crimson King which should NOT be confused with the other Crimson King from an equally Egyptian-esque army. An unwilling vassal, the C’tan drifts ominously across the battlefield, meting out destruction with its incredible powers, but never quite in the way that the Crimson King would wish for. Much like a disgruntled housewife really.

During a battle with the Death Guard warband known as the Pallid Hand on Hollowfall, forces from the Novokh Dynasty were infected by Mortarion's bio-mechanical Ferric Blight. The disease spread to their Tomb Worlds and have created a devastating epidemic which caused accelerated rust within the Necron armies. Creating a robo-equivelent of smallpox.

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