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A circle divided diagonally into white and black semicircles or a draconic skull
Aliases Deathwyrm, the Guardian of the Lost, the Night Dragon, the Reaver
Alignment Lawful Neutral/Lawful Evil
Divine Rank 1E: God
2E: Greater Power (FR)/ Lesser / Intermediate God (aspects elsewhere)
3E: Greater God
Pantheon Draconic (Faerunian)
Portfolio Dragons, Death, the dead, decay, exhaustion, energy draining, fatalism, judgment, necromancy, undeath
Domains Death, Fate, Knowledge, Law, Scalykind
Home Plane Great Wheel: Outlands & Carceri
World Tree: Dragon Eyrie
Worshippers Dragons, Gravekeepers, Necromancers, Dracoliches
Favoured Weapon Bite

Null is the dual-aspected draconic deity of death and undeath, revered variously as a neutral (of the "benignly indifferent") custodian of the souls of dead dragons and as an evil patron of draconic necromancers and dracoliches. This is because Null is really a result of the Forgotten Realms screwing up and somehow conflating the year and a half senior of Chronepsis and Falazure, having been cut in half along with the numerous titles from his original release to fit Greyhawks naming scheme and lower "extremely powerful death god" quota. He debuted in the original Draconomicon and was then expanded upon in the Cult of the Dragon.

Other than chilling in the dragon carved portion of the Plane of Death without care for what random stuff the little mortals are doing as long as it isnt related to any of the two (arguably three) notable sisters, his greatest achievement is introducing Dracoliches and then ironically suggesting them they try out this thing called "doing the human", aka attempt to do just about anything to breed with each other or any other halfway attractive creature in a attempt for the mother(s) in the encounter to give birth to new undead. Daurgothoth and Aurgloroasa being among the prominent two to take drastically different, yet very literal, levels of how to interpret that idea.