Null Maiden Cadre

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Daaawww...she is like those cute and mute girls who can slaughter Terminators for breakfast. Proof that GeeDubs under the right hands can draw pretty women in the far future.

Quiet as the grave, the Null Maidens of the Sisters of Silence march onto the battlefield. Each of these devout warriors is a living weapon, exuding an unnatural aura that can mentally rape the minds of their enemies and wound the souls of those who channel Warp energy. Though scattered throughout the Imperium, the Sisters of Silence still gather to deliver the Emperor’s unspoken wrath, with members of various battle squads joining forces to bolster their strength. The ominous hush that surrounds them is shattered when they open fire, sowing strings of flesh- ripping explosions amongst their foes with Umbra pattern boltguns. Whatever survives this initial onslaught is either consumed by the gouts of burning promethium spewed forth by their flamers or cut down by the savage swing of an executioner greatblade.

The Sisters of Silence are a breed apart. These wordless warriors are all deadly combatants, trained extensively in the use of bolter, greatblade and flamer, but their most lethal weapon is the gnawing, sucking absence they have in place of their souls. Each Sister has within her the Pariah gene, an invisible mutation that is considered a grave curse by those who feel its debilitating effects first hand. The aura of these Untouchables makes them immune to psychic assault, and this phenomenon can repel, sicken and cause agonising pain to the supernatural and warp-based enemies of the Sisterhood throughout the Galaxy.


Outdated crunch here if you want your ministorum wax seal.

So after years of speculating if GeeDubs will even give them rules at all we get... Sisters of Battle, essentially. At least in terms of statline. That wasn't too surprising overall, given they were never Astartes. Hitting at Ap2 with three attacks each on the charge can deal some respectable damage, even hitting at only Strength 4 under most circumstances. Though at a mere T3 with 3+ and none of the 6++ their successors got, they usually won't withstand whatever desperate fire the enemy will throw at them to keep them the fuck away from their psykers. That being said, the amount of fire this 150-180 point squad will attract against an army with psykers might make them well worth it on its own.

Forces of the Sisters of Silence
Command: Excruciatus Cadre - Oblivion Knight-Centura
Troops: Null Maiden Cadre - Oblivion Knight Cadre
Prosecutor Cadre - Pursuer Cadre
Seeker Cadre - Vigilator Cadre
Vehicles: Grav-Rhino - Kharon Pattern Acquistor
Null-Maiden Rhino
Flyers: Valkyrie
Titans: Warlord-Sinister Pattern Battle Psi-Titan
Auxiliaries: Adeptus Custodes