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In Team Yankee[edit]

The stats, towarzysz!

Unfortunately, Battlefront has based the OT-64 on the BTR-60 in stats. Refer to that page for an in-depth guide to using a cheap, glass cannon which basically comes free with your infantry.

The lack of armour on the sides and the top mean that this vehicle will die if anything dares sneeze at it, while the 14.5mm machine gun's AT 5 lets it threaten artillery pieces, transports and other lightly armoured units. It won't be outgunning IFVs, but they perform an uncannily similar role for a cheap price.

Interestingly, the OT-64 has a terrain dash of 12" and a cross-country dash of 18". This may not look important, but 2" can be the difference between boxing enemy units in or getting in range of the objective. Remember: these things are SUICIDE units, first and foremost. Tossed en-masse, they prevent your opponents from driving through open terrain or bum-rushing objectives and light vehicles.

Unfortunately, your OT-64s trade this with 5+ cross. This is less important though, as any decent PACT commander knows better than to drive their parking lot through a forest and leave half their force broken down.

The OT-64 is an alternative transport option for BTR-60 mounted infantry in the Czech and Polish forces, as the OT-64 and SKOT-2 respectively.


800px-SKOT 2A TBiU9 3.jpg

The OT-64 SKOT was a joint venture by Czechoslovakia and Poland to replace the ageing OT-810, itself a clone of the German half-track. What they came up with was very similar to the Soviet BTR-60, but with superior interior armour and a diesel engine instead of petrol. They continued to be used well after the fall of the Iron Curtain, though the Czechs did eventually replace them in 2006, while the poles only use them as support and command vehicles.

Polish Forces in Team Yankee
Tanks: T55AM2 - T-72M
Transports: SKOT-2A - BMP
Troops: Zmotory Kompania - Hind Assault Landing Company
Artillery: Dana SpGH - BM-21 Hail
Anti-Aircraft: ZSU 23-4 Shilka - SA-13 Gopher -SA-8 Gecko
Tank Hunters: Spandrel
Recon: BMP-1 OP - BRDM-2
Aircraft: SU-25 Frogfoot - MI-24 Hind
Czech Forces in Team Yankee
Tanks: T55AM2 - T-72M
Transports: OT-64 - BMP
Troops: Motostrelci
Artillery: 2S1 Carnation - Dana SpGH - RM-70
Anti-Aircraft: ZSU 23-4 Shilka - SA-8 Gecko - SA9 Gaskin - SA-13 Gopher
Tank Hunters: Spandrel
Recon: BMP-1 OP - BRDM-2
Aircraft: SU-25 Frogfoot - MI-24 Hind