Obsidian Glaives

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Obsidian Glaives
Battle Cry We Shall Endure
Founding Second Founding
Successors of Ultramarines
Chapter Master Midnias
Homeworld Obstiria
Strength DEAD
Specialty Unknown
Allegiance Imperium of Man
Colours Unknown

A chapter more self-hating than the Doom Eagles or Mortifactors. These guys were hardcore. Their homeworld had no population and thus they recruited from prisons where young boys who were faced with death sentences were interviewed by a chaplain. If the prisoner repented and wanted to extend his sentence, he would be initiated into the Obsidian Glaives. After the first phase, they then had to walk through a valley all the way to the Fortress Monastery whilst suffering from radiation poisoning. After becoming a Scout they would get deposited back onto the radiation hell-hole they called the surface and were told to survive even if they have to kill their fellow Scouts.These guys also thought of being a Space Marine very differently than their kin. They saw it as a punishment. They also did a lot of self-flagellation. But it does not end there. They brainwashed themselves in order to learn how to fight and in the process, lose their memories. Even after all of that THEY STILL SAW THEMSELVES AS GUILTY!. They did do a few things before they were destroyed.)

What doesn’t make any sense is HOW they were destroyed. The book Penumbral Spike explains that there were approx 500 Obsidian Glaives on planet before the invasion so in theory there should be atleast 300 to 500 more glaives out in the galaxy (depending on chapter strength before the invasion.


  • Helrac Incursion - Fought Corsairs and wound up chasing them to the Space Hulk "Mote of Darkness." The first company went in and cleaned them out.
  • 987 M41 - Orikan the Diviner traps the Obsidian Glaives in a time loop where they fight Necrons while the Crons sit back and watch what happens.
  • Red Waaagh! - Whole chapter is presumed to have been destroyed by Warboss Grukk.
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