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The Obyrith are pre-primordial demons in Dungeons and Dragons. They are all unfathomably chaotic and evil extradimensional horrors that existed long before the tanar'ri came into being and very likely existed before the universe itself. They take heavy inspiration from the cosmic horrors found in Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos.

Obyrith first appeared in 2006's Fiendish Codex I sourcebook for D&D 3.5, which dealt with the Abyss and all its horrific denizens. Here they were introduced as one of the three types of demons alongside the tanar'ri and loumara. Two types of obyrith were detailed, the ekolid and sibriex, as well as Dagon, Prince of the Darkened Depths who was a fully fledged obyrith Demon Prince. Over the next year a few more types of obyrith would be trickled out in supplemental online postings, magazines and Monster Manual V, while Dagon himself would get a much more posh write-up in Dragon #349.

But it was 4th Edition that really shoved obyrith more into the spotlight. Confirming their identity as having come from a universe before the current one, the Obyrith actually won the war of Order versus Chaos! The absolute madmenthings! They devoured and twisted reality so badly that their own universe was finally unmade, collapsing into a singularity of pure spite and hatred for existence. But this Shard of Pure Evilâ„¢ somehow managed to pierce the veil into a different universe that was just beginning to take form, and inside of it about a dozen Obyrith managed to survive making the leap.

And they were pissed! Here they were, just getting done finally destroying existence, and now there's another one being created! Luckily for them, their shard was found by one of the new neutral gods who was starting to tidy up the chaotic elemental afterbirth, Tharizdun, and they were able to instantly and so thoroughly corrupt him that he created the Abyss at their behest. Now free to exact their hate on a new universe, they began to battle other primordial entities for control of the newly minted Abyss.

Meanwhile, all the other gods stopped doing whatever it was that they were doing and placed Tharizdun in the D&D equivalent of gay baby jail for all of eternity. These lore changes would also retcon several established Demon Princes to actually have been obyrith the whole time! Most notable are Pazuzu and The Queen of Chaos.

The Queen of Chaos would be the main leader of the forces of chaos as they attacked the forces of law and order; however, infighting would eventually lead to a fracturing between the obyrith and the tanar'ri they created to be their footsoldiers. Chaos gonna chaos. This opening allowed the Upper Planes to invade the Abyss and righteously buttfuck the obyrith to the brink of extinction.

Types of Obyrith[edit]

  • Draudnu: Strange round demons with three long spider-like legs at the top of their body. Their body tapers towards the bottom, ending in a red eye surrounded by three wicked clawed arms.
  • Ekolid: Vile insectoid horrors, combining all the worst aspects of ants, scorpions, spiders and anything else you wouldn't want to get bitten or stung by. They typically exist in swarms, but on the 663rd layer of the Abyss they construct massive hives as complex as cities.
  • Golothoma: Long and wormlike with a single red eye at their anterior end surrounded by three scything claw-like appendages. These claws can reach through dimensions to attack other creatures. They don't have a mouth, so they feed through their own shadow.
  • Laghathti: Like a disgusting slimy, black octopus, laghathti lurk within the River Styx and steal memories from souls that pass by.
  • Sibriex: These resemble enormous and grotesque floating humanoid heads that are shackled to the ground by hooks and chains. Said to have a knack for flesh-crafting, the creation of the tanar'ri is likely their doing.
  • Uzollru: Similar to colossal aquatic centipedes, but with flippers instead of legs. Their head has a single red eye surrounded by feeder tentacles. They mostly serve Dagon in the 89th layer of the Abyss, Shadowsea.
  • Verakia: XBAWKSHUEG dragon-esque obyriths which exist in the 88th layer of the Abyss, which is Demogorgon's pad. They are mindless marauding abominations; anyone who would even look upon one is driven to homicidal fury.

The qlippoth of Pathfinder are basically a knock-off of these nasty bastards since obyrith, much like the tanar'ri, are not available for use under the Open Gaming License.

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