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Occam the Untrue is a captain of the Alpha Legion and the leader of The Redacted Warband. Appearing in the Sons of the Hydra novel, he is unique in that he too has made the rookie error many a novice fa/tg/uy has, genuinely buying into the "Alpha Legion are closet loyalists" meme. He wholeheartedly believes that he and his warband are still loyal to The Emperor, existing to test the worth of the Imperium and to cull the weak within it - although given that he's referred to as "the Untrue", most of his fellow Alpha Legionnaires seem to disagree.

When we first meet Occam and his crew, they - as well as other more overtly chaotic Alpha Legion warbands - are picking on Smurf successor chapters in the Maelstrom under the command of Harrowmaster Quetzel Carthach. This alliance did not last, however, and it ended in Carthach getting vored by daemons and The Redacted meeting a Cryptek, who took the unlikely role as a quest-giver.

You see, aside from being a contrarian in a legion of contrarians, Occam's other main driving goal is to locate Omegon wherever he may be. The Cryptek claimed to know where he was located, and would tell Occam if they steal a Tesseract off of a Word Bearers warband. Sounds simple, right? Wrong. It had a Bloodthirster in it. And when they did find "Omegon", it was simply a shard of The Deceiver stringing them and other gullible Legionnaires along to help it back to power. The rest of The Redacted are killed in the ensuing battle, and the shard is trapped in the Tesseract.

No word on where The Untrue is now, although rumour has it that he has been seen silently weeping in his room, next to a body pillow with a picture of Omegon taped onto it.

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