Ogdobekh Dynasty

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Ogdobekh Dynasty


Official Languages

Necron Lexicon


Middle Power


Nihilakh Dynasty Sized

Head of State

Phaeron Anathrosis of the Black Star

Head of Government

Phaeron Anathrosis of the Black Star,
various Crypteks

Governmental Structure

Authoritarian Theocratic Duumvirate

State Religion/Ideology

Ogdobekh Expansionism



Military Force

Necron Forces

The Ogdobekh Dynasty is a Necron Dynasty famed for its technical mastery. As a result, its Tomb Worlds were more prepared with better backup systems for the Great Sleep after the Necron race rebelled against the C'tan.

They are also known for being sensible with a dash of Just as Planned.


Map of the Ogdobekh Dynasty.

Unlike most Necron Dynasties, the Ogdobekh actually listened to their Crypteks and were thus, insanely prepared once their 60 million year old snooze fest is over. Seriously, they are like the only dynasty that actually thought in the long term and discussed with themselves. You could only imagine how that went. "Hey Bob! You know what would be a great idea? That we actually have a contingency plan once we sleep for an unknown amount of time, 'cause we don't like to wake up with some rude encounters eh?"

Therefore, for millennia the two factions existed in a technological symbiosis, with the vast resources of the Ogdobekh coreworlds given over in exchange for the war machines and Canoptek constructs that allowed them to expand their realm ever further. Because of this, their power suddenly increased in influence despite their size over the coming decades. Whilst they were originally a minor power, they are now able to contend with other polities on their own.

The Phaeron of the Ogdobekh Dynasty, Anathrosis of the Black Star, was known for his paranoid streak – perhaps due to the rather superior behavior of the Crypteks that formed a large part of his court. At all times he surrounded himself with an army of Canoptek constructs that could restore the glory of his legions should they be compromised.

His tomb complexes were built with triple-layered backup systems, which proved to be of immense value over the course of the Great Sleep – when the dynasty awoke, the vehicles, constructs and warriors of the Ogdobekh emerged from their tombs all but intact. All this is damn fortunate for them and gravely unfortunate for the Imperium, as the territory of the Ogdobekh overlaps with the Segmentum Solar, dangerously close to Holy Terra and staunchly defended by Humanity. Despite this, they have made impressive gains since their awakening, due to all their toys still having working parts.

Thanks to them owing their success to their technologists in green, the symbol of the Ogdobekh is a graphic representation of the Cryptek’s Rod, partially eclipsed by the dark sun of unknowable mysteries.

Ogdobekh warriors are best identified by their copperish but not rusty looking Necrodermis, unlike their much edgier cousins, the Nekthyst Dynasty.

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