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Grand Alliance Destruction

Ogor Mawtribes

F8eadd7a4470a5bc529656620e73680f.png Me and the boys (and the girls, we all love to eat).

General Tactics

"Gluttony kills more than the sword; wine has drowned more men than the sea."

– A Portuguese Proverb

"Authority, not truth, makes law."

– Thomas Hobbes, Leviathan

"You know, Ben Franklin once said: eat to live, don’t live to eat. Hm? Well it’s an easy decision Boyd. You can either famine, or feast. Live or die."

– Colqhoun, Ravenous

Rebranded as “Ogors”, everyone’s favorite balding overeating wrestlers still exist in the Mortal Realms. They are now collectively known as the Mawtribes and survive as nomadic warrior clans, traveling from realm to realm wrecking shit and eating the finest cuisine.

Within the Mawtribes exists two distinct subcultures; the Gutbusters, who are most like their traditional depiction, and the Beastclaw Raiders, comprised of mounted ogors, hunters, and other icy monsters, who somehow became cursed to produce an infinite snowstorm called the Everwinter where ever they go.


"Gobble the brains and gorge on the meat. Chew on the eyes and crunch the feet. Batter the softflesh, give ‘em a prod, into the maw of the Gulping God."

– A traditional Ogor feasting song

The on-foot “standard” Ogors and the largest of the various Ogor sub-cultures, the Gutbusters worship Gorkamorka as “The Great Beast that Consumes the World” or the “Gulping God”, literally their justification for eating everything in sight. They move and conduct raids according to the Mawpath, a cyclical pattern that is determined by the tribe’s Butchers and leaves massive bite-like trails across the realms. Fitting the bigger scale of the setting, the Gutbusters are divided up into multiple smaller tribes called warglutts, with the overall Gutbuster Mawtribe being led by an Overtyrant, who has numerous other Tyrants as vassals leading the smaller tribes. The best way to think of the Mawtribes is like a fleet of ships. The Overtyrant is the admiral, controlling the whole thing, while each ship has a Tyrant as the captain, and a Slaughtermaster as the navigator. The Bloodpelt Hunters act as scouts or alternative navigators for the Warglutt, hunting down the biggest of prey items and reporting to the Tyrant.

The numerous warglutts are constantly on the lookout for new food sources and plunder. Border settlements, beastherds, fortresses, cities and even simple farmlands are all on the menu as far as the Gutbusters are concerned. And Warglutts are also just as happy raiding other Ogor settlements of their hard-won food stores. However, unlike say Orruks who crave fighting above all others (and don't really care who they fight) and rarely strike any kind of diplomatic accord with other grand-alliances, The Gutbusters focus on food and eating (along with an arguably more complex cultural system compared to most other destruction forces) and being the only destruction faction to build permanent settlements means that truces and even short-term alliances have been made with the forces of Order, Chaos and even Death (with adequate payments in food and plunder that is). In fact mercenary Ogors, known as Maneaters, are not even that uncommon in more primal regions (especially Ghur). With Mercenary companies of Ogors even helping cities fight off other destruction forces or even other Ogors. This is not to say that they are completely trustworthy however, as Ogors can quickly turn on their employers and allies if they see a better deal.

Besides the the Ogors themselves, the Gutbuster Mawtribes are also host to dimutive greenskins known as Gnoblars. These small creatures long ago made a deal with the Gutbusters Ogors to become a servant cast in exchange for protection from those that sought them harm (especially the Orruks and Grots who took great delight in bullying them). They are considered camp followers and trail close behind the moving Warglutts when they go out hunting/raiding, doing the menial labour that would distract the Ogors from eating. In addition to them numerous pack animals are brought to carry the food and loot (or just as back-up food), with Rhinox being a notable example and trailing far behind them are the ravenous Gorgers. Ogors for some unknown reason can come down with a sickness known as the "Empty Belly Curse", though its believed to be caused by displeasing the Gulping God, that drives them mad due too no longer being able to derive any enjoyment or taste from food. These are caged up or thrown into caverns or pits, until being released by the tribes Butchers to throw them at the enemy and giving them the embrace of death (as their fate is considered a fate far worse than death).

Arguably the most prized possession and symbol of a Mawtribe’s power is their Great Mawpot, a giant cauldron built from the melted down loot the tribe has taken from defeated enemies and then blessed by their Slaughtermasters to be a focal point of their gastromancy. Being so drenched in raw magics, these pots are able to contain even ethereal and daemonic entities. The Mawtribe will sometimes lug these titanic cooking vessels into battle to quickly reenergize the Ogors present.

Occasionally, Butchers and Slaughtermasters will all take temporary leave of their tribes and gather to form a Gollop. One part swap meet, and another part religious pilgrimage, these shamans will all come together to share recipes, stories, and of course, food. The sheer amount of magic emanated from such a concentration of Butchers causes the very land around them to turn cannibal, with oceans rising to swallow the land and mountains trying to extend upwards to break through clouds. Occasionally, a Grand Gollop is called (how or why is unclear), which has caused entire mountains to tear themselves out of the ground and tried to consume forests and oceans around them.

Beastclaw Raiders[edit]

"Nothing burns like the cold."

– George R. R. Martin

The second major Ogor subculture and based around the riding of vicious winter beasts. While your standard Ogors may choose to stay in one place and establish its own territory, the Beastclaw are constantly on the move from place to place. And with very good reason as every tribe of Beastclaw Raiders is constantly followed by a mystical winter storm that threatens to engulf them if they remain too long in one location. Consequently this has led these Ogors to develop a nomadic existence and constantly be on the look out for new targets.

Rather than following the Mawpath, the Beastclaw Raiders have a more organic and randomized marching pattern. Usually they are either following a migrating herd of animals/roaming army, following the priestly guidance of their Huskard Torr, or just simply trying to outrun the Everwinter. Needless to say as mentioned, they don’t stay still for very long. In addition to basic Ogrish, the BCR have their own unique language called Svoringar, which they use to keep a level of secrecy regarding their own tribes. This extends to how they are seen by other Ogors, with each Mawtribe having both a basic name and a BCR name.

The Everwinter[edit]

While this blizzard does reduce everything around it to a whiteout, it oddly enough doesn’t kill the BCR. Instead it just freezes them in place until they thaw out either through time, plentiful fire magic or any number of other heat sources. This colossal ice storm takes various forms based on the Ogors it’s following, from fist sized hailstones, a snow white mist, a roaring hurricane, and much more. Little information exists on what exactly the Everwinter is. Though several ideas exist among Ogors regarding its origins.

  • The original Beastclaw Raiders somehow pissed off Gorkamorka who creates the Everwinter as a punishment, forcing the always hungry Ogors to constantly move hunting grounds or become frozen statues.
  • Sigmar conjured the storm to curse the Beastclaw Raiders and deny them food.
  • The OG Beastclaw Raiders unwittingly freed some mischievous ice gods that Nagash imprisoned in Shyish.
  • The first Frost King, Baergut Vosjarl, was tricked by Mork into eating the frozen heart of a god beast called Jorhar the Ur-Bear, becoming the eye of the perpetual storm.

As time went on, the BCR began to revere and worship the Everwinter as an aspect of Gorkamorka, who is known as the “Hungering Predator” in the eyes of these Ogors. They regularly leave live prey and prisoners chained to the ground to be swallowed up by ice and snow, as well as the corpses of their dead brothers, saying they belong to the storm. Additionally, the BCR refuse to eat their dead for similar reasons, making them the only Ogors who actually don’t support cannibalism. In addition more than a few Ogors have even made use of the storm as a weapon and deterrent against their enemies. Such as intentionally leading the storm into potential raiding targets to soften them up, or using the extreme weather conditions to ward off attacking armies. Not to mention the honing of ice related magics has been heavily utilzed by experience Huskards to freeze whole lands and armies.

More than just the Ogors follow the Everwinter though, many arctic monsters and beasts will see the moving ice age and decide just to follow it to new hunting grounds. Such as the Frost sabres and Mournfangs (beasts often utilized by the Beastclaw). Two noteworthy examples of this would be the Icefall Yhetees, large furred covered beasts that can wield ice magics whom have developed a close relationship with the Huskard Torrs, and the Orruks of the Icebone Warclan, who thrive in frigid temperatures while also making heavy use of mounts, they have come to see the frost covered Ogors as blessed prophets of their equally icy depiction of Gorkamorka.

Following the Necroquake, the Everwinter has been fluctuating in its size and intensity amongst the BCR. Sometimes it completely vanished, leaving the Raiders godless and little to no different than the Gutbusters. And other times it increases to continent sized blizzards, swallowing entire empires in supernatural snow. The former of the two is also a likely explanation for why BCR units would turn up in Gutbuster armies, as without the storm they have little reason to constantly be on the move and are more vulnerable without the storm keeping adversaries at bay, with many being absorbed into larger warglutts.


Likely the most interesting aspect of BCR is just how organized and disciplined they are, at least when compared to the other Destruction factions. Each BCR Mawtribe is led by a Frost King, and the tribe is divided into various warbands called Alfrostuns, each led by a Frostlord. Frostlords are chosen in an intricate ritual called the Rite of Hoctgar, where all of the Ogor elders go out on a hunt. They bring back the biggest game for the tribe to eat, and whoever has their game eaten from the most is declared the Frostlord. The Alfrostun is further divided into smaller packs, each with a specific purpose.

  • The Jorlbad, also called the “First Hand” or the “Fighting Hand”, is the primary hunting party of the Alfrostun. They make up the bulk of the clan and are always leading the charge. They are led by an Ogor called the Huskard Jorl, or “Favored of the Frostlord”, and is regarded as the most prestigious warrior in the clan, apart from the Frostlord himself.
  • The Eurlbad, also called the “Second Hand” or the “Eating Hand”, follows behind the Jorlbad to cover their flank and clean up any leftovers. Their leader is called the Huskard Eurl, “Second Favored”. Although they do play an important role in the Alfrostun, it’s not uncommon for Huskard Eurl’s to feel a slight bit envious torwards the far more awarded and lauded Huskard Jorl.
  • The Torrbad, or the “Clapping Hand”, are seen as the Heralds of the Everwinter, being comprised of the surliest Thundertusks of the tribe. They attract large packs of Icefall Yhetees thanks to their attuned nature to the storm. Their leader, the Huskard Torr, is the “Voice of Winter” and is a very quiet figure, often lost in constant prayers to the Everwinter. They are seemingly chosen by the Everwinter itself, and once a Huskard Torr is picked, they will remain so till they die.
  • The Skals are groups of Frost Sabres, each led by an Icebrow Hunter. They operate outside of the Huskard chain of command, reporting directly to the Frostlord. Acting as a vanguard force, they scout ahead to find new prey and ambush enemies.
  • Making up each of these warbands are even smaller groups of beast riders. They are the Atta (Great Strength) packs, Svo (Power of the Blizzard) packs, Otri (Endless Hunt) packs, Fvor (Campfire) packs, and Hirf (Vast Sky) packs.


Age of Myth[edit]

Given that Ogors don’t really write down their history (save for crude cave-man like glyphs and paintings), most of their past is shrouded in a haze of exaggeration and grandiose creation myths. For example, according to Firebellies, Aqshy was created by the fiery burp of Gorkamorka after he ate a massive star. Thankfully other races have kept track of their origins, which just so happens to include their encounters with the ogrish race.

Ogors, much like the Greenskins, have always existed in the Mortal Realms, living in primitive tribal cultures. The oldest Ogors claim that they crawled out the rivers of drool made by Gorkamorka when he first began gnawing on the Realms. When Sigmar beat the snot out of Gorkamorka, he earned the green god’s loyalty and tasked him with slaying the various warped monsters and Godbeasts of the Realms (partially to keep him and his followers out of trouble). The Ogors, though miffed they couldn’t eat humie, stuntie, or knife-ear meat, gladly followed the Gulping God in his monstrous crusade. One such crusading target were the Sky Titans of Ghyran, a more intelligent breed of gargants that colonized the Great Green Torc/Tor Crania (Behemat’s sleeping head). These colossal beings lived in floating gun fortresses above the Harmonis Veldt and were famed for their usage of black powder weaponry. Gorkamorka, still likely holding onto his rivalry with the giant Godbeast, tore into the forts of his spawn with ease, and the Ogors scavenged the rubble to create the first Ironblasters and Leadbelchers. Along their rampage, they came across the weedy Gnoblars of Chamon who approached the Ogors with a deal; in exchange for protection from the bully like Orruks and Grots, the Gnoblars would serve the Ogors as a servant caste. The Ogors naturally agreed and soon colonies of Gnoblars were commonplace amongst the original Mawtribes.

At some point, the original Beastclaw Raiders, who served as the vanguard huntsmen of Gorkamorka’s forces, did...something...and now the perpetual ice age that is the Everwinter follows them. One Mawtribe that gained particular notoriety was the Boulderhead, or Svard in their Beastclaw tongue. The Frost King Braggoth Vardruk was revered by many of Gorkamorka’s followers during the Age of Myth. He took his Alfrostun on a cross-country tour of the Realms on a search for the fabled Golden Hunting Grounds of Ghur, but he was tricked by Aelven sorcerers and ended up colliding straight into the Everwinter, where they were flash frozen for hundreds of years.

Age of Chaos[edit]

Following the collapse of Sigmar’s Pantheon, Ogors all across the Realms rejoiced at the chance to eat whatever they wanted again. The Mawtribes were quick to turn their rampant hunger on the abandoned humans, aelves, and duardin. Some Ogors even going as far as directly fighting under the banners of Chaos as mercenaries (these particular Ogors would go on to become known as Maneaters, and the name has since become synonymous with veteran Ogor mercenaries, even the ones who work for the “good guys”). Even then however, it wasn’t uncommon for an Ogor to turn on his employer should a deal be broken, such as the case with Chaos Lord Slathynex, who made the mistake of allowing his manticore to eat an Aelf. An Aelf he promised to Klugg the Flatulent of the Meatfist Mawtribe. Such a transgression was not to be taken lightly, and the Ogors consumed every last Chaos Warrior present.

Age of Sigmar[edit]

The arrival of the Stormcast Eternals instantly affected the Ogor Mawtribes by accidentally thawing out many frozen BCR tribes, including Braggoth and company. The starved Raiders quickly fell upon their bewildered “saviors”, only to discover that these beings couldn’t be eaten. So they instead bolted and reunited with the rest of the Boulderhead Mawtribe, which had been taken over by some upstart Overtyrant in their absence. Braggoth was quick to overthrow the usurper and declare himself Frost King. He would later go on to wage war against the Meatfist Mawtribe and their allies, culminating in the Battle of Ice and Gold in front of the gates to Globb Glittermaw’s Great Gutfort. It was a hard fought victory, but the Gutbusters managed to push back the ambitious Frost King, who severed all ties the Boulderheads had with the other Mawtribes, determined to rule them all.

As the Age began, the Ogors remained largely unchanged. They sold themselves out as mercenaries to who ever had the meat and money, only now they had more customers thanks to the opening of Azyr’s gates. The various Mawtribes all develop unique relationships with the Sigmarines, such as the Meatfist actively avoid confrontation with the Eternals, or the Thunderbellies, who have learned how to actually consume the fleeing souls of slain Stormcast. While many Ogors found plenty to do in the Realmgate Wars, many more followed the banner of Gordrakk’s Great Waaagh!, seeing the Fist of Gork as the ultimate source of food and fun. The onset of the Soul Wars and Nagash’s Necroquake is seen by the various Slaughtermasters and Butchers as “Gork’s Gutrumble”, a sign of great displeasure by their god that throws off eons old mawpaths and tears through hunting grounds. It even disrupted the Everwinter, making it stronger or causing it to up and fizzle out. The result is a variety of warglutts and alfrostuns mixing together as the weak are absorbed by the strong. The Butchers insist that the Ogors must devote themselves to consuming the entire Mortal Realms in order to reverse these dark times, spurring them into greater acts of consumption and devastation.

Broken Realms[edit]

Several Mawtribes and Alfrostuns have flocked together to follow the Fist of Gork Gordrakk and his march on the free city Excelsis. The Loonking Skragrott was also apart of this destruction bandwagon and ordered a Warglutt of Ogors led by Tyrant Glottor Bhulk to move ahead of their main force to offer themselves as sellswords for the city defenders. Before the Big Waaagh arrived at the city, they ran into a reawakened and agitated Kragnos who unofficially took control over the horde. They all went nuts when they came to Excelsis and quickly set about destroying and looting everything. The aforementioned Ogor mercenaries turned on their employers as soon as Skragrott gave them a signal. The horde was eventually pushed out and scattered after Lord Kroak and Morathi-Khaine tricked Kragnos into running through a portal to the opposite end of Ghur. Glottor and his company made it out with copious quantities of loot and meat, loudly declaring that they won the Siege of Excelsis and eagerly wait for the day they can return to the City of Secrets and claim more of its riches.

Era of the Beast[edit]

Despite feeling invigorated by Kragnos’ emergence, the Ogor Mawtribes have faced tough resistance from the Dawnbringer Crusades that march from Sigmar’s cities. These grand expeditions tear up their Mawpaths and expand so rapidly that the Ogors can’t keep up with the cities being erected. Some have been hired by the Crusades to assist in the colonization efforts, but it’s actually a ruse to send the bulk of the tribe away from their Gutfort so they could tear it down. This initially sounds like a deceptively smart idea, but many a Dawnbringer has underestimated how strong a pissed off Ogor is…especially one that returns home to realize they’ve been hoodwinked.

Notable Mawtribes[edit]

  • Meatfist: The most powerful Mawtribe around, who stain their right arm in blood to imitate their founder Grawl Meatfist. They are known for being verbose braggarts who constantly flaunt their power and legacy. While they are certainly strong in their own right, the Meatfist’s rise to power can mostly be attributed to the sheer number of Ogors they can muster. Vast tides of sweaty Gluttons can be summoned by their Tyrants almost instantly and used to bully smaller Mawtribes into joining the Meatfist fold, furthering this snowball effect. They are led by the Overtyrant Globb Glittermaw, a Gargant-sized Ogor who is essentially the second coming of Greasus Goldtooth, being the unusually intelligent leader who teaches his people the value of material wealth. Their base is the colossal Great Gutfort in Ghur, where Globb hosts annual feasts, each year intending to outdo the last. Also the Meatfist are the “geniuses” who taught the Gargants the benefits of mercenary life.
    • Tarkan Warglutt: Native to the region of Hallost in Shyish, this roaming band of Gutbusters premiered in the Feast of Bones box set as the first enemies of the Ossiarch Bonereapers. Their Tyrant is Kagruk Kin-eater, a brash and youthful warlord who actually survived his encounter with Nagash’s pet project and swore vengeance upon the Bonereapers.
    • Bloody Stump Warglutt: A Ghyranite tribe led by Tyrant Ogbort Oakeater, who has an obsessive craving for Sylvaneth bark. His ogors have torn countless acres of the Futilian Wood to sunders to drive out the children of Alarielle where they are hacked into a green pulp. Anyone who dares grumble about this vegetarian diet are swiftly slaughtered by Ogbort, who then grinds up their bones as a seasoning for his Dryad salad.
  • Bloodgullet: A Mawtribe from Aqshy who are obsessed with drinking blood, to the point where they despise Firebellies as they believe all meat should be eaten raw. Maybe there's some truth to this obsession, as they have the most powerful Butchers and Slaughtermasters. They don't clean up any bloodstains on their bodies, giving them a disgusting appearance that usually causes them to be attacked on sight (which they don't mind, since it lets the food come to them). They are also quite fond of the Beastclaw Raiders, blood popsicles being a favored treat of the Mawtribe. Expectedly, the Bloodgullet often ally with the forces of Khorne, even going as far as being valued allies. One such example being Slaughtermaster Horg Blacktooth, who is a member of Korghos Khul’s inner circle of advisors. As to why the Bloodbound allow such magic users within their presence, it likely has something to do with the more shamanistic nature of how Gastromancy functions. The Bloodgullet have taken a somewhat unpopular view in the Era of the Beast by referring to Kragnos as a false idol. His rampages do nothing to satisfy Gorkamorka’s hunger; no, his earthquakes and tremors just make more and more mouths to feed, which he never bothers to satiate.
    • Split Cheek Warglutt: This Warglutt broke into the eldritch library of a Tzeentch magister and began devouring all the occult artifacts and daemonic texts present. Before the enraged Magister could fight back, the Ogors then started to belch out streams of molten silver and enchanted fire, incinerating the Arcanite where he stood.
  • Underguts: Ogors from Ulgu who dwell in underground caverns, and as such often ally (and feud) with the Gloomspite Gitz. They learned to reverse-engineer Duardin gunpowder technology, so they've got the most Leadbelchers and Ironblasters. They feed on the poisonous flora and fauna of Ulgu’s caves, resulting in their skin taking on a sickly pale glow. Led by the Overtyrant Grumlog Blisterhands, they prefer to start their invasions with absurd amounts of Ironblaster and Leadbelcher gunfire, then sending in their foot soldiers to clobber any survivors. Their gnoblars have also learned to create what are basically crude grenades by shoving tiny powder kegs full of scrap and shrapnel. The bulk of the Mawtribe is currently in Ghyran, having entered through the Nightskein Realmgate and begun carving a mawpath in the lush valleys of Verdia. This “Greenfeast campaign” as the Ogors call it is slowly moving closer to Hammerhal Ghyra. Some Underguts Ogors have also joined up with Gordrakk’s Waaagh! during the Siege of Excelsis, blasting catacombs underneath the city and fighting for control of the underground with the Skaven.
  • Svard/Boulderhead: Among the oldest of the Mawtribes, these ogors are also referred to as “unbreakable ones” in their native tongue. The Frost King Braggoth Vardruk and his warriors were frozen alive after going on a Realm-wide hunting spree during the Age of Myth. Now they’ve been thawed out by Sigmar’s Tempest and now are on a quest to rule all of Ogordom. They are recognized by a charred black right hand, their particularly savage mounts, and a megalomaniacal sense of entitlement in regards to leading all of Ogor kind. At one point, they were close allies with the Meatfist Mawtribe, but the two egos couldn’t stay allies for long, leading to the Svard War. It took multiple Mawtribes working together under the command of Overtyrant Globb Glittermaw to push back the Boulderhead from besieging the Great Gutfort. They were eventually defeated, and now the proud Boulderhead are pariahs among their kind. During the Realmgate Wars, Braggoth led a coalition of Beastclaw Raiders and Orruks from Da Choppas Warclan in a siege of the Manticore Realmgate, destroying the Dreadfort established to defend it. This “Beast Hammer” as it was called has since been imitated many times by Tyrants, Frostlords, and Orruk Megabosses alike. The Necroquake sent their hunting parties on new twisted migration patterns, where they collided with the Beastmen of the Allherd Greatfray.
    • Heroth Alfrostun: Temporary allies of the Cerulean Comets Stormhost during the Realmgate Wars. Although their Stonehorns were invaluable in turning away hordes of Bloodbound, many a Stormcast Eternal were frozen solid once the Beastclaw Raiders left and the Everwinter moved in.
  • Olwyr/Thunderbellies: This raiding party has been supercharged by the Chamon Sky Road. The storms that follow them are teeming with alchemical electricity and uproarious winds. Their riders are feared for their startling speed, attacking much like the lightning surrounding them. They also have developed a way to feast on the Stormcast Eternals, or “lightning meat” as they call them, supposedly by slurping up their souls as they shoot up to Azyr. Unusual among the BCR, the Thunderbellies Mawtribe forgoes the typical Alfrostun structure and focus mostly on large formations of Mournfang Cavalry. Seeing as they live on the Sky Road, the Thunderbellies are often at odds with the Dragon Ogors. One particular instance involved a shouting match and the frozen road under the Dragon Ogors collapsing, causing them to fall to their deaths. Most recently, they’ve begun a turf war with the sky fleets of Barak-Urbaz for control over the Lodebridges of Ayadah.
  • Fraya/Winterbite: The reclusive masters of the Ghur Scarlands, these Ogors act more like ghosts. They live dangerously close to the heart of the Everwinter, resulting in pale skin and beards permanently encrusted with ice. They are unusually patient and rely on ambush, fear tactics, and unorthodox warfare to make up for a lack of raw power. Expectedly, Winterbite primarily makes use of Frost Sabres and Icefall Yhetees to tear apart enemies before slinking back into the icy mist. Most recently, they’ve found their way to Shyish and earned the ire of Nagash (which admittedly isn’t a hard thing to do) after coating the land of Athanasia in the Everwinter. Nighthaunt processions were sent to deal with the Ogors, but they were frozen solid by the Everwinter and quickly devoured, much to the Great Necromancer’s perturbed shock.
    • Nibolg Alfrostun: One of the larger clans of the Mawtribe. Led by the Frostlord Garl Gristlebeard, who won the right to leadership after bringing back the head of the Terrorghiest who slew the Alfrostun’s previous Frostlord.
  • Sovanheng/Splintterguts: Led by Frost King Vorgurn Loshar, this clan has ravaged Ghyran ever since the War of Life, a conflict they regularly participated in. They were known to their enemies and allies as the “Fists of Winter”. Their warriors fought on both sides of the war, frequently swapping between the Sylvaneth and the Maggotkin based on who has the better food. Currently their Alfrostuns are on the warpath to meet up with Gordrakk’s Great Waaagh!
    • Korbag Alfrostun: This particular raid has developed a taste for the rancid meat of Nurgle’s followers and carved out their own hunting grounds along the coastline of Glut Lake. Frostlord Yoruk’s favorite food in particular are the pus-filled giant hagfish of the lake, favoring the challenge of bringing down the beasts and their slimy texture when consumed. The jury’s still out on whether or not Nurgle’s taint can corrupt the Ogors faster than their stomach acids dissolve their putrescent meals.
  • Vintrbad: These ogors are in service of Archaon and have been blessed by the Chaos Gods, warping their Everwinter into a storm of dark energies. They claim to still worship Gorkamorka, but their numerous Chaos tattoos and ruinous heraldry have given them a very untrustworthy reputation among fellow Mawtribes. And yes, their name does sound like "winter-bad".
  • Olgost: Desert nomads stuck wandering the Cryptwrd wastes in Shyish.
  • Ayroth: Empowered by the Fist of Gork, these BCR have become a part of Waaagh!Gordrakk. The Frost King Hrothgur is said to be a touch insane, driven mad by the collective Waaagh! energies.
  • Jarkan: An enigmatic raid led by the equally mysterious Storm Speaker, who claims to hear the words of Gork on the winds of the Everwinter. Apparently Tzeentch mixed their Everwinter into their bodies, causing them to have blue skin and their beasts to have blue fur.
  • Bloatpaunch: A smaller Mawtribe that was dominated and absorbed into the Boulderhead during the early years of the Svard War.
  • Eyegougers: Another conquered Mawtribe consumed by the Boulderhead. Interestingly shares a name with a tribe of Orcs and Goblins from the World-That-Was.
  • Bilegulpers: Bullied into joining the ever growing Meatfist Mawtribe.
  • Clotted Throat: Bullied into joining the ever growing Meatfist Mawtribe.
  • Stoneteeth: Bullied into joining the ever growing Meatfist Mawtribe. Woah. Deja vu.
  • Skulgourd: Entered Shyish after the Necroquake thinking it was an omen. Shockingly there wasn't much to eat in the land of death and they end up half starving, to the point that they all become Gorgers and end joining the Flesh-Eater Courts.


To put it simply, ogors are the one race who can be found in both Order and Destruction Bindings with equal ease, meaning that their inclusion in the Age of Sigmar Roleplay Champions of Destruction splat was a foregone conclusion. After all, who doesn't want a two-ton killing machine that's smarter than a Troggoth on their team?! Being bigger and often smarter than just about any of the orruk and grot races makes ogors natural fits for their team, and as for siding with Order or Death, well, ogors are the Realms' premier mercenary race...

As for what they want? That's easy: FOOD! Promise an ogor food, and they'll fight for you, and that principle even largely applies to Bindings. Ogors are particularly likely to become Soulbound for the Gods of Order in exchange for access to particular favorite fodos that they have become fixated upon and which Orderly civilization can more readily provide them with. Even an ogor can figure out that becoming a known hero of Azyrheim will guarantee an endless flow of Azyrite star-tea, whereas raiding it will maybe turn up the odd intermittent crate.

Of course, an ogor's Soulbound companions have to learn to work with their new buddy's appetite - and with the presene of the Everwinter, if that ogor comes from the Beastclaw Raider mawtribes. Still, a Binding eventually learns to manage these quirks, and some even come to share the ogor's appreciation for food - which can be quite shocking to those watching when the Binding breaks for lunch.

The following Mawtribes have produced Soulbound Ogors so far:

  • Bloodgullet: Obsessed with consuming blood and raw meat, the Bloodgullet are known for the power and prophetic abilities of their Butchers, whose visions are usually what guides an ogor from this mawtribe to become Soulbound, often finding unusual kindred spirits with Khainite aelves and vampires. Heroes from the Bloodgullet get "Bloodbath", which lets them suck the blood from a creature they just killed once per turn to heal themselves.
  • Boulderhead: Bitter rivals of the Meatfist, these Beastclaw ogors often join Bindings in hopes of gaining allies, advancing the strength of the Boulderheads, and bringing down the Meatfist. Of course, the opportunity to go on ego-boosting grand quests doesn't hurt. Heroes from the Boulderhead get "Stubborn as Stone", providing the Hard to Kill talent to all archetypes. They also get to double their Armor against Hazards, and Hazards cannot ignore their armor.
  • Meatfist: Largest and greatest of all the Mawtribes, they are commonly found amongst Bindings simply because... well, there's so damn many of them! The fact they have a very un-ogorish appreciation for material goods that aren't food, and the resurgent rivalry with the Boulderheads, only further pushes them to get out there and become Soulbound. Heroes of the Meatfist have the "Glittermaw's Lesson" trait, granting the Savvy talent to all archetypes. It also allows them to deal additional damage to an opponent, but only if they've been paid to kill them.
  • Underguts: An ogor mawtribe that decided they had the best living underground, their days of chewing through stone took a new turn when they conquered a Duardin hold called Kazak Fulgar in Ulgu, which exposed them to the wonderful invention that is gunpowder. Underguts Ogors usually end up in Bindings with Gloomspite Gitz, but their interest in gaining access to more Duardin technological secrets often leads them to sign up for Order Bindings instead, especially those with duardin from the Ironweld Arsenal or the Kharadron. Heroes from the Underguts get "Thunderous Salvo", which grants +1 Range and +1 Damage to Blast and Spread Weapons, as well as boosting their Bite damage from +S to 1+S.
  • Thunderbellies: This Mawtribe is perpetually chased through Chamon's Sky-Roads by the Everwinter in the form of a howling hurricane, and this has bred a love of seeing new sights in these Ogors. This desire to experience new horizons leads them to becoming Soulbound. Heroes from the Thunderbellies get "Riders of the Hurricane", letting them ignore Difficult Terrain, preventing their speed from ever getting reduced below Normal, and doubling training in skills used to resist being Restrained.
  • Winterbite: These Beastclaw ogors view the Everwinter as a blessing, not a curse, and struggle to use it to their advantage rather than falling victim to it. Their greatest desire is to master the Everwinter, and ogors of this Mawtribe invariably become Soulbound to seek out something that may help them achieve this, whether it be investigating the Icefell Vaults, finding the lost bones of the godbeast Jorhar, or even speaking directly to Sigmar. Heroes from the Winterbite get "Ghosts in the Blizzard", which gives them Vanish as a bonus talent to all archetypes. They also not only double their Training and Focus for tests to hide in pale fog, snow and mist, but also lets them spend Mettle to take multiple actions in a surprise round.

The archetypes available to these Ogors are Butcher, Firebelly, Icebrow Hunter and Maneater.

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