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Old Zogwort is, arguably one of the most if not the most powerful weirdboy to ever exist. He has a strange and quite silly ability to turn whomever he pleases into Squigs, known as Zogwort's curse. He can basically be considered the 40K counterpart to the Orcs & Goblins Great Shaman Wurrzag special character, at least on the basis of this ability. Of course, by that same logic, one could argue that Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka is the 40K version of Gorbad Ironclaw... or maybe Grimgor Ironhide.


Zogwort was born on an eclipse on the planet of Catachan Zurk. Surrounded by Blood Vipers he immediately went and fought them all. Walking with a Snake in each hand and covered in Snake bites, the durability of him was seen as a blessing of Gork and Mork by the Feral Ork tribe nearby. Surprisingly since no Snake has ever fought him, Just slithering away. He almost immediately rose up to the top ranks in the tribe. But psychic catastrophe struck and he started being all psykery. Being slowly raised into a Weirdboy, hordes by bigger Orks that kept him on a leash. He was recently swallowed up by a Warp storm, only to be spitted out on to Morrowgrym Prime, purportedly sneezed out by Mork.


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