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Olhydra as she appears in 4e.

Olhydra is one of the five iconic Archomentals of Dungeons & Dragons, having been created by Lewis Pulsipher for the Fiend Folio alongside Imix, Ogremoch, Yan-C-Bin, and Cryonax.

1st Edition[edit]

Appeared in the Fiend Folio.

2nd Edition[edit]

In 2nd edition, Olhydra appeared in the Monstrous Compendium Appendix 3 for Planescape alongside not just her former brothers, but also a cast of four new good archomentals: Chan, Sunnis, Zaaman Rul, and her new personal rival, Ben-Hadar.

3rd Edition[edit]

Dragon Magazine #347 gave us the most insight into Olyhydra - and the rest of the Evil Archomentals - of any edition before it.

4th Edition[edit]

Olhydra was one of the two classic archomentals who didn't fare so well in 4th edition; she had to share a single article in Dungeon Magazine #199's Lords of Chaos.

5th Edition[edit]

All of the Princes of Elemental Evil made their grand debut for the newest edition in the D&D 5th edition adventure "Princes of the Apocalypse", which revolves around the party kicking the asses of the ever-fractious Cult of Elemental Evil.


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