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Omegon's painted sketch...or is it?

"All around me darkness gathers,
Fading is the sun that shone,
We must speak of other matters,
You can be me when I'm gone."

– The Sandman

"Jesus asked him, “What is your name?” “Legion,” he replied, because many demons had gone into him."

– Luke 8:30

"I is another."

– Arthur Rimbaud

Omegon, all otherwise known as The Unknown Twin, Anonymous #2 and The Other One is/was the twin brother of Alpharius; collectively, they are the Primarchs of the Alpha Legion. People know less about this guy than they do about Alpharius, so that's pretty much less than jack squat. In fact, people know so little about this guy and his brother that it isn't even known if they are one person or two. This is leveraged by the fact that everyone is either one of these guys or the other, including themselves.

If you don't know anybody who is secretly Alpharius or Omegon, you probably are him (or the other one (or both (or neither (or all at the same time)))).

Conspiracies within Conspiracies (as usual)[edit]

Alpharius/Omegon despite being twin primarchs have been shown to be at odds with each other, both helping and hindering the Horus Heresy to varying degrees. Therefore it is possible that one is a loyalist while the other is a traitor. Consider the following evidence:

Undermining Horus and the Traitor cause[edit]

The Alpha Legion's first victory in the Horus Heresy was claiming the Forge World of Paramar, which was left in such a state that Horus had to garrison the world with substantial forces earmarked for warzones elsewhere just to maintain control over it (partly because Loyalist Iron Warriors took a hand during the conquest). When Horus called Alpharius out on this bullshit, the encrypted response was "The Devil is not Mocked" which is an oblique reference to a meaningful proverb (the full saying of which goes "When evil faces evil, the Devil is not mocked"); the moral being just because they're both evil doesn't mean they're on the same side, and that a major evil badass won't automatically consider a smaller, also evil upstart his equal.

When the White Scars eventually left the Chondax system, an Alpha Legion "fleet" (actually made up of several "fake" battlecruisers with no real teeth) arrived to hold them in position long enough to receive orders from Rogal Dorn to return to Terra. Mortarion has no idea what that was meant to achieve (the mission was apparently to give them misinformation about Prospero and con them into helping a different, non-toothless Alpha fleet to wipe out the Space Wolves) and comments that Alpharius will end up "throttling" himself with all his schemes. Given that the other fleet did its best to wipe out the Wolves, it suggests two Primarchs working towards two different goals.

The Alpha Legion saved Corax and the survivors of Istvaan from the World Eaters. If Corax died, the Raven Guard would have been finished and out of the war for good (much like the Salamanders were). Instead, the Alpha Legion infiltrated the Raven Guard and let them get away to go get genetech from the Emperor to rebuild, since Omegon was forewarned of this turn of events by the Cabal. Omegon and his infiltrators managed to steal a version of the genetech for himself, and sabotaged the Raven Guard's copy and turned their Marines into mutants, and gave another copy of the sabotaged design to Horus. The upshot is that no one could really benefit from the ability to supercharge making Marines other than Omegon himself, and the Raven Guard managed to rebuild enough to rejoin the war towards the end and still have enough marines left over to split into successor chapters.

Alpharius vs Omegon[edit]

Alpharius/Omegon sided with Horus despite being explicitly told by The Cabal prior to the Heresy that if Horus won it would mean the end of the human race but the ultimate victory against Chaos. While if the Emperor won it would mean humanity survives long enough to see the decay and eventual death of the galaxy. A Catch 22 with two undesirable outcomes, but hey, the Alpha Legion has two Primarchs, go figure?

  • By the time of Vulkan Lives, the Cabal have apparently written off their "Alpharius Gambit" as a failure, despite from all appearances that the Alpha Legion joined Horus just like they wanted.

Omegon discretely plotted against Alpharius to destroy an Alpha Legion facility which was causing warp storms and preventing the White Scars from returning to Terra. If this facility was not destroyed the White Scars would not have been present during the final battle.

  • Evidence of one brother conspiring against the other? Just like the rest of the Horus Heresy. Just because they are twins it doesn't mean they are always of the same mindset.

In Vengeful Spirit by Graham McNeill, during a conversation between Malcador and the Emperor, Malcador reveals that the Dark Angels had come to the aid of Leman Russ and the Space Wolves against the Alpha Legion, to which the Emperor replies: " son, what chance did you give my dream?" This line is actually very important on many levels. First it indicates that the Emperor is either unaware that Alpharius Omegon is actually two twin Primarchs, which seems unlikely given his whole creation of them using parts of his godlike power and psyche (all the more so given that when Word Bearers were shown a vision of the birthing vault "too many limbs" were visible in pod XX), or that he IS aware of their dual nature but knows that, while Alpharius could give up on the Emperor's dream, Omegon would never actually turn on him. If this latter part is the truth, it could indicate that Alpharius and Omegon haven't always been together.

In Seventh Serpent also by Graham McNeill, a sizable fleet of Alpha Legion Loyalists was preparing to join the war effort, until Traitor-Alpharius manipulates the Shattered Legion Loyalists into destroying them, under the ironic pretext of assassinating "Alpharius".

  • Alpharius refers to himself here as "the one and only", which at a stretch might be a subtle hint that he has done away with his twin. As the existence of his twin is a monumental secret that there would be no need to draw attention to the fact there is only one of him, short of ego that is.
  • The Loyalist Alpha Legionnaires queried "which one of them is it?" upon realising that other Alpha Legionnaires were in orbit. Then later determined "You're one of his" as if the distinction between the two Primarchs mattered at this point.

Formation of Malcador's Grey Knights[edit]

Despite the Alpha Legion stealing the ORIGINAL genetic template of the Primarchs, they handed false information to Horus which would never have resulted in anything useful.

The said stolen genetic information was never utilized by the traitor Alpha Legion either, even after 10,000 years, even when they could have been producing "super" space marines! But hey? aren't Grey Knights an "original" space marine chapter with NO known Primarch? with psychic powers? AND an unusual resistance to corruption? And supposedly improved genetic template?

  • Also 7th edition Grey Knights Codex hints that it has traits that none of the Legions Gene-Seed has (such as making the purer/more resilient to Warp Corruption (read Castellan Crowe's entry)) which would mean that they are an entirely new strain of Gene-Seed and someone would have needed the knowledge/data to be able to create it.
  • The Emperor's Gift novel has a Grey Knight outright say their gene-seed was derived directly from the Emperor rather than any Primarch. While it would go a long way in explaining how the Grey Knights are so Grey Knightly, it could certainly be the case that the Knights are told this to keep them from asking questions. Especially since the Emperor had no gene-seed and no unique organs, just a ton of psychic power.

Present Day[edit]

The Necrons claim Omegon has survived up to the present day and is currently involved with the Necrons/C'tan. Also his Legion has no idea where he is. Woo boy, the implications of that are vast and deep. Omegon knows some of the nuances of Chaos better than many, so getting involved with entities that predate Chaos itself (not the Warp, mind you, and the distinction is an important one), and who thanks to the War in Heaven) are arguably the progenitors of the Ruinous Powers... While fascinating, one has to wonder if Omegon might be a little bit out of his depth with this.

Which Alpha Legionaire Are You?[edit]

Black Library used to have an Alpha Legion quiz on their site. About half the answers seem to lead to Alpharius, and the other half lead to Omegon (fitting for the two Primarchs). If you get "I am Alpharius" for your result, there's a description of him that basically encompasses all answers (but does tellingly say "You are absolutely loyal to your legion") whereas Omegon's description says he answers to no one in pursuit of his mysterious goals and will kill anyone in the way... Actually, we kind of already knew that, but at least this confirms it.)


Omegon's awesome new model... or is it? Also note the massive red pimple in the middle of his forehead.
Omegon: 7 7 6 6 6 6 5 10 2+/4++

While not a monster of close combat like other Primarchs, Omegon gives candy to his army while fucking with the opponents like no one but him can (That being said, even the worst of combat primarchs will whomp just about anything else). Sire of the Alpha Legion grants all Alpha Legion units Preferred Enemy (Everything) and gives Omegon Preferred Enemy (Everything), Counter attack, Move through Cover, Scout, and Crusader- but not right away. You see, after both sides deploy he can opt out of deploying normally or via deep striking and choose to hide in any Alpha Legion Infantry unit which is part of the Primary Detachment, disguised as a rank-and-file model, but can reveal himself starting at turn 2 (and does so automatically at turn 5) replacing a model and gaining all of the above buffs. If the unit he's hiding in is "falling back" when he reveals himself, it auto-rallies, and if it's destroyed while he's still hiding (or if it is in a Transport and there is no space for him), he just goes into reserves (you must write which unit is hiding Omegon... but if you're a true Alpha legionnaire you'd have 6 different notes, none of them with your actual handwriting style). Be careful though: remember that he is Bulky and that he can only be revealed at the beginning of your own turn, so if he is hiding in a transport at full capacity he could be impossible to place (for example in a ten man Breacher squad inside a Rhino) unless you already disembarked the Squad on the previous turn, so plan accordingly. He can also Seize the Initiative on a 4+, give units arriving via Outflank a +D3 movement bonus and, best of all, if an enemy unit is successfully brought in from reserves and your army has an identical version of that same type also in reserve, roll a D6: on a 4+, the opponent brings in your unit instead. Combine him with his Legion RoW to almost guarantee going first and almost completely negate your enemy's reserves.

As far as equipment goes: on defense,The Pythian Scales gives him 2+ armour save and 4+ invulnerable save and also ignores the effects of Poison and Fleshbane. Not bad. His weapon, The Pale Spear doesn't boost his Strength, but it does have AP1, Armourbane, and Instant Death along with Two-Handed (as an interesting note, this actually makes him one of the best Primarchs for murdering monsters: he is one of the few Primarchs with access to Instant Death without a proc from a dice roll. He could reasonably take out a trio of Carnifex in a single round of CQC, or more topically, a squad of Taghmatta). He also has the following equipment: Venom Spheres, Master-Crafted Plasma Blaster, Cognis Signum, Nuncio Vox and Camelioline, making him quite the force multiplier and perfectly capable to adapt to a variety of circumstances, like he should be.

All in all Omegon is one of the if not flat out the single best force multiplier in Warhammer 30k, as his value for money only increases the larger battles get. In 3000pts games, stubborn and other once per game abilities are useful. At 10000pts they are less so. Preferred enemy (Everything) is universally useful and becomes more useful the larger the armies become (seriously, you'd happily pay 415 points to give your apocalypse army preferred enemy anyway, never mind that you're also getting a Primarch as well).

The Primarchs of the Space Marine Legions
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