Or'Es El'Eleath

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A Tiger Shark that has eaten way too many growth pills.

The Or'es El'leath-class Battleship class battleship (AKA the Custodian) is the largest ship of the Kor'Or'Vesh, the newest generation of Tau ships. Resembling a giant oversized Tiger Shark, it retains the heavy carrier ability of its predecessor, the Gal'leath, while also able to transport three Warden Gunships that used as defenders of Custodians during the battle and adds an array of port and starboard Railgun Batteries and Ion Cannons, has improved engine output and shielding capabilities and sports Deflector technology which significantly improves the armour value of the prow.

Like the Eldar, the Fish Faces seems to be all design over practicality, as the elegant look of the Or'es El'leath causes it to lack the durability of other Battleships, being more akin to a Grand Cruiser's hull value.

Its armament consists of 8 Missile Launchers, 3 Gravitic Hooks, 6 double-barreled heavy Railguns, 2 heavy Ion Cannons, 12 lighter Railguns, and 6 Launch Bays for Attack Craft.

  • Length: 5.5km
  • Width: 7km; approx

In Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 1 & 2[edit]

The Custodian doesn't have the most impressive on paper numbers when compared to the other line ships of the fleet, coming just barely ahead of ships half it's cost, however, supplements this with a full 8 rack of homing Torpedoes and 4 more Launch Bays than you can find on any other vessel. Finally, you get a trio of Warden destroyers, which when you account for their cost actually brings the true point cost of the custodian to 391 points as seen above.

As far as Launch Bay efficiency goes, when you take away the cost of the wardens, the Custodian becomes the most efficient carrier platform at 65.2 points per bay but jumps up to 83.7 when you calculate based on the true cost of the ship and the fact you cant choose to not take the Wardens to lower the cost. This still makes it the most efficient Carrier platform overall, however, since the next closest competitor is the Cruisers at 99 points roughly or the Light Cruiser, "Emissary" Dal'Yth which only goes down to 80.5 points per bay if you remove the cost of its two Wardens.

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