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Oak leaf
Alignment Neutral Good
Divine Rank Hierarch Immortal
Pantheon Mystaran (Time)
Portfolio Elves, forests, nature
Domains Time, Good, Plants, Protection, Fertility
Worshippers Sylvan Elves, Druids, Rangers, Followers of Dainrouw
Favoured Weapon Club

Ordana, also called Mother Forest, Thendara, Breig, Tawnia, or , is the patron Immortal of forests, and the creator of Elves.


Most belive that Ordana was once an elf, from their ancient homeland of Evergrun, and the first to achieve Immortality in the Sphere of Time. In reality, Ordana was once a treant, and remains the only one to have achieved Immortality, long before elves, humans, or demihumans walked the world. She's unsure as to who her sponsor was, though Khoronus believes he may have had something to do with her.

She, alongside Ka, Ixion, and Korotiku, helped shape the Hollow World, creating the weather patterns, lakes, rivers, oceans, annual natural events, as well as placing the floating continents to help in tracking time.

She created the elves to protect and befriend the forests she loved, and taught them the philosophy of Dainrouw, the Forest Way. She also sheltered them in a literal paradise, eventually driving them out to seek their own fate in the world. Eventually, when the elves came across the Blackmoor civilization, they largely abandoned the Dainrouw, making Ordana turn her back to her creations, and wait for them to return her philosophy, which eventually bore fruit, as the then mortal Ilsundal started to led the back to the forest movement amongst the elves after the Great Rain of Fire destroyed Blackmoor. She subtly helped Ilsundal and his followers, eventually becoming the patron of the elves that settled in the Minrothad Islands. Outside them, most other elves have started worshipping either Ilsundal or Mealiden Starwatcher, though some remember her by the name of Thendara.


Ordana's appearance depends on who she manifests as.

  • As Mother Forest or she appears as a great oak treant.
  • As Thendara or Tawnia she appears as a beautiful female elf with green skin and flowing hair, clad in the clothes of a woodsman.
  • As Ordana or Breig she appears as a dryad with emerald green hair and eyes, clad in a tunic made from leaves of different trees.


Ordana is akin to a force of nature, identifying with the forests first, then with the creatures living in them. She's friendly towards treants, most elves, and the sylvan creatures who don't follow Immortals of entropy, despising them alongside those who cut or burn down forests. She's allied with the elven Immortals Calitha Starbrow, Ilsundal, and Mealiden, she also appreciates Zirchev. She's also in good relations with Ka and Korotiku. She has a great dislike towards Immortals associated with fire like Rathanos, and Ixion, and opposes the entropic Immortals.

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