Order of the Guiding Light

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Order of the Guiding Light
GuidingLightLogo.png Battle Cry: "Immolate the impure!"
Founding Unknown, Lost
Daughters of Order of the Valorous Heart
Homeworld Pasiphae
Strength Full
Allegiance Imperium
Colours White, Orange and Gold


The Order of the Guiding Light is the result of running a Sister of Battle order through the Rites of Battle Chapter creation system. Somewhere along the line they traded the normal Sister of Battle love for flame weapons for a love of lasers and a team-up with the Divine Light of Sollex, a group of laser-obsessed techpriests.

Fluffy Bits[edit]

A Sister Superior of the Guiding Light

Kirin Riders[edit]


As they are based around light and they have a Mechanicus ally, it was suggested and generally approved that their ally be the Divine Light Of Sollex, a Mechanicus group who worship light and Lasers. This would lead to increased usage of laser based weapons in their support, in particular Hot-Shot Lascarbines being suggested for the Kirin Riders.


Their planet is known as Pasiphae and it gives them their name, having been discovered by a ship that had lost sight of the Astronomicon spotting a light through the warp that drew them in. On this planet they found both xenos worshiping a Tzeench Daemon as a Sun God but also a strange relic of older times, maybe a prototype of the Astronomicon, though with barely the power to illuminate outside it's own system, more or less useless. It is being studied by the Divine Light of Sollex, and part of the reason for their good relations.

Pasiphae is a shining jewel of emerald forests and cities that shine like silver and gold, a prized world of exemplary faith and servitude to the Imperium. The planet remains ever lit and has no true night, thanks to the system's main star having captured (or possibly they've always been there) three small white dwarf stars near the end of their life that orbit in a manner so that Pasiphae's dark side always has one of them shining on it. Because of this, the night is not dark, only composed of a soft twilight in comparison to the glorious radiance of its day. To add to this, ancient technological relics can be found in orbit that are composed of vast arrays of mirrors that can allow for sunlight to be beamed as desired.

The world is composed of several small continents with seas that seem more like colossal rivers than proper oceans stretching between them. Almost the entire surface of Pasiphae is covered with verdant green forests that are composed of towering trees to create several layers of canopies that can sometimes reach over thousands of meters (particularly around the equator). Urban settlements have built themselves in around these truly behemoth networks trees to provide an almost surreal landscape that sets it apart from other civilized worlds.

One of the Kirin used by the Guiding Light

Despite all this, the true value of Pasiphae lies in the Temple of Divine Radiance, a technological relic that can be likened to a miniature Astronomicon, of no use of it's own but a source of hope to the Mechanicus and the Sisters alike built upon the world's northern pole like a crown of light. This great relic, and those found in orbit above, are cared for by the Divine Light of Sollex of the Adeptus Mechanicus and guarded under the watchful eyes of the Adeptus Sororitas Order of the Guiding Light.

Pasiphae was not always such a blessed place, as the technological relics and the world itself once was tainted by xeno hands that had stolen it from it's original human colonists shortly after the 31st Millennium. The world and it's enslaved human populace toiled under the hands of their xeno masters until by the will of the God-Emperor the combined forces of the Divine Light of Sollex and the Order of the Guiding Light reclaimed it.


Araceli Cortés was decided as the name for the Cannoness, as they have a Spanish Conquistador feel. She was the Cannoness who led the purge of the Xenos and their foul master in the taking of the planet.

Drop Ships[edit]

As they generated Orbital Insertion but are not marines, Drop Ships are under consideration. Less Quick than drop pods but seen more with humans and more heavily armed, most likely with their favored lasers.


I'll never forget the day the light returned to our world, carried in by women in radiant armor that shone with a brightness on the God-Emperor could bestow, far greater than any mere star could hope to shine. They came down from the sky to deliver the light that would drive out of the mutant and heretic that had darkened our fair cities, riding upon swift and fearless antlered steeds of golden hued scales with weapons that shot searingly bright golden rays. There was nothing they heretical filth could do stop them, their light was too strong.

I remember too, the fear that gripped my heart when they brought their light to the streets to purge the mutant. I had heard rumors of these sisters ruthlessness when it came to cleansing the unclean, and while in my heart I knew I deserved only punishment for failing the Emperor in the defense of this world, my mind knew only fear. I had been reduced to a meager urchin of the streets eking out a living, hoping that one day I might once again serve under His holy light but I knew that I had been stained. I resolved myself that I would accept whatever fate they deemed me worthy of and that in the end the Emperor would receive my soul.

...but when they cleared out the hovel I had been reduced to living in, they did not cleanse me with their light though they were prepared to. It was their holy steeds that saved me. I now realize they mighty creature had been blessed by the Emperor to smell the taint of evil upon a man for they creature moved between myself and the woman of the light and stood staunchly in defense of the worth I didn't know I had. They were surprised to find someone who had remained pure of heart while others around me had fallen to heresy and mutation, and they commended me on my faith to which I could only weep tears of eternal thanks that I once again be allowed to serve the Emperor.

I now help spread his Light to those still shrouded in the dark, just as the Sisters of the Guiding Light led me to it.

Tabletop Rules[edit]

Homebrew rules for your gaming pleasure, courtesy of /tg/ Codex Supplement - Faith Militant.

Order Conviction: Divine Light[edit]

Thanks to their alliance with the faction of the Cult Mechanicus known as the Divine Light of Sollex, the vehicles of the Guiding Light are impeccably well-maintained, better enabling them to prosecute their ceaseless witch-hunts.

Models with this conviction roll an additional D3 when attempting to Deny the Witch with the Shield of Faith ability. In addition, each time a VEHICLE with this conviction fires a weapon that makes a random number of attacks (e.g. Heavy D6, Heavy 2D6, etc.), you can re-roll one of the dice used to determine the number of attacks made.

Stratagem: Cut Off The Head[edit]

The sisters of the Guiding Light know the only way to silence the lies of the Great Deceiver is to destroy his sorcerous minions.

This Stratagem costs 2 Command Points. Use this Strategem when an ORDER OF THE GUIDING LIGHT INFANTRY unit is selected to attack in the Shooting phase. The selected unit can shoot at an enemy PSYKER CHARACTER within 18”, even if it isn't the closest enemy unit.

Warlord Trait: Blinding Brilliance[edit]

The shining armour of this leader blinds any who would do her harm.

Successful hit rolls from shooting attacks (including Overwatch) made against this Warlord must be re-rolled.

Relic: The Luminous Truth[edit]

One of the most potent techno-relics unearthed on Pasiphae, the Luminous Truth is an ancient device that is capable of surrounding the user in a brief, but intense sheath of light. Shining with the might of a star, any who do not possess the specialized helms crafted for the sisters of the Guiding Light by their tech-priest allies are blinded by its dazzling brilliance.

ORDER OF THE GUIDING LIGHT CANONESS only. Once per game, at the start of a battle round, you can declare that you're activating this relic. When it is activated, all enemy units within 6” of the bearer can only score a hit on a Weapon Skill or Ballistic Skill roll of 6+ until the end of the battle round.

Open Play Rule: Divine Light of Sollex[edit]

If you're playing an open play play game with ORDER OF THE GUIDING LIGHT models, you can declare that you're using this rule before the game begins. If you do so, bolt weapons wielded by ORDER OF THE GUIDING LIGHT models are replaced as follows:

  • Bolt pistols are replaced by hot-shot laspistols.
  • Boltguns are replaced by hot-shot lasguns.
  • Storm bolters are replaced by twin hot-shot lasguns.
  • Heavy bolters are replaced by hot-shot volley guns.
  • Twin heavy bolters are replaced by twin hot-shot volley guns.

For the purposes of relics and strategems, the above weapons are treated as bolt weapons (as described on page 96 of Codex: Adepta Sororitas). The profiles for these weapons can be found below. Point values are included in case you want to bring them into other modes of play, but balance is not guaranteed.

Weapon Points Range Type S AP D Abilities
Hot-shot lasgun 0 18" Rapid Fire 1 3 -2 1 -
Hot-shot laspistol 0 6" Pistol 1 3 -2 1 -
Hot-shot volley gun 7 24" Heavy 4 4 -2 1 -
Twin hot-shot lasgun 2 18" Rapid Fire 2 3 -2 1 -
Twin hot-shot volley gun 12 24" Heavy 8 4 -2 1 -

Original Rolls[edit]

The order's colors

Created using the Sisters of Battle Order Creation Tables.

Order Originator: Mixed Order, though they primarily originate from the Order of the Valorous Heart

Purpose of Founding: Standing Force, founded to protect the esoteric techno-relics of Pasiphae.

Date of Founding: Unsure about the exact time of their founding, the records having been lost along the way.

Order Demeanour: The sisters of the Guiding Light prefer to work alone if they can in the battlefield. They are both quick to anger and to laugh, preferring quick thinking over long plans.

Figure of Legend: Their Hero is a Cannoness, who was responsible for wiping out a now-unknown alien race. They speak of her with respect even now.

Order Homeworld: Pasiphae, a world dominated by thick jungles and forests, with most human activity centered in massive urban centers. From orbit, these appear as grey islands in a sea of green.

Influence Over Homeworld: They do not rule, though they are chief advisers to those who do.

Order Strategy: Their battle doctrine favors orbital insertion, likely by drop ships rather than drop pods. They also have unique Cavalry.

Order Size: Nominal, though there is always room for more.

Order Allies: The Divine Light of Sollex, a faction of the Cult Mechanicus who specialize in las weaponry and solar technology.

Order Enemies: A cabal of Tzeentch daemons who wish to plunder the archeotech of Pasiphae for their own dark purposes.

Additionally, they pick their recruits based primarily on their agility and charisma.