Orders Pronatus

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A Reliquant at Arms flag-humping her banner.

"A [national] flag has no real significance for peaceful uses."

H. G. Wells, explaining why there is so much Standards and Banners in this setting

The Orders Pronatus is another branch of non-militant Bolter Bitches and are considered relatively minor in contrast to the three main civilian branches: the Orders Dialogous, the Orders Famulous and the Orders Hospitaler.


Folks from the Orders Pronatus behave similarly to a combination of a Techpriest, Rogue Trader and a Master of Relics. That is, they have a duty to locate any relics and sacred items. Once discovered, these objects are acquired and brought to the Ecclesiarchy's care. If you want to know who exactly got the trademark for the Exorcist, now you know.

The Order maintains uncounted thousands of holy relics as well as items captured by Imperial forces considered too significant to fall into enemy hands. They are also the chicks responsible for maintaining and blessing the banners and symbols of the Orders Militant, and have even been called upon to reconsecrate the livery of other Imperial agencies. So yes, turns out the Imperial Guard, Space Marines and even the Custodes don't actually maintain their flashy flag banners. They merely have their banners go through the dry cleaning process via these girls.

The champions of the Orders Pronatus, each handpicked by their Orders' Canoness Superiors, are selected to bear the remains of Saint Katherine. This procession, known as the Triumph of Saint Katherine, marches into battle alongside the Orders Militant.

Reliquant at Arms[edit]

A Reliquant at Arms is a position within the Adepta Sororitas' Order Pronatus, that is typically given to long-standing members of the Order.

They are skilled both in the care and restoration of ancient relics, as well as the destruction of those who would do the relics harm. They should not be confused with the Imagifier who are actually the ones in charge of rallying the Sisters.

Forces of the Sisters of Battle
Command: Triumph of Saint Katherine - Canoness
Ecclesiarchy Battle Conclave - Imagifier
Ministorum Priest - Palatine - Dogmata
Sororitas Command Squad
Troops: Avenging Angel - Arco-flagellant - Battle Sister Squad
Celestians - Crusaders - Death Cult Assassin
Dominion Squad - Retributor Squad - Seraphim Squad
Sisters Repentia - Zephyrim Squad
Vehicles: Castigator Tank - Exorcist - Immolator
Paragon Warsuit - Penitent Engine
Repressor - Rhino - Mortifier
Special Vehicles: Pulpit of Saint Holline's Basilica
Flyers: Avenger Strike Fighter
Spacecraft: Aquila Lander - Drop Pod
Saints: Living Saint - Geminae Superia
Non Militant: Orders Dialogous - Orders Famulous - Orders Hospitaler
Orders Pronatus - Hagiolater
Allies: Black Templars