Ordial Plane

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What the Planescape cosmology might look like if the Ordial Plane was real.

"Rumors persist of an as-yet-undiscovered plane connecting the Inner Planes diectly with the Outer ones, but until proven with hard evidence, most bloods regard such talk as mere screed. 'Course, the "experts" have been proven wrong before."

– A Guide to the Ethereal Plane, page 7

The Ordial Plane, the Plane of Proof, is the transitive plane which connects the Inner Planes and the Outer Planes in the cosmology of the Dungeons & Dragons setting of Planescape.

Except it is not and does not, because the Ordial Plane does not exist.

The brainchild of a number of fans, the Ordial Plane is an idea that rapidly caught on between fans who accepted or at least liked the idea of the Plane of Proof. For starters, it would mean that the three rules of Planescape now fully apply to the cosmology:

  • Unity of Rings, because with three transitive planes and the Prime Material, Inner and Outer Planes all connecting, the cosmos is now ring-shaped.
  • Rule of Three, because there are now three transitive planes.
  • Center of All, because Sigil connects to all of these places.

The Ordial is the Plane of Proof for it is what lies between Belief and Substance, for belief with proof has substance and substance with proof can be believed in. Exactly what this proof is however is a matter of debate. Is it the true form of the gods? Do the other gods live here? Do Vestiges hang out here? Is it the spirit world? Is it the Far Realm? Nobody really knows for sure, meaning that there's a lot of Belief but no Substance to any claims about the Ordial Plane. And given its fanmade nature it's not likely that the Ordial will become canon anytime soon.

It is interesting to note that the creation of and belief in the Ordial Plane is exactly in the spirit of Planescape: people start to believe in something, then start to spread that idea to others in order to convince them that it's right. Except without the philosophers with clubs aspect of Planescape's Factions. And good riddance to that.

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