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Original character, do not steal!

"Original character, do not steal" is a phrase often added after someone posts a character's picture/description/etc. It is a jab at the tendency of furries and the likes inhabiting DeviantArt and other wretched hives of scum and villainy to include the same phrase (or variations to that effect) as a warning in their own horribly drawn pictures of traced and palette-swapped "original characters (usually Sonic the Hedgehog recolors)". The use of the phrase on /tg/ is generally simply to indicate that whatever character happens to be depicted is an original creation of the poster, and should not be construed to mean the poster actually cares if anyone copies it - indeed, it can be used to mean the exact opposite. It has also been used as a sarcastic phrase; mocking a character that is an obvious rip-off of another character despite (or because of) the creator of that character treating them as original and ground-breaking.

At times, /tg/ may openly use this line mostly as a homage to something it loves. It may also be intentionally distilled down to "DONUT STEEL" for added satirical effect.

Delicious Copypasta Obvious Troll
Above: An example of how an "Original Charactor" is made by simply using someone else's drawing, colouring it with MS Paint and calling it your own, the "Original" Character's design was traced from Hatsune Miku, one Google search later and you have Proof of Pudding Plagiarism.

This is exceptionally common with the Sonic Fandom terminally stupid and it's process is explained in this video. Why do these people not realize their obvious theft?

Even SEGA got in on it after a while.

Ongoing List of Original Characters; Do Not Steal[edit]

  • Chakats in general. Chakona Space, their home setting, is a giant ripoff of Star Trek.
  • Astraeus Super-Heavy Tank, not a character per se but follows a similar principle due to its uncanny resemblance to the Mammoth Tank from Command and Conquer. As you can tell, originality is not among the Imperium's many tal*BLAM* Heresy!. To be fair Games Workshop is not the only company to ripoff the Mammaoth. As the M850 from Halo Wars did so first. Before the series went to shit under 343i. Speaking of which, the Astraeus also rips off the M850 as well as the Sicaran Battle Tank. That's right people, the Omnissiah ripped off three separate designs with one vehic*BLAM*How dare you insult the Omnissiah!
  • The Adeptus Arbites were heavily "inspired" by Judge Dredd and Robocop.
  • The Aurox Armoured Transport and its Carnodon variant bear an uncanny resemblance to the Rhino and Predator respectively. Which makes sense, given it’s essentially a Rhino modified for Solar Auxilia anyways.
  • Rather ironically, EA 'borrowed' back some of WH40K's tank designs for Tiberium Alliances.