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"My king, you have performed deeds others could not achieve in a thousand lifetimes. You have held a mirror up to your subjects and shown them the truth of what they are: proud, noble, but most of all wild. Do you understand? You are more than you were – more than just flesh and bone; you are everything that defines us."

– Atolmis, Priest of Kurnous

"Fucking horn-fuckers... Chaos goatshit are responsible for all the wars in the world."

– Orion, angry about the Beastmen

Orion (also known as the King in the Woods or the Master of the Wild Hunt) is the ruler of the Wood Elves in the Old World and is the husband of Ariel, is the incarnate of Kurnous, and the everlasting Lord of Athel Loren. His life is tied to the very seasons, and as such he dies every winter, only to be reborn anew in the spring after his wife sculpts his body from whatever lucky bastard gets picked to bear Orion's mantle.

Total War: WARHAMMER[edit]

He is portrayed by Mel Gibson with a hate boner for Beastmen and Bretonnia (especially the Carcassonne faction who lives on Athel Loren's doorstep).

He is a giant of an Elf. Probably the beefiest Wood Elf ever exist(Which isn't saying much since all elves are skinny fucks anyway) and apparently counts as a monster unit because of this. He also has antlers and deer hooves, making him a non-Chaos elf beastman. Just try not to mention it in front of him, or he'll stick his hoof so far up your ass you'll start to taste it.

In battle, he wields his magical spear which reappears after each throw. He throws it with such force that it becomes as devastating as a fucking bolt thrower: absolutely obliterating his targets so hard that they instagib. For his other legendary gear, he has the Cloak of Isha, which makes up for his lack of armor by letting him regain his health. He also carries his wild hunt horn which increases the charge bonus and speed of all his units whenever he uses it. His two hounds from tabletop appear in the form of aoe spells, not as a unit unfortunately. He can also summon a barrage of arrows from above like a certain lore of metal spell.