Ork Empire of Jagga

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Ork Empire of Jagga
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Official Languages

Ork Lexicon


Middle Power


Twice the size of the Ork Empire of Dregruk

Head of State

Great Tyrant of Jagga (De Jure)
Quadrumvirate of Warlords (De Facto)

Head of Government

Great Tyrant of Jagga (De Jure)
Quadrumvirate of Warlords (De Facto)

Governmental Structure

Confederal Authoritarian Kratocratic Quadrumvirate

State Religion/Ideology

Gork and Mork


Orks, Gretchin, Squigs, Snotlings

Military Force

Ork Forces

A reasonably sized Ork Empire. Of all the major Ork Domains, the one in Jagga is probably the most fractious and disorganized of the bunch, which knowing the Orks, is one hell of an accomplishment. Despite this, they still remain one of the larger Ork Empires and it is a relative miracle that they did not fracture to the point of irrelevancy due to the lack of a cohesive leader.

Map of Jagga. Just look at the direction of their forces. Bear witness to their Fail.


Located right in the smack middle of Ultima Segmentum. The Ork Empire of Jagga can be found far in the Galactic East, neighboring and overlapping with the Sautekh Dynasty. Its ruler is known as the Great Tyrant of Jagga. The Empire had a few successful victories, one example include a WAAAAGH! which overran at least five Imperial worlds between 450-996.M41.

It should NOT be confused with another planet also called Jagga which is also controlled by Orks in the same region of Segmetum Ultima. This different Jagga was an Ork-held world controlled by Kaptin Blackgit and his Ork Freebooterz warband, the Star Krumpas instead of an actual Ork domain.

His considerable Kill Kroozer fleet had been the bane of Imperial shipping within the southern Segmentum Ultima for many standard years, until Jagga and its defenders were attacked by the Tyranid Hive Fleet Behemoth. The Ork pirates put up vicious resistance and gave the aliens their toughest fight to that point in our galaxy. In the end, however, the planet was consumed of all life by the Tyranids.

The Great Tyrants of Jagga AKA Guess the Leader[edit]

Despite the definition of a tyrant being that of a singular person in charge of a entire nation acting like a general Dick, the reality of Jaga states otherwise. In 8th Edition, after the formation of the Great Rift, Imperial reports indicate that at least four separate Warlords now claim to be the Great Tyrant of Jagga.

As you can imagine, this led to massive confusion to both Imperial and Ork forces present. Nobody actually knows who is the one in charge of the whole goddamned operation. Hell, how the fuck did four Warlords even manage to get themselves in this awkward situation!? You would think that such challenge in leadership would lead to infighting and civil war, but in an uncharacteristic and completely unorky behavior, the four Warlords simply led their own separate WAAAAGHS! in all directions, much to the Imperium's great detriment.

Time will tell what would happen once the Big Fours finally settle and have a 'one-on-one' chat with each other on who gets to be called leader.

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