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Ork Escorts only serve one purpose. To act as giant battering rams and missiles to proverbially steamroll the opposition. They are extremely clanky and primitive ships even by the standard of the Ork Fleets, as they simply just ram as much as possible without a fucking care on anything. If their ramming fails, then these Escorts could do the time-honoured duty in catching torpedoes in the face.

As such, they establish the theme of "all the armor on the front" tactic of Ork naval design, combined with very slow engines and a harsh morale penalty that leads to their ships to be very prone to mutiny.

Attack Ship[edit]



The first battering ram on the shopping list.

The Onslaught is slow and ungainly, poorly-armoured on most quarters, and lacks any sort of broadside firepower, making it only suitable for head-on attacks. As many an Imperial commander has found out, however, the Onslaught is very, very good at those head-on attacks, with incoming fire bouncing off its thick front armour as it charges in with its forward gunz blazing.

The Onslaught really seems to be the better option for a macro-packing frigate choice, since it's guns fire twice as far as the Savage, do the same on paper dps and have the same chances to crit, but does so with more rounds fired per minute, making missed shots less costly in the long run because you have plenty more likely to hit, and each round is a much smaller portion of your overall damage then with the Savage.

Like all Ork attack ships, Onslaughts can land on planets to deliver large amounts of troops and equipment to an invasion force.

The Onslaught is armed with 2 Light Gunz Artillery.

  • Length: 1.1km
  • Weight: 5.5 megatonnes; approx
  • Acceleration: 3 gravities acceleration


What's worse than a flying battering ram? A battering ram with missiles.

The Ravager Attack Ship is an Ork torpedo boat.

Unlike in Imperial fleets, torpedoes are not a major strategy for the Orks, probably due to the unreliability of their reloading teams and the poor quality of those torpedoes. As such, Ravagers are rarely seen in dedicated squadrons the way that Imperial Cobra Destroyers are, instead of being more commonly mixed in with Onslaughts and Savages.

All the downsides inherent in Ork torpedo usage are made up for by the sheer size of a Ravager's torpedo launchas. With a bit of good fortune (which is helped by having some captured torpedoes on hand), a volley from a Ravager can equal that of an Imperial Cruiser.

The Ravager is armed with 2 Torpedo Launchers and 1 Light Gunz Artillery.

  • Length: 1km
  • Weight: 5 megatonnes; approx
  • Acceleration: 3 gravities acceleration




What happens when you put a giant shotgun on a frigate.

The Savage Gunship is an even more extreme version of the Onslaught Attack Ship.

Armed with short-ranged but incredibly powerful Heavy gunz, Savages are little threat in open space where they are easily picked off but come into their own in ambush situations. There, the enemy has little time to react before the Ork ships are in range and pounding them with their formidable firepower.

The Savage is an interesting choice frigate wise because it does the same raw damage and crits per minute as the Onslaught does, but with a weapon that fires slower, with considerably worse accuracy that hardly works past its point-blank max range even with lock-on orders. This means it's more prone to damage spikes due to firing fewer rounds per minute and having fewer chances to hit as a result, while just having a harder time applying damage in general due to it's worse accuracy.

The Savage is armed with 2 Heavy Gunz Artillery.

  • Length: 1km
  • Weight: 5 megatonnes; approx
  • Acceleration: 3 gravities acceleration

Ram Ship[edit]



The ULTIMATE flying battering ram.

An especially Orky spacecraft, even by Ork standards, being a space-bound Drilla-Killa scaled up to the size of an Escort. The Brute Ram Ship does exactly what it says on the tin, it rams things, and whereas for most non-Ork vessels that sort of thing's a desperate last act when all else has failed, Brutes make this their modus operandi, and they go about it with typical Orkish style. The Orks' enemies often mistake Brutes for more conventional (by Ork standards) Escorts, and tend to be rather surprised when they don't pull out of their attack runs.

The prominent Armoured Beak a Brute sport is a scene straight out of a Dark Eldar Haemonculus' wish list, just a mess of Saw Blades and Nose Drills, backed up by a ship that's almost an almost 80% solid mass of Adamantium, and accelerated to maximum thrust with powerful engines taking up the other 20%. Orks don't care for creature comforts like having enough space for krew to literally stretch their legs and all that nonsense, and the shear amount of damage a Brute can do when it follows through more than makes up for any lack of personal dignity.

The Brute is armed with a Spur and 1 Light Gunz Artillery.

  • Length: 1.1km
  • Weight: 6.5 megatonnes; approx
  • Acceleration: 3-5 gravities acceleration

Notable Squadrons[edit]

The Verstap Incident[edit]

The Imperial Navy Mars-Class Battlecruisers Lord Daros discovered the true nature of Brute Ram Ships during a raid at Verstap. Two of them rammed it amidship, one just missing and only snapping its sensor mast off, but the other ploughed into its starboard weapons battery and exploded, forcing it to withdraw. Much of what the Imperium knows about Brutes was learnt from the salvaged wreck embedded in Lord Daros's hull.

In Battlefleet Gothic[edit]

Ork Escorts are all flying battering rams to be used and discarded. But the Brute Ram Ships stands out for being faster and far more agile than any other Ork vessel of its category in the fleet, with a Speed of 25cm and capable of 90° Turns, compared to the 20cm Speed and 45° Turns everything else was doing flat out. This made it as manoeuvrable as Imperial Navy Escorts and, thanks to its 6+ Front Armour like all Ork spacecraft, it was tougher.

It had a single secondary Gunz Battery with a wide-angle Fire Arc covering it's prow, port, and starboard facings, only Range 30cm and Firepower 2, but its primary mode of attack was its Armoured Beak, which let it roll 4d6 dice to damage the target when ramming, as opposed to the 1d6 other Escorts did. This meant it could punch far above its weight class, almost equivalent to a Light Cruiser, and a squadron of the things spelt problems for even a Battleship.


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