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Da Orks love their Choppas, make no mistake about that. But they also love putting lots of holes into Guardsmen, Elfdar, Marines (both of the Spikey and Non Spikey varieties) and Nids at a distance while making a lot of noise.

The most common type of Ork weapons are Autoguns/Stubbers of varying type. Basically a type of projectile launcher that works on literal magic and the power of the WAAAAGH. These assortment of Dakka have birthed from the lowliest blasta to the most devastating kannons. That's why they have their Gunz.

General Ideas[edit]

  1. Our shootaz fire bullets that 'splode when we pull da trigger fing, which launches da slug. Not as fancy or killy as those marine boyz' shootas, but it'z downright orky and any grot worth their salt can make an 'ole lot of dem in no-time.
  2. Da moar dakka we'z got, da killier we getz and if da boyz fire all dat dakka at da right place, we'z can even win.
  3. All Orkz want a shoota dat can shoot plenty of dakka, right'n proppa. We'z don't care about that "akkurashy" gubbins those 'ova gits take so much time gettin' right, if it can dakka real good an' look downright flash, we'z takin' it. Datz cuz da more we'z shoots, da more we'z hits!
  4. Ork Shootaz be da damn Orkiest fing eva! Any git like dem 'oomies and point-eared gits, who ain't Orky enough, can't even shoot an Ork shoota without it 'splodin'.
  5. Ork Shootaz'r 'ard enough dat even if ya run outta' ammo in da middle of a scrap, you'z can krump da git you wuz tryin' ta shoot wif it, right'n proppa, an it'll still be workin' like da mekboy jus' made it!
  6. Rule'o thumb: Bigga is ALWAYS betta!
  7. Most of dem puny gits need to stop before shootin'. Ork'r orky enough that we'z can shoot while runnin' or eva' dyin'.
  8. 'ERE AIN'T NO SUCH 'FING AS ENUFF DAKKA!!!! Cept when it's pointed at you, but even dat's fun sometimes...
  9. Dere may be no such fing as 'enuff dakka', but dat won't stop da Orks from tryin' ta 'chieve it anyways, and gettin' sum ded killy results in da process~!

Looted Stuff[edit]

Orks use all of the crap that they swipe off dead enemies, especially their guns. No matter the foe, every Ork and Grot in the warband swarms the battlefield post-fight to pick up the best gubbins for themselves. Deff Skulls are especially skilled at this practice, and enjoy it just as much (they also enjoy stealing the best bits from the enemy BEFOREhand, and from their buddies later). When an Ork either can't use the weapon, wants it tricked out, or feels that the gun would look better strapped into a shoulder mount with twelve of its companions, they take it to the local Mekboy along with a pocketful of teef. The Mekboy takes the gun and customizes it to a rough approximation of the customer's desires, filtered through the mind of the oddboy.

Ork Gunz[edit]

Here is the list of the various death contraptions the Orks have managed to build out of trash.

Grot Blasta[edit]

Grot Blasta

Grots are often herded into battle by their masters to soak up some fire and provide diversions. To make them slightly more likely to survive they often cobble together or are given small and (even by ork standards) simple pistols and shotguns to bring into battle known as Blastas.

Grot Blastas are run-down, second-hand, low-tech, dust-caked pieces of junk that usually take the form of old and puny pistols and rifles that the Orks would have scrapped otherwise. These things are so shit, it makes even the Stub Gun look practical.

Mostly they are something to the effect of a musket made out of old pipes and BBQ lighters. Against most foes, this makes them more annoying than anything, but at least (for the grots) they are able to be annoying and score the odd kill at a (short) distance instead of up close where they run the risk nigh-certainty of getting squished.

There is no standardization with blastas, as is the case with almost all Ork weapons, and they can take on a myriad of shapes and sizes. They may well be looted Imperial Stub Guns, Autopistols or Laspistols.

Gretchin Blunderbuss[edit]

Gretchin Blunderbuss

A step up from your typical Grot Blasta (But not by much). Some Blastas take the form of a flare-ended blunderbusses or other double-barrelled jezzails. Most often they fire a shot of pebbles, balls, nuts, bolts or anything that can be rammed down the barrel.

In battle, the 'lead' Gretchin will direct the volleys of fire at a target. Most often this takes the form of shooting at the biggest enemy, or the one with the biggest weapon. Thanks to the relatively decent aim of the average Gretchin, chances are the target will be hit, along with anything in a small area around them.



A simple semi-automatic pistol with a bore diameter in the area of 30mm and the most common Ork gun you might find, allowing these primitive contraptions (comparable to rough modern firearms) to match the power of the Imperial flashlight Heavy Stubber. Hence, whilst Sluggas have very limited accuracy, they have huge stopping power, thanks to the massive shot they fire and dangerously large powder charges that propel them.

It is often crude, loud and brutish in design and designed to be used in a similar way. Usually low ranking Orks have one of these, blasting at their targets as they close in to hack them to bits, as well as pistol whipping their enemies in close quarters.

Jams and misfires are common, as is the case with most Ork weapons.

A Slugga's often an Ork's first gun, or at least an early one. He's just come out of the ground and he gets to an Ork-Town. He might get given a Shoota if he meets the right Nob, he might take one in a fight or he might have to do some crap work for some teef and buy one or be forced to bodge something together. Though often they have to settle for something more basic, which leads us to...



Essentially a Orkified version of the Imperial Stub-Revolver. Six-Shoota is a variation of a Slugga, its short barrel usually fed from a simple mechanical revolving chamber, usually carrying six shots, hence its name. They are known as every Ork Boy's starting equipment. Ork Mekboys often have their apprentice Spanners making Six-Shootas until they are good enough to work on more complex weapons.

It is the most basic Ork firearm, so simple any Ork boy can make it, given needed bitz. As a result there are always a lot of them in circulation in any Ork settlement and it often becomes a first weapon of an Ork Yoof. However, given that it is less powerful than a slugga, even more prone to jamming, and that any self respecting ork wants more then six shots in his gun, Ork Boys usually acquire more powerful weapons as they grow older and richer. In the end, a Six-Shoota often gets scrapped or thrown towards the nearest Grot for him to modify it into a Grot Blasta, though the occasional Ork may keep it for sentimental reasons and modify it later as more Teef is acquired and the Ork grows richer.



An Ork assault rifle, the shoota is a fully automatic metal club used to spray hot lead inaccurately over a large target area. A shoota fires either massive bullets or explosive shells, or even a mixture of both. As is the case with most Ork weapons, they are crude but effective.

As Orks like to travel in large groups, their inaccuracy is less of a concern than one might imagine, as the sheer volume of fire they bring to bear is more than enough to hit even a small target a few times. There is no standard design for the ork shoota, as many variants of the weapons exist as there are orks that wield them, as most are hodge-podge conglomerations of scrap metal. They often look and function like a Spandau machine gun, Maxim machine gun or, if the ork is particularly rich, the MG42.

A Shoota is the ground floor for going whole hog on gunz. They appeal to the sort of Boy who figures that even if Choppin's fun, blasting away is better. If he lasts long, he saves up and gets a Shoota. With that he's on the path of Da-Shooty and has bigger badder guns on his mind. Of course, there are also those slugga boyz who pick up a shoota from a fallen fellow and roll with it. Datz Loife for ya!

Shoota Kannon[edit]

Shoota Kannon

A variant of a Shoota. Not to be confused with the more traditionally vehicle mounted Kannons, although it can be said that the Shoota Kannon is nothing more than a handheld version of the Kannon. The big-bore elephant guns of the Ork arsenal and is thus, primitive and simple even for Ork standards.

Kannons are simple Ork weapons, put together in huge numbers. Most of them have a single thick barrel and fire hefty shells stored in tube magazines under the barrel or even loaded before each shot. Kannons are less popular than Shootas because they have a very low rate of fire and their recoil makes them inaccurate even for Orks. Still, they are pretty loud and have a big and intimidating muzzle flash. Additionally the huge shell launched by a shoota kannon can knock a full grown Ork on his back. For these reasons they are still used by some Ork Boys.

Ork Blunderbuss[edit]

Ork Blunderbuss

The Gretchin Blunderbuss' bigger brother and the Ork's literal counterpart to the Imperial Blunderbuss. They are the hand-me-downs of broken Kannons, so we are in pretty low bar here.

Also known as the Spechul Shoota, a Blunderbuss is a simple variation of a kannon, and they are often made from the wrecks of kannons which backfired and burst their barrels. A blunderbuss features a very short muzzle and uses shells made up of dozens of pellets crammed together. When it fires, it gouts a cloud of ricocheting pellets, making it very easy to hit a target. However, it suffers from a short range, as pellets lose their hitting power very quickly. It's very cheap though, and so has its uses in Ork society. The short range in particular makes it a favorite of Kommandoz, who find it effective when ambushing foes they've snuck up on.

Dakka Shoota[edit]

Dakka Shoota

The Dakka Shoota is the main weapon of the Dakka Boy from a Kommando Kill Team.

This triple-barrelled weapon, fires a metric shit ton of bullets and shells, thereby earning its name. To make things simple, imagine if you have the firepower of a Big Shoota in a short and compact form. Kind of like the Orky equivalent of a Boltstorm Gauntlet. Of course, the Ork needs the mother of all drum-fed magazines for it to actually keep firing longer than 3 seconds. The addition of a foregrip (Rare among Ork designs) also allows better stability and weapons handling, making it also a surprisingly accurate weapon for Ork standards.

On the tabletop, the Dakka Shoota is a highly compact but powerful weapon that allows the Dakka Boy to quickly unload a Shoota Boy's worth of dakka onto the enemy without the penalty of needing to stop and shoot. Of course, it has a much inferior range than the Big Shoota.

Big Shoota[edit]

Big Shoota

Big Shootas are put onto vehicles, in clustered stationary mounts, or carried by Orks that have an obsession with having the biggest, loudest and most destructive shootas possible (which they aren't even, this would be their first big upgrade from a Shoota and they'd have bigga things on their mind). They are heavy caliber weapons, even by Ork standards, used to saturate the enemy with as much heavy fire as possible.

Since it clocks in right in the middle of a Heavy Stubber and a Supa Shoota it's a lot like taking a small single barrel 20mm aircraft cannon and putting it in the hands of an ork, though it probably has fatter, orkier rounds. It functionally deals about as much damage (on tabletop) as a Heavy Bolter without needing to explode, the downside being it's massive recoil which da orkz fink is da best!

There is even a more crazy version of the Big Shoota called the Scoped Big Shoota which is exactly as its name implies, a Big Shoota turned into a sniper rifle. Yes, this means that we have a machine gun sniper rifle. Yes, this means that Ork Snipers are real. Yes these guys are called Snipa Boyz.

Thump Gun[edit]

Thump Gun

A spiritual successor of the Shoota Kannon.

The Thump Gun is FUCK HUEG Break Action Grenade Launcher used by Beast Snagga Boyz to blow shit up or crack some skulls with an equally huge non-explosive dud. It is honestly surprising it took GeeDubs this long for the Orks to get some new explosive weapons.

Because they are large-bore Ork handheld cannons, they fire huge explosive shells. The Crunch kind of follows the Fluff. On the tabletop, these single-shot Grenade Launchers have a modest 18" range, but it is an Assault D3, S6, AP-1, DD3 boomstick with the Blast ability. For Orks, this weapon is not bad given an Ork's shitty accuracy. You should be able to flatten a GEQ squad or two and since it is an Assault weapon, this weapon turns into a painful Tarpit cleaner.

In Darktide, a similarly-named weapon called the Thumper appears as an Ogryn-only weapon.



The weaponized bling that a Flash Git carries is called the Snazzgun.

These guns intrinsically vary widely in design and general principle of work, so the term may refer to a bewildering variety of kustom and insanely expensive weaponry, much like a Deffgun. However one thing is always true - Snazzguns are always big, loud, rapid-firing, and assuredly deal bloody death. All Snazzguns are unpredictable and deadly on the battlefield, and can always be even further enhanced to make them even deadlier.

As you can imagine, these things are 'kustomised' to the extreme even by Ork standards. It is also disingenuous to think that a Snazzgun is just a flashier Shoota, as Flash Gitz are known to incorporate other types of weapons onto their mobile firework of death to the point where it should be more appropriate to call Snazzguns as sister weapons to Kombi-weapons. As such, trying to categorised these firework displays is really tricky, although the Ordo Xenos managed to roughly grouped them into three distinct 'upgrades'. These 'upgrades' are:

  • More Dakka - When you want to jury rig as much Shoota's onto a single trigger as Orkly possible, some Snazzguns have more barrels, scopes, and ammo belts than others allowing them to fire more bullets per second.
  • Shootier - Other Snazzguns have bigger barrels and much more powerful ammunition so each shot becomes much more deadly, the complete opposite of More Dakka as these Snazzguns rely on powerful blasts than lots of Dakka bullets.
  • Blasta - Really expensive Snazzguns fire crackling energy bolts instead of bullets which makes them even more unpredictable and dangerous to use (but much better at piercing armour!), so think the integration of Plasma and Zzap Weapons into the gun.

All Snazzguns are ostentatiously ornamented and excessively enhanced with shiny bitz and snazzy Squig skins in order to satisfy the extravagant desires of their ostentatious owners, who pay a fortune for these overdone weapons. However, such egotistical decorations have earned the scorn of many Ork boyz as being too 'flashy' and 'un-orky'.

Snazzguns comes in all shapes and size, even for the standards of the Orks, so don't expect a series of consistency here. That's kind of the thing with all Ork shootas.

'eavy Gear[edit]

The Gunz so big it must be mounted on a vehicle. These chumps can blast a hole in your noggins if you aren't careful.



Dakkaguns are a twin-linked variant of Big Shoota mounted on Ork Warbikes.

They have two barrels and shorter range because of their unstable mount but otherwise are similar to Big Shootas. Since a Dakkagun has two Big Shootas and a typical ork Warbike carries two Dakkaguns, it gives a total of four Big Shootas for a small vehicle. Not bad if you ask us. Because they are mounted on a small, light bike, they make it spin out of control when fired, although Orks think this makes the bikes even better.

Its a shame that the Ork Warbike is the only vehicle that is able to carry a Dakkagun...for some reason. You would think that vehicles such as Killa Kans, Wartrakks and Warbuggies would also have the option to take a Dakkagun eh?




The Boomstikk is an ECKSBAWKSHUEG double-barrelled Shotgun that is mounted only on the oversized Deffkilla Wartrike. The Ork version of the Imperial Heavy Shotguns, the Wartrike itself mounts two of these badboyz, whilst the driver holds one more extra in his hands, for a total of six barrels of Orky hell.

Each of the Boomstikks are longer than an Ork's arm and just as thicc. Judging by the picture and model, it seems that the Boomstikk runs extra-hard on Ork magic as there is no physical evidence that it could carry more than several shotgun shells already loaded within the weapon's hilariously small bullet belt.

Crunchwise, the Boomstikk is a 12" ranged Assault 2 Strength 5 weapon with no AP and a damage of 1. Like most shotguns, if the target is within half range of this weapon, you add plus 1 to hit rolls. Since you have three of these things, you can completely waste MEQs like butter.

Tl;dr its the shotty version of the Dakkagun.

Supa Shoota[edit]

Supa Shoota

A even bigger version of the Big Shoota.

Interesting to say the least. Supa Shootas are like an Ork version of an Autocannon and Assault cannon; they have close to the same tech level and effectiveness as the former, per shot power a lot like the latter, and rate of fire falling in the middle. Usually seen on some Ork fliers such as Dakkajets or Blitza-Bommers, they are "kustomized" by the Flyboyz to make a bigger bang and cause even more carnage.

If the Big Shoota is a mobile 20mm anti-air gun, than the Supa Shoota is pretty much a 30mm rapid fire Autocannon by real life standards. Would be pretty scary if the Orks actually knew how to shoot straight, which makes a bunch of Big Shootas scarier than one or two of these unless it's shooting at a tank since at least they can put out a ton of DAKKA.

Mek Speshul[edit]

Mek Speshul

Mounted only on the Boomdakka Snazzwagon.

A hilarious assortment of differing gunz. The Mek Speshul is a unholy combination between a Big Shoota and a tri-barrel gatling gun, designed to crank as much Dakka as a quickly as possible.

Crunchwise, the Mek Speshul shoots out on average, 9 S5 AP-2 shots at a respectable 24" range. This makes it decent against GEQs and MEQs, able to lay waste to some horde of fleshbags in one turn. However it is pretty shit against anything TEQ or higher.

Best used in combination with the other weapons of the Snazzwagon.



A Kannon is your generic term for any Ork gun that is too heavy to be wielded by Ork Boys or anyone larger. Kannons are one of the most basic form of artillery and anti-vehicle weapons, equivalent to an Imperial Autocannon.

As the most common Ork artillery piece, a heavy gun frequently mounted on Ork vehicles, from Gun Trukks to Battle Fortresses or simply used as Mek Gunz. It is often considered a great joke among Kannon crews to feign a dud shell in the kannon and make one of their fellow members retrieve it. Woe betide the unlucky Grot called in to retrieve such a "dud", as his crew members will invariably proceed to fire the gun with him half-inside. This leads to death, dismemberment, decapitation, broken Kannons, bloody lower bodies of Grots whole only from the waist down found near Kannon muzzles, or to the unnaturally fortunate Gretchin, at the very least a prompt deafening. Kannons fire two types of ammunition:

  • Frag - large-bore frag round used for blasting enemy infantry.
  • Shell - solid shotshell used for punching through tank armour.

Rattler Kannon[edit]

Rattler Kannon

Mounted only on the Warkopta and the Meka-Dread. It is a large steam or electrically driven twin-linked automatic cannon. These are able to keep up a huge rate of fire and usually only stop laying down a storm of bullets when they run out of ammunition or break. Unfortunately, the Warkopta was pulled out of Forgeworld's shelves and no model of this was ever made much to GW incomptence. Fortunately, Ork's have no standardisation which led to many making their own 'Rattler Kannon' like the image shown courtesy of MeknobGod.

Essentially a Mek Speshul Plus, with the same Range, Strength, and AP, but 2D6 shots instead of only 9, and D3 Damage instead of just 1. The trade-off is that it's Heavy instead of Assault, and with it most commonly being mounted on an aircraft that's even more flimsy than the Trukk, you'll be snap-firing most of the time. Good thing you get two of them, then. The Meka-Dread can move and fire it without penalty thanks to Big n' Stompy, but it only gets one of them, and has to swap a Rippa Klaw for it.

The name comes from the heavy recoil this weapon produces, amplified by its use on a light aircraft, which can be a form on in-flight entertainment all of itself.

Rivet Kannon[edit]

Rivet Kannon

A rivet gun otherwise known as a pneumatic hammer is a type of construction tool use to drive rivets into buildings. Rivets are functionally a bit like nails and screws, but on a usually much larger scale. Why are we explaining this shit on an Ork page? Because the Greenskins have weaponized it, what else?

The Rivet Kannon is a gigantic nailgun that fires ECKSBAWKSHUEG rivets at enemy targets, pinning them (or their body parts) permanently onto a wall. The Rivet Kannon is the primary armament of the Kustom Boosta-Blasta. A Cybork usually connects himself mentally into the Rivet Kannon's mechanisms in order to improve accuracy.

On the tabletop, the Rivet Kannon is a 36" weapon that is Assault 6, Strength 7, AP-2 and D2. A overall decent weapon against Space Marines and the like. Units like Imperial Guardsmen and Tau Firewarriors gets turned into part of the building as their shitty saves means that they're gonna get turned into a pin cushion. Terminator equivalents however, are tough enough to shrug off hits from this weapon whilst vehicles like tanks have way too many wounds for it to be even remotely vulnerable from the overglorified nailgun.

Flakka-Dakka Gun[edit]

Flakka-Dakka Gun

Grab four Supa Shootas, weld 'em together, and then fill the resulting contraption to the brim with Flakk munitions.

Flakka-Dakka Guns are large, heavy Ork autocannons used against enemy aircraft or squads of infantry.

Firing explosive flak shells at a rate of hundreds per minute, they are usually mounted on quad-turrets able to lay a great storm of fire, hence their popularity among Orks. More clever Mekboyz mount Flakka-Dakka Guns on vehicles, resulting in the Flakkatrakk and Flakk Battlefortress. They can also be mounted on Big Trakks.

They are notorious for being unstable and prone to overheating, as well as the occasional jamming which can hamper the overall effectiveness of this weapon. Nevertheless they are the primary weapon of choice against enemy or "enemy" aircraft. Or unaligned aircraft that just happens to be there.

In 7th Edition, the Flakka-Dakka gun just has a single Heavy 4 weapon. It's very useful against infantry in a pinch, just like its Imperial counterpart, but its lack of twin-linked goodness causes it to suffer somewhat in accuracy. The reason you don't just go straight to a guntrukk squad with Flakka Gunz is the special rules. Flakka-Dakka Gunz can move flat out and fire their weapons, provided their target is a Flyer. This can let you keep up with a Flyer and move across the board to hit some rear armor next turn.



No, despite the name, it does not (normally) shoot Grots. Its named because the most common user are Grots.

A Grotzooka is a giant blunderbuss weapon that fires bits of scrap collected from the floor of a Mek's workshop. While suffering from short range, it has a high rate of fire and is quite powerful in close distances, being able to kill multiple targets with one blast.

Particularly lucky shots may even blow up light vehicles and ammo for Grotzooka is never far away. This weapon is favored by Gretchin and can often be seen on their vehicles, such as Killa Kans, Grot Tanks or Grot Mega Tanks.

Crunch wise, Grotzookas are Heavy 2D3 weapons that has +1S over a Big Shoota, it has the potential to be a better anti-infantry choice than the Big Shoota if you can get within the 18" range and not get your little pint-sized tanks blown up by enemy fire.

Boom Gun[edit]

Boom Gun

THE Ork Battle Cannon.

Basically a Looted Battle Cannon from a Leman Russ Battle Tank. A Boom Gun is a huge cannon sometimes mounted on Looted Wagons and often looted with the vehicle itself. It is characteristically a shorter-ranged version of an Imperial Battle Cannon.

On the tabletop, a Boom Gun basically count as the aforementioned Battle Cannon. As stated in the fluff, the Boom Gun has a worse range than the Battle Cannon and it is all round inferior to the Battle Cannon. Seeing how it has been looted Gork knows how many times, it is unsurprising that the state of quality of the Boom Gun is typically quite shit and poor.

Tl;dr, the poor man's version of the Battle Cannon that you're gonna use anyway, since there's no other counterparts for a light anti-armor gun that the Orks can reliably use.



A gun that just stops short of being classified as a superheavy weapon. Essentially the ork equivalent of a battle cannon, albeit with dramatically reduced range.

The Killkannon is a huge weapon often mounted on top of heavier Ork vehicles such as Battlewagons or Big Trakks and used to hammer enemy infantry as the ork hordes close in. They can also be found on Mega-Dreads. Like all Ork weapons, Killkannons make a deafening amount of noise, and are much appreciated by all Orks who are nearby.

On the tabletop, the Killkannon is a Big Gun that has the hybrid of both Kannon shell types - D6 shots with S8 AP-2 and 2 Damage. It's a little shorter ranged though, and expensive at 15 points. It also drops your transport capacity from 20 to 12 if you're using a Battlewagon, so you'll probably want to avoid it if you're planning on, for example, bringing a full mob of Tankbustas along for a ride.

Da Big Stuff[edit]

Zoggin 'Uge Gunz that can only be mounted on superheavies and their equivalent. Each of these provide enough bang to satisfy any Warboss.

Krusha Kannon[edit]

Krusha Kannon

The Krusha Kannon is a main weapon of a Kill Krusha, a turret-mounted, heavy-bore, high velocity gun capable of firing a variety of different shells. This powerful gun quickly gained a well-deserved reputation among the Orks' enemies. It is believed to have been invented by the infamous Murda-Meks of Tigrus in late M40. While its grot-served auto-loader gubbinz are a miracle of Ork design, they don't always work as intended. Sometimes grots may get caught in the gears of elastic breaks or fit the shell backwards, resulting in a catastrophic explosion. The Krusha Kannon has the following assortment of ammunition types:

  • Boom Shell - standard explosive round, favoured by the Grots firing the cannon due to the big boom it makes on impact.
  • Tankhamma Shell – armour-piercing shell used to blast enemy vehicles apart.
  • Scrap Kanister – shrapnel-filled charges able to rip through swathes of enemy infantry.
  • Blast Burna - incendiary ammunition, which can drench fortifications with burning chemicals to roast alive anyone caught inside.

Bursta Kannon[edit]

Bursta Kannon

An Ork Demolisher Cannon.

The Bursta Kannon is a primary weapon sometimes mounted on Kill Bursta tanks. It is known for its incredible tank-ripping power which is unsurprising given that it is basically a Belly Gun on tracks. Why GW decided to make two different names of practically the same gun is unknown. Unfortunately, it has a pitifully short range (in contrast to typical vehicle ranges) so it is best seen as the Ork rough analogue of the Imperium's infamous demolisher cannons.

On tabletop, the Bursta Kannon is a 36" S10 AP-3 D3 heavy 3d6 creature that'll vaporize almost whatever you hit.

Skulhamma Kannon[edit]

Skulhamma Kannon

The Skulhamma Kannon is a main weapon of Skullhamma Battle Fortresses. Since Skullhammas are always from a looted Baneblade, it is expected to have an armament not too dissimilar to the original vehicle. Of course this will include modifications from the Orks to better represent their species' might and accomplishments. The Skullhamma Kannon is one such modification, made to look as imposing as possible by increasing the size and girth of the Baneblade's primary weapon. Unfortunately despite looking quite imposing, it is overall similar in characteristics to a Baneblade's main cannon.

Unfortunately, there aren't a lot of updated crunch for the Skullhamma Kannon, although a relatively safe bet would be that of an almost carbon copy statline of the Baneblade. To make it both fluff-friendly and not too overpowered.



The only naval (No, not that Naval) weapon available in 40k.

The Seacannon is a powerful Ork weapon, primarily mounted on the infamous and elusive Ork Submersibles. They resemble and function similiar to the turrets and cannons on that of modern 21st century warships.

Due to the rarity of the model and a tabletop game that does not exercise a lot on oceanic warfare, it is to be expected that the Seacannon along with the Ork Submersible have no modernized rules, so most stats for the Seacannon are fan-made.

Deffstorm Mega-Shoota[edit]

Deffstorm Mega-Shoota

The Deffstorm Mega-Shoota is a large arm-mounted Ork weapon most commonly equipped to Gorkanaut heavy walkers. An enormous multi-barreled Shoota, this weapon fire is deafening as its rate of fire can chew up armor as thick as a Baneblade. The Deffstorm Mega-Shoot is basically a mini-gun with each of its corresponding barrels being an even smaller mini-gun. Its bigger brother is the Supa-Gatler.

Usually there is an Ork Boy manning this beast of a gun, often being too distracted with the amount of noise and bullets it is making to be able to hit its intended target successfully. In 7th Edition, this thing pumps out a whopping 3d6 s6 ap4 shots a turn. In 8th Edition, it is an even more dakka edition with its Deffstorm Mega-Shoota which has now a ridiculous rate of fire of 18 shots and benefits from DAKKA! DAKKA! DAKKA! special rule. If you want the Ork analogue of a Vulcan Mega Bolter, this is the weapon of choice for you. Dakka indeed.

Belly Gun[edit]

Belly Gun

The quintessential Dick Guns.

Belly Guns are ridiculously sized weapons, that Stompas sometimes mount in mimicry of their larger cousins, Gargants. Its shells are the size of a Warbike and are simply jam-packed with explosives and shrapnel-producing scrap. The resulting explosions sometimes level whole swathes of the battlefield and at other times only devastate a smaller patch.

It takes a very long time to reload a Belly Gun and as such it has a very slow rate of fire. It is also wildly inaccurate, but its power is immense: it has been observed to blow off the leg of a Warhound Scout Titan and shatter Imperial Super heavy tanks with one shot. It is also one of the most long-ranged Ork weapons. The Belly Gun is usually mounted on Stompas but is sometimes used as one of the two main weapons of Kill Burstas.

Much larger Gargants are known to carry even bigger Belly Guns or a entire row of Belly Guns.

Gut Buster Mega-Kannon[edit]

Gut Buster Mega-Kannon

The Gut Buster Mega-Kannon or simply known as the Gut Buster, is the Belly Gun's bigger cousin. The biggest metaphorical Dick gun of the entire Orky arsenal.

These weapons are mounted on Gargants, specifically the Slasher Gargant as they are the only thing big enough to mount these things without shaking the entire vehicle apart. These weapons, due to their mass, are comparable in size to a Macrocannon.

Unfortunately, their sheer complexity and resources mean that only a few types of Gargants could mount these damned things and they could only mount ONE. They are also one of those weapons that only appeared in Epic.

Deth Kannon[edit]

Deth Kannon (Center)

The atrociously spelled Deth Kannon (Seriously? How the hell do you say that name? Depth Cannon? Death Cannon? Det Cannon? What was GeeDubs smoking?) is an enormous cannon and one of the most long-ranged Ork weapons. It is used as a main ranged weapon on Stompas, sometimes mounted with coaxial Supa-Gatler or Gigashootas. Essentially speaking, it is actually a gun surrounded by more guns. Can't get more Orky then that.


Supa-Gatler (Top)

Essentially the Deffstorm Mega-Shoota's bigger brother. The Supa-Gatler is a fearsome Ork weapon, usually mounted on a Stompa's gun arm, serving as a co-axial weapon to the Deth Kannon. The Supa-Gatler is an unreliable and uncontrollable weapon - once it starts firing, it won't stop till it has run out of ammo, making it impossible to predict the amount of devastation. However, the storm of dakka ensures that someone will be hit, and those hit are unlikely to survive.

The Supa-Gatler is the giant gatling gun on top of the primary Deth Kannon.


Gigashoota (Top)

The Gigashoota is a powerful Ork weapon - a gigantic Shoota, most often found mounted on the Big Mek's Stompa's gun arm, serving as a co-axial weapon to the Deth Kannon, but also as the main weapon on a Kill Blasta tank. Big Meks usually choose it over the Supa-Gatler, as it can fire in controlled bursts, as opposed to the single, uncontrollable volley from the gatler, meaning that it actually hits more enemies.

The Gigashoota is the giant gun barrel on top of the primary Deth Kannon.

Cluster Buster[edit]

Cluster Buster

An obscure weapon found only in Epic.

The Cluster Buster is a type of Ork Titan-class weapon. This massive cannon is mounted on Ork Slasher Gargants and can be considered as the rough equivalent of the Imperium's Gatling Blaster.

The Cluster Buster resembles an overly-enlarged Autocannon with rapid-firing capabilities. Not much is actually known about this weapon, but judging by its appearances and name, the Cluster Buster may actually be the mother of all Shotguns. Firing super-massive pellets that could wreck entire columns of vehicles, let alone infantry. Given the relatively close-combat nature of the Slasher Gargant, this might as well be the case.

Skullkrusha Mega-Cannon[edit]

Skullkrusha Mega-Cannon

The biggest motherfuckin land gun found in the Ork's arsenal.

The Skullkrusha Mega-Cannon is the biggest known ground-based Ork cannon, dwarfed only by spaceship weaponry in size. It is mounted exclusively on Mega-Gargants and it is known to pose direct threats to even Emperor Titans as well. Smaller Titans get simply one-shotted by the Big Fucking Gun whilst Warlords struggle to survive a couple of hits before it goes face flat into the ground.

The Skullkrusha Mega-Cannon is a sheer sign that the Orks have reached sufficient WAAAGH to wage full scale planetary conflict.

Zoggin' Titanic[edit]

The largest motherfuckin gun you will find. Mounted only on Voidships or any other equivalently humongous Ork vehicles.

Ship Gunz[edit]

Ship Gunz

The Macrocannon of Ork ship weapons.

Ship Gunz or more commonly known as simply, Gunz, are the most common and most simple form of Ork naval weapons. Above all weapons Ork favour massive shell-hurling Macrocannons grouped together in batteries. One battery comprises any number of different types of weapons, but most fire projectiles of one sort or another. Some of them are made from scrap while others are 'improved' versions of looted Imperial macrobatteries.

Ork inclination towards firepower means that any gap in the haphazard armour plating is filled with a gun. Usually referred to simply as Gunz, these Ork macrobatteries fire volley after volley of solid shot and explosive shells, overwhelming an enemy in a torrent of destruction. However, they don't always work as intended and are prone to misfires and jamming. They may also be deactivated for repairs or 'improvements' by Ork Mekboy. Overall, these weapons are unpredictable but most of the time are frighteningly effective when in close range.

Heavy Ship Gunz[edit]

Heavy Ship Gunz

The Lance Weapons of the Orks.

The larger cousin of Gunz are known as Heavy Gunz. Alongside more conventional macrocannons Orks often mount massed batteries of very powerful but short-ranged weapons on their ships. For all intents and purposes, these are giant supersized grape shots or shotguns.

Known as Heavy Gunz, these batteries fire dense slugs of scrap metal massing thousands of tonnes as well as jury-rigged plasma bombs. These projectiles quickly become fatally inaccurate over long ranges so the ship becomes vulnerable to long-ranged fire. Nonetheless, they cause terrifying damage to any ship at close range. Heavy Ship Gunz always fires on broadsides, which makes an Ork vessel equipped with one, exceptionally dangerous when in CQC.



The Nova Cannon of the Ork Fleets. This monster probably fires the largest bullet ever conceived and/or constructed by the Orks.

Mega-Kannonz are a type of exceptionally powerful and lethal Ork fleet weapon. Only substantially large Ork ships are big enough to wield one since the recoil of this monster would shake lesser vessels into pieces.

Mega-Kannonz are the larger cousin to Ork ground-based Kannonz. Often rebuilt from the largest broadsides of Imperial Navy Cruisers, these weapons protrude menacingly from the scowling armoured prows of Ork Kroozers. They often have extra-long barrels, so batteries of these weapons can unleash salvoes of heavy explosive shells over very long distances making them relatively accurate by Ork standards.

Seriously though, look at the size of the damned barrel. Try and scale whatever kind of bullet monstrosity that sits inside that damned thing.

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