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Da Orks love their Choppas, make no mistake about that. But they also love putting lots of holes into Guardsmen, Elfdar, Marines (both of the Spikey and Non Spikey varieties) and Nids at a distance while making a lot of noise. Thats why they have their Gunz.

General Ideas[edit]

  1. Our shootaz fire bullets that 'splode when we pull da trigger fing, which launches da slug. Not as fancy or killy as those marine boyz' shootas, but it'z downright orky and any grot worth their salt can make an 'ole lot of dem in no-time.
  2. Da moar dakka we'z got, da killier we getz and if da boyz fire all dat dakka at da right place, we'z can even win.
  3. All Orkz want a shoota dat can shoot plenty of dakka, right'n proppa. We'z don't care about that "akkurashy" gubbins those 'ova gits take so much time gettin' right, if it can dakka real good an' look downright flash, we'z takin' it. Datz cuz da more we'z shoots, da more we'z hits!
  4. Ork Shootaz be da damn Orkiest fing eva! Any git like dem 'oomies and point-eared gits, who ain't Orky enough, can't even shoot an Ork shoota without it 'splodin'.
  5. Ork Shootaz'r 'ard enough dat even if ya run outta' ammo in da middle of a scrap, you'z can krump da git wif it real good an it'll still be workin' like da mekboy jus' made it!
  6. Bigga is betta!
  7. Most of dem puny gits need to stop before shootin'. Ork'r orky enough that we'z can shoot while runnin' or eva' dyin'.
  8. 'ERE AIN'T NO SUCH 'FING AS ENUFF DAKKA!!!! Cept when it's pointed at you, but even dat's fun sometimes...

Da Basikz[edit]

Grot Blasta[edit]

Grots are often herded into battle by their masters to soak up some fire and provide diversions. To make them slightly more likely to survive they often cobble together or are given small and (even by ork standards) simple pistols and shotguns to bring into battle known as Blastas. Mostly they are something to the effect of a musket made out of old pipes and BBQ lighters. Against most foes, this makes them more annoying than anything, but at least (for the grots) they are able to be annoying and score the odd kill at a distance instead of up close where they run the risk of getting squished.


A simple semi-automatic pistol with a bore diameter in the area of 30mm and the most common Ork gun you might find, allowing these primitive contraptions (comparable to rough modern firearms) to match the power of the Imperial flashlight Heavy Stubber. Usually low ranking Orks have one of these, blasting at their targets as they close in to hack them to bits, as well as pistol whipping their enemies in close quarters.


An Ork assault rifle, the shoota is a fully automatic metal club used to spray hot lead inaccurately over a large target area. As Orks like to travel in large groups, their inaccuracy is less of a concern than one might imagine, as the sheer volume of fire they bring to bear is more than enough to hit even a small target even a few times. There is no standard design for the ork shoota- as many variants of the weapons exist as there are orks that wield them, as most are hodge-podge conglomerations of scrap metal. They often look and function like a Spandau machine gun, Maxim machine gun or, if the ork is particularly rich, the MG42.

Big Shootas[edit]

Big Shootas are put onto vehicles, in clustered stationary mounts, or carried by Orks that have an obsession with having the biggest, loudest and most destructive shootas possible (which they aren't even). They are heavy caliber weapons even by Ork standards used to saturate the enemy with as much heavy fire as possible. Since it clocks in right in the middle of a Heavy Stubber and a Supa Shoota it's a lot like taking a small single barrell 20mm aircraft cannon and putting in the hands of an ork, though it probably has fatter, orkier rounds. It functionally deals about as much damage (on tabletop) as a Heavy Bolter without needing to explode, the downside being it's massive recoil which da orkz fink is da best!


Not so much a gun as a furious campfire, the Burna is the Ork answer to a need for a Flamer. Given to pyromani-orks, these weapons are devastating, especially if wielded en-masse (and they always are). They are also explosive due to the huge backpack full of propane and propane accessories that the wielder needs to fuel the weapon. Burnas can also be used to cut and fuse metal, giving a practical use to those Orks who love to see their fellows "do the burny dance." This also helps against armored foes, go figure.

Stikk Bomb[edit]

Not a gun, but still worth mentioning. An overgrown ork hand grenade, built in a similar manner to a German stick grenade. Big enough to hit enemies with in close combat but this usually makes the 'nade go off in the Ork's hand, killing both him and whoever he's hitting.

Rokkit Launchas[edit]

Nothing more than pipes with rockets and blast shields on one end and a trigger on the other. They have a very short range compared to other races' missiles, but Orks never do anything halfway, so they come on the cheap. Mounted on all Ork vehicles and carried by Tankbustas.

'eavy Gear[edit]


The Burna's bigger brother, the Skorcha is mounted on Ork vehicles or attached to Nobs' Shootas. Usually paired with a huge tank of fuel, the weapon is used to burn down slow infantry or harassing bikers. Powerful enough to wreck lightly armored vehicles as well, but Orks like the thrill of leaving burning wakes of flailing bodies too much to think of such a thing.


Heavy automatic cannons built from alien technology, too many teef, or usually both. These provide most of the Ork's (heavy) ranged firepower, and deafen the wielder and anyone nearby. These guns buck, spark, spin and flash like no other, and are the second-deadliest infantry-portable Ork weapon. They are Imperial Autocannons in function, and sometimes in fact, but with random rate of fire because of ORKY influences.

Da Big Stuff[edit]

Supa Shootas[edit]

Interesting to say the least. Supa Shootas are like an Ork version of an Autocannon and Assault cannon; they have close to the same tech level and effectiveness as the former, per shot power a lot like the latter, and rate of fire falling in the middle. Usually seen on some Ork fliers, it's pretty much a 30mm rapid fire Autocannon by real life standards. Would be pretty scary if the Orks actually knew how to shoot straight, which makes a bunch of Big Shootas scarier than one or two of these unless it's shooting at a tank since at least they can put out a ton of DAKKA.


Exactly what you think they are. Except not. Kannons come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and calibers, but most common of all designs is the short-barreled, high-caliber breach-loader. The kannon actually serves the same function to Orks as the Missile Launcher does to the Imperium, capable of firing a solid shell or penetrating explosive for vehicle busting, or a canister shot or fragmentation shell to tear up infantry. Too heavy to be carried by even an Ork, these metal beasts are usually mounted on vehicles or artillery wagons, and have a longer reach than the Rokkit Launcha. In Gorkamorka, kannons were an ork portable weapon roughly comparable to an ork shotgun, but nowadays these weapons are known as speschul shootas.


Essentially a big metal pot jammed with gunpowder and a bomb, usually in that order. The Lobba serves as an Orkish mortar, and is favored by Grot artillery crew for being able to kill things without the enemy having to see you. The huge recoil it generates relegates it to be mounting on vehicles or artillery carts. It is powerful, but most armor will deflect its blast.

Zzap Guns[edit]

A unique piece of technology crafted by energy-loving Mekboyz, a Zzap gun is a rough approximate to a Lascannon. Roughly. The gun consists of a metal barrel covered in wires, a capacitor, and a power source. The crew use a lever (which electrocutes the user) to determine the charge built up in the capacitor before firing a literal lightning bolt at the target. The gun defies all known physics, and the power supply is so heavy that it must be mounted. The unpredictable effectiveness of the weapon deters some Warlords from using it, but if Lady Luck smiles upon your green, hairless hide, you might be able to bring down Land Raiders.

Shokk Attakk Gun[edit]

An insane, super huge gun carried exclusively by Big Meks. This rotating monstrosity sucks up Snotlings through a tube and then somehow fires them via a warp rift into the target (literally). The poor Snotling sees chaos daemons during his travel and leaves the tunnel deranged and completely apeshit crazy. Crazy enough in fact that he will rip a Space Marine's two hearts out from inside his armour. The damage this contraption actually deals is random and when firing it can cause mishaps. Those range from the gun simply exploding (and taking the Big Mek along, as well as any of his friends standing near) to teleporting the Mek into close-combat to opening a warp chasm above the target out of which daemonic slime spills that kills everything! (Ok, not Baneblades or Titans but certainly Land Raiders)



When an Ork feels that his gun just isn't loud or killy enough, he'll get the nearest Mek to weld on another barrel and make it shoot twice the dakka. The fact that both barrels are still fed from a single magazine doesn't overly bother anyone.


If an Ork wants his gun to shoot different types of dakka he'll nail, tape or weld on another gun (like, say, a Skorcha or Rokkit Launcha).


If an Ork wants to shoot twice as long before reloading, he'll simply shove a second magazine into the hole where the shells come out of. No one knows where the shells go after this, but most agree that they also somehow get shot out of the barrel. (So essentially 65% more bullet, per bullet.)

Looted Stuff[edit]

Orks use all of the crap that they swipe off dead enemies, especially their guns. No matter the foe, every Ork and Grot in the warband swarms the battlefield post-fight to pick up the best gubbins for themselves. Deff Skulls especially enjoy this practice (as well as stealing the best bits from the enemy beforehand, and from their buddies later). When an Ork either can't use the weapon, wants it tricked out, or feels that the gun would look better strapped into a shoulder mount with twelve of its companions, they take it to the local Mekboy along with a pocketful of teef. The Mekboy takes the gun and customizes it to a rough approximation of the customer's desires, filtered through the mind of the oddboy.

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