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Inspired by Fantasy Flight Games' Deathwatch Role-playing Game's Space Marine Chapter Creation Tables, these tables let you roll up (or otherwise generate) your very own Ork Klan. In the absence of any role-playing game featuring Ork klans specifically, this table is more or less entirely for the purpose of generating fluff.

Type of Warband[edit]

Klan or Freeboota? (d10)
1-6 Propa' Klan
7-10 Freeboota

Warband Colors[edit]

Pick a color ya git! (d100)
1-16 Red (da fastest)
17-32 Green (da Orkiest)
33-48 Black (ded 'ard)
48-64 Yellow (flashiest)
65-80 Blue (da luckiest)
81-96 Brown (da most tradishunal)
97-99 Purple (da sneakiest. Neva saw one, didja?)
100 Roll twoice (Or pick blue and roll once more ya lucky git!)

Boyz Homeworld[edit]

Da Home World d100
Hive World: Old Oomie place! 01–25
Feral World: Da fun place! 26–40
Death World: Da funnest place! 41–55
Agri-World: Loadsa Runtherdas and Fungus Farms! 56–60
Proppa Ork World: Loadsa ork cities and stuff! 61–65
Mek World: Loadsa mines, workshops, and machines! 66–70
Feudal World: Lotsa dem feral orks about! 71–75
Shrine World: We wrecked loads oomie temples and stuff! 76–85
Forge World: Looted Planet! 86–90
Lost Homeworld: We'z in SPAaAaAaAaCe! 91–95
Exodite Homeworld: Dem pointyearz have dinosaurs! 96–100

Wot's da world like? d100
Desert: Hot an stuff! 01–20
Garden/Mixed: Lots of places boss! 21–40
Jungle/Swamp: Wet and mucky! 41–60
Ice: Zoggin cold! 61–70
Airless/Dead: Ain't nuffin out dem windoz! 71–76
Cavern: Tunnelz and stuff! 76–80
Mountains: Teef of Gork an Mork! 81–86
Ocean: Splish splash shark's in da baff! 86–90
Plains: Loadsa space for krumpin 91–95
Urban: Dis place got a massif mekcity boss! 96–00

Legendary Ork[edit]

We gots an Ork wots lejundery. 'Oo was 'e again? (d10)
1-5 Warboss/Kaptin
6-7 Ork Boy (roll anuvva d10: 1-3 Shoota, 4-7 Slugga, 8-10 Storm Boy)
8-9 Oddboy (roll anuvva d10: 1-3 Mekboy, 4-5 Dok, 6-7 Weirdboy, 8-10 Kommando)
10 Grot or other non-Ork ('E wozn't an Ork, but dat little git was roight fiesty)

Aw'roight, now what'd 'e do? (d100)
1-25 Krumped loads o' 'umies
26-50 Krumped loads o' spiky 'umies
51-70 Konkered otha puny-er Orks
71-85 Krumped loads o' pointy 'eads (1d10: 1-5 Eldar, 6-8 Dark Eldar, 9 Exodites, 10 Harlequins)
86-90 E's off ta krump inta da Warp. E'z comin' back one day.
91-95 Beat down a planet o' some new kind o' squig. Big n scary it woz...
96-100 Led a WAAAGH! dat was da best scrap we eva 'ad, 'til dem stupid Ork Snoipah gits went 'n' ruined da whole fing.

Da Fun Stuff[edit]

Wot boyz is da mob most famus for (d100)
1-25 Loadz a Shoota/Slugga Boyz! (Infantry Regiment)
26-35 Speedfreekz, or boarboyz! (Cavalry)
36-45 Runtherdaz, or Kommandoz! (Light Infantry)
46-55 Skarboyz, Ardboyz, or Nobs! (Heavy Infantry)
56-70 Trukkboyz, or Tankbustaz! (Mechanized Infantry)
71-75 Stormboyz, or tellyporta Megaboyz! (Drop)
76-80 Tanka Boyz, or Kanz and Dreads! (Armored)
81-85 Mek Gunz, Tankbustaz, Flash Gitz, or Lootas! (Artillery)
86-95 Mek Gunz, Stikkbommaz, or Stompy 'fings! (Siege)
96-99 Meganobz, or Kanz and Dreadz! (Shock Troopers)
100 Tinboyz, or Cyborkz! (Abhuman)

Wot's da mob foight like? (d10)
1 Dey fight too seriously (Drill & Discipline)
2 Let 'em try ta krump ya, den show 'em how it's really dun! (Counter)
3 Krump 'em when deys ain't lookin! (Stealth Warfare)
4 Krump 'em quick like! (Lightning Strike)
5 Krump 'em when they get in ya pit! (Trench Warfare)
6 Choppa and Klaw mad! (Close Combat)
7 Dakka, Dakka, AND MORE DAKKA! (Ranged Combat)
8 Krump 'em so 'ard all know dey got krumped! (Shock & Awe)
9 Krump 'em an run to anovva place to krump 'em again! (Guerrilla Warfare)
10 Krump 'em in dey homes an streets! (Hive and Urban Warfare)

Day boyz loyalteez (d10)
1-3 Proppa ladz, always loyal
4-6 Good enuff ladz, no whiners and dey follow orders
7-8 Cautious ladz, we'z had our ups and downs
9-10 Shifty ladz, might try ta krump da warboss soon

Dat spechial stuff (d100)
1-10 What our old dosses used, dem tradishonal fings (Traditional Weapons)
11-20 Deyz got all dem trophies (War Trophies, more than usual anyway)
21-30 Ooniqe Shootas and Choppas (Specialized Weapon Pattern)
31-40 Dem Bikes are real funny lookin (Exotic Mounts)
41-50 Dey got some real funny big dakka (Rare Heavy Weapon)
51-60 Da dakka and choppa iz blu! (Blessed Weaponry)
61-70 Loadsa bioniks (Augmented Troops)
71-80 Funny Vehikle (Special Vehicle)
81-90 Dey fight in day funny way (Preferred Fightng Style)
91-100 Kustom weaponz (Modified Weaponry)

Favoured God[edit]

Gork or Mork? (d10)
1-2 Gork
4-5 Mork
6-7 Deyz both good, ya squighead!
8-9 We'z just krumping gits, ya know? We'z do not kare much about deh gits mak'n ovva gits and dah plan'its we'z krumping dem on.
10 Dah same gits dem spikey 'umies and weird squigs iz follow'n, blood for dah blood git or sumpt'n like dat! Yeah, blood git iz Gork or Mork, da boyz foight ova dat. NOW MORE SKULLZ FOR DA SKULL PILE! AN KEEP MARCHIN' IN STRAYT LINEZ YA GITZ!
11 Bork

Warband Size[edit]

'ow many boyz we got left? (d10)
1 Not much, boss...
2 Just sum odd boyz
3-4 We'z short a bunch o' boyz but dere's plenty of gitz who want ta krump wi' us!
5-7 We gots enuff boyz to 'ave us a propa foight!
8-9 We gots more boyz dan you can toss a herd o' Squigs at! An' trust me, I tried.
10 Dere's too Many of 'Em!!

Average Size[edit]

'ow big are da boyz boss? (d10)
1 Da boyz be lucky to krump one of 'dem blue boyz...
2 Dey ain't Big, but dey get da job done
3-7 'Ar boys are da roight and proppa size boss!
8-9 Da boyz be as big as dem regular gits' nobz!
10 'Ar boss be as big as dem 'ard humies dreads! And dem dreads be 'uge!


See dem gits ova dere? Deyz off limits until I sez so. Got it?! (d100)
1 Dem weird Skuigz
2-25 Ovva Orks
26-50 Da pointy-'ed, pointy-ear, talkie boyz
51-70 Dem 'nid squigs
71-80 Dem 'umies
81-85 Spiky 'umies
86-90 Da pointy 'ead kinky boyz
91-95 Da shooty blueboyz
91-95 Da ded killy skullboyz
96-100 I dunno wot dey be, dey's different

Enemy (Well, More So Than Usual)[edit]

See dem gits ova dere? Krump 'em. (d100)
1-25 Ovva Orks
26-50 Da pointy-hed pansyboyz
51-70 Dem 'nid squigs
71-80 Dem 'umies
81-85 Spiky 'umies an' stuff loik dat
86-90 Da pointy-hed, pointy-arms, pointy-errythin' emoboyz
91-95 Da puny but shooty blueboyz
91-94 Da ded killy skullboyz
95 We are Daemon-Killa' you git
96-100 I dunno wot dey be, dey's different

Best Loot[edit]

Wot's da biggest, most aweshum thing we've eva' looted? (d100)
1-50 Dunno, ain't looted much, boss
51-55 One o' dem 'umie Titans
56-60 One o' dem spiky 'umie Titans
61-65 One o' dem pointy boyz' Battle Titans
66-70 One o' dem sniky-boyz' Pain Enjuns
71-75 Lotsa teef from one 'a dose 'uge tyr-uh-nid squigs
76-80 One o' dem skellyboyz' Monolisp- Monothil- big killy pyramids
81-85 Anuvva warboss' Gargant (we made it orkier!)
86-97 A dozen o' dem blueboyz' Krisis Kans
98 A big buncha of dem non-orkish gits. Roll on da enemy table for da type and then roll on da speshul "Wot did ya do wit dem" table.
99 Skulls, Skulls, Skulls and Blood lots of em
100 Roll twice on dis table (we gots loads uv loot, boss!)

Wot did ya do wit it? (d10)
1-3 Da boyz dismantled it and cannibalized its bits for da mek
4-5 It blew up in a foight (or there's a git mukkin about wit exploshuns)
6-8 Some gits stole it, dem sneaky bastards!
9 Made some 'uge piles of it
10 We made it orkier, and da boss rides it to battle

Wot did ya do wit dem? (d10)
1-3 Da boyz ate (or killed) 'em
4-5 'Em were gud workers
6-8 Thesez gits were gud fud for squigs
9 Meks took 'em and done somethinga weird
10 We made 'em orkier, and da boss leaded 'em to battle
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